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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       18 hours ago     #

Guest       1 day ago     #
General Outage

Guest       3 days ago     #

Guest       3 days ago     #

Hollie       29 days ago     #
Website is down. Error message-
We are just taking delivery of some fresh content. Won’t be long

Alison       44 days ago     #
Still unable to select which location. Annoying

guest       44 days ago     #
the click and collect change store, or find stores doesnt work. error. checking hourly

Bob       45 days ago     #
Can’t change store

Guest       45 days ago     #
store selector

Guest       46 days ago     #
Area search for cluck and collect

Guest       46 days ago     #
Unable to insert store for click and collect

Sarah Hanson       55 days ago     #
showed 'Error' all day yesterday. Have tried again this morning and still the same!

Karen Turmer       70 days ago     #
Click and Collect slot booking isn't available.

Todd Invenedig       71 days ago     #
Product search not working

Helen Shellard       84 days ago     #
Error 503. Unable to complete click collect order in time.

Guest       100 days ago     #
Log-in still not working after trying links

Guest       100 days ago     #
Can’t log in

Andy       100 days ago     #
Can’t log -in

Guest       106 days ago     #
click and collect

D McCann       110 days ago     #
Tried all the URL's suggested same error message.

D McCann       110 days ago     #
Getting (error) when loading any food page

Guest       117 days ago     #
the website. says error

SLFarr       124 days ago     #
Can’t seem to pay for click and collect order

Guest       135 days ago     #
No pass code message to confirm payment

Guest       145 days ago     #
Cant order/select food to add to Cart

CJ Hyett       147 days ago     #
I can’t login to my click and collect account at aldis

Sarah       147 days ago     #
Can’t do my click and collect! Meant to be collecting it at 9am.

Humphreys Diane       147 days ago     #
Can’t log in

Owen       148 days ago     #
Couldn't login & tried suggested and worked fine

Guest       148 days ago     #
Cannot log in. Error message when trying to change password.

Carla       148 days ago     #
Error message at 9.30 this morning when attempting logging in

Louise       148 days ago     #
Constant [Error] message on three separate phones, this website is shocking and so unreliable

Guest       148 days ago     #
I'm getting [error] when loading the website, as is my partner on two separate other phones

Carolyn Ferguson       150 days ago     #
Have been trying to do shopping all day. The website is not loading properly and taking ages to do anything. Now it’s stopped altogether! Very frustrating

Guest       150 days ago     #
Online grocery ordering

Guest       154 days ago     #

shelagh carvin       167 days ago     #
Trying to log in for 1hour, page says the've recieved a delivery and wont be a MOMENT, refresh page, not working, now I cannot add to my order or change anything. not good why is this happening?

Jane       167 days ago     #
Can't do anything on click and collect can finish order

Guest       167 days ago     #
Unable to log on and need to complete my order

Debbie       183 days ago     #
Delivery due to today. Already delayed now can’t log on to check

Guest       187 days ago     #
Checking out and not sending me a push notification

MJ Martin       188 days ago     #
I've tried the app, logging in on-line and error messages are different on both! The pinned comment below isn't helpful. I've even attempted an online chat with Aldi, but the Bot is useless and annoying.

M J Martin       189 days ago     #
Won’t allow me to check out, keeps telling me there’s an error!

Guest       198 days ago     #
Can’t log into my account for click and collect. Tells me my details are wrong even though they are

Annette Powell       200 days ago     #
Is the click and collect website down

Guest       210 days ago     #
Can’t checkout

Christina Marriott       214 days ago     #
Can't checkout my click and collect order

Sarah       222 days ago     #
unable to log in even though my browser has the correct email and password. also redirects groceries to new tab. Not sure what's going on but it's annoying

Paul       223 days ago     #
Is Wrexhams Plas Coch click and collect working?

CJ       226 days ago     #
All searches for any items result in an error message. Logging out and in again not solved issue. Happening on two separate devices. Using menus to search for items also results in an error message

Candy Hawkins       227 days ago     #
I have tried several time to log in/sign in and surely I know the password. Is there a problems with your website having to go through two different browser asking forgotten passwords? Does not make any sense this is why am reporting this.

Chris       229 days ago     #
Cant add items to basket comes up with error

Jade       229 days ago     #
Won’t let me log in at all

Guest       232 days ago     #
Unable to access favourites or previous orders

Kate       237 days ago     #
Cannot edit my order. Logged out but now cannot log in again

Guest       270 days ago     #
Unable to view MY ORDERS, and unable to book time slots for Click

Phil       276 days ago     #
Unable to book time slots for four days now

Guest       278 days ago     #
Unable to book time slot

Natalie       284 days ago     #
Website still down. As soon as you try and pay it doesn’t go through

Ethan howells       286 days ago     #
Online checkout for click and collect in not working. Total nightmare of a site

T Down       288 days ago     #
website down

Guest       295 days ago     #
Accepting payment

Hellen       296 days ago     #
Three days running and I’m unable to get my shopping done online. It would be nice if aldi explained what is going on, because it’s getting ridiculous now. I haven’t got a car, so getting my shopping done online is ideal. I think I’ll go back to asda, no problems there.

Evelyn Morrison       308 days ago     #
I have been trying to purchase something on line, but can't log into my account even though I have changed my password

Maria gale       314 days ago     #
Can't pay for my click and collect

Guest       327 days ago     #

Lindsey       350 days ago     #
Can’t log in

Mary Murray       355 days ago     #
Aldi website is down again tried yesterday to browse the groceries nothing.Tryed again earlier this morning was up and running it’s now down again.

guest       357 days ago     #
cant login

Pamela       358 days ago     #
It's rubbish Kevin the carrot, and cannot checkout.

Guest       363 days ago     #
Click and collect payments

Guest       367 days ago     #
Can’t log out of my Aldi app

Cassandra       370 days ago     #
Not letting me see the basket. Kevin the carrot pops up saying 'oops' ????

Mrs Wilson       371 days ago     #
Applicant portal going round in circles timing out session after just seconds. Numerous authentication codes sent but couldn't be used! ????

Peter Swithinbank       375 days ago     #
Impossibly slow, not adding items to basket and not able to check out

Guest       388 days ago     #
Massive queues due to a website issue.

Ninja       388 days ago     #
Air fryer will be on sale next Sunday.....not today

Jay B       388 days ago     #
Managed to get on to the site, but unable to add anything to the basket

steph       388 days ago     #
if you are here after trying to get the airfryer , yes the website is down will try tomorrow when they unblock the add to basket button

Ninja       388 days ago     #
Down for 89.90 pounds air fryer :D

isabell       388 days ago     #
why can I not get online shopping

justMe       388 days ago     #
website is down. too many costumers are trying to buy one item at the same time ;)

Guest       391 days ago     #
Whenever I search a product, it comes up with error on the click and collect

Kayhy       398 days ago     #
No, this was in-store!

Kathy Dyke       398 days ago     #
My husband's card was not accepted in Aldi today, so he had to leave his shopping. I know others have experienced this. And funds were in his account, as he used his card in Asda after and there was no problem. This is very disappointing as well as inconvenient and embarrassing.

Guest       401 days ago     #
The "view basket content and then wont allow "go to checkout" gives error 503 with you receiving del

Guest       402 days ago     #
Error 503

debbie       402 days ago     #
Error 503, can't check out

Sally       420 days ago     #
Payment from checkout not working

JC       430 days ago     #
Keeps saying I am offline using WiFi & data on ISO16. Reinstalled, powered off & on. Nothing works

Guest       430 days ago     #
Online Order Confirmation

Rebecca hill       433 days ago     #
Cant log in no matter what i do

Guest       436 days ago     #
Not bringing up any click and collect timeslots

John B       441 days ago     #
Checkout not working. Tried 4 browsers and 3 computers using a VPN to contact via UK, France and USA.

Guest       441 days ago     #
Error 503, can't use Checkout

S Davey       449 days ago     #
The website only lets u you see 36 items of special buys then doesn’t move anymore

Guest       457 days ago     #
Checking out basket - payment not processing

Sylvia       466 days ago     #
Website down and can't log in either

Guest       474 days ago     #
Keeps telling me to log in

Guest       481 days ago     #
I can't confirm my click and collect card payment the page freezes

Lucy       482 days ago     #
Unable to log in and initially tried to change password but the ‘forgotten password’ option failed to work too.
As I did not receive a confirmation of my order I wanted to check on the website. I do not know the status of my order, even if it exists, but the payment was withdrawn from my account immediately.

Admin       487 days ago     #
Website is down cant load the food items.

Lorna       491 days ago     #
Order paid for with credit card but no order confirmation.

Serena       498 days ago     #
Cannot make a complaint without it telling me over and over that my comment needs to have proper pronunciation and common grammar/numbers.

H       501 days ago     #
Doesn’t recognise my password even after resetting. Cannot pay for items in basket as keeps redirecting me to log in and enter password.

Jazmin       502 days ago     #
I can log in at the beginning but as soon as it redirects me to put stuff in my basket I have to log in again and my email or password it wrong.

Guest       503 days ago     #
Booking slot

Guest       503 days ago     #
Unable to pay for online order. once card details are entered the bank authentication pop up appears

EDB       504 days ago     #
Wont confirm order, payment seems to go through but wont confirm. Go back into site and shopping still in the basket.

Michaela Head       505 days ago     #
Payment not working, everything still in basket and won’t be able to keep my slot!

Guest       509 days ago     #
Payment- keeps failing and not using MasterCard. Have been trying for two days now

Nad81       509 days ago     #
Won't bring up to book a slot

Guest       509 days ago     #
Booking a slot

Lisa       509 days ago     #
Won’t process payment so spent ages doing my shopping and can’t actually place the order AGAIN

Guest       509 days ago     #
Can’t check out won’t finalise order

Guest       514 days ago     #
bank authorises payment.. site takes you back to blank page with no order confirmation and everything still in basket.

cheesed off       517 days ago     #
bank authorises payment.. site takes you back to blank page with no order confirmation and everything still in basket. Tried on two different cards..rubbish

Guest       519 days ago     #
Order page won;t compelte once payment authorised

Duncan       520 days ago     #
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.c1d3dead.1656253316.7615b4e6

Sue Ball       521 days ago     #
I can’t alter a shopping basket

Guest       522 days ago     #
Online payment not confirming after entering card details

Guest       522 days ago     #
Click and collect payment

DKR       528 days ago     #
Aldi checkout not working again! Authorised by bank but won’t check out. Tried 2 different cards

Guest       528 days ago     #
The payment page won’t complete the payment

Annie       530 days ago     #
Aldi website hasn't worked for several weeks.

Guest       538 days ago     #
Why are the trollies at Saffron Walden taking up half the road, could they not be left parallel to t

Turner       542 days ago     #
Payment failed, on collection day, despite plenty of money being available in the account & prior authorisation. 4th time of happening! Also, 2 weeks ago, the website would progress any payments despite trying 3 different cards and 3 different days!!

Sue       543 days ago     #
Can't checkout 503 error

Guest       548 days ago     #
Can’t log in

LC       548 days ago     #
Can’t check out on click and collect

Guest       549 days ago     #
Why can't book click and collect at ashby de la zouch store

Guest       549 days ago     #
Can't checkout 503 error

Guest       549 days ago     #
I can’t pay

Guest       554 days ago     #
Checkout process for online orders on both web and app

Tricia       555 days ago     #
Log-in not working. Asks for password reset but no email received. Contacted customer services. Still no email

jocookie999       557 days ago     #
Click and collect payments not working - tried various methods of paying and none work.

Guest       557 days ago     #
Have been unable to process my click and collect order for 2 days, tried different phones and a laptops but still have not been able to confirm or pay for my order.

Guest       557 days ago     #
Having a issue completing click and collect order, does. It give authorisation after payment, and no confirmation email

Guest       557 days ago     #
Payment system, not completing no authorisation and no email

Lea       561 days ago     #
Click and collect not working cant checkout

Sue       563 days ago     #
Can’t book a slot error in loading slots x3 weeks now click and collect when will it be fixed?

Guest       564 days ago     #
Click and Collect checkout

KPA       565 days ago     #
Been trying to place an order for three days, just won't work. I can see my old orders but can't reorder, can't search for products, can't view slots, then it came up with a message that I can't pay with Tesco Mastercard. I don't have one. Seems whatever update they've done has killed the whole site.

Guest       566 days ago     #
Debit card payment

Dave C       567 days ago     #
Both Site browsing and LOGIN fail with latest Firefox on latest win10.

(appears to work with the MS-edge though)

Sounds like a distinct lack of testing...!

RD       567 days ago     #
Looks like Aldi fixed their website when it wasn't broken. Now its broken.

Dave C       568 days ago     #
Unable to Login

Michelle       569 days ago     #
Website won’t let me login - sort it out Aldi! I reallty want to shop with you but if it is going to be this difficult every time I won’t bother!

Susan Finch       569 days ago     #

I'm unable to buy goods on the Aldi app today. The app appears to not be working.

Cindy       575 days ago     #
What have Aldi done to their website - if using mobile access, the top of the screen takes up too much room for product categories when it's on the menu top left 3 horizontal bars, or just search, if you click to turn on/off out of stock items it no longer loads the products available except for first 18, only way round is to load all items regardless whether they've sold out or only available in store.
The bottom of the screen where you now have to press a button to load more products keeps stating 18 of x loaded & doesn't change even when it does reload.
Come on Aldi, please fix your software glitches, I'm losing patience as its been happening for a few months now - I appreciate you're busy but so are your customers. Thank you. Cindy

Stuart       576 days ago     #
Keeps asking me to log in for click and collect I try and put items in my basket a new tab opens and it asks me to re-login, but then says my password or username is incorrect! This keeps happening !

Guest       578 days ago     #
Check out

Guest       579 days ago     #
I can’t check out

Guest       581 days ago     #
Keeps asking me to log in for click and collect I try and put items in my basket but then says my password or username is incorrect! This keeps happening every week!

Ant       582 days ago     #
Cannot pay securely click and collect are there problems ?

jan       582 days ago     #
have changed my password but still tells me its in correct! was going to change from Sainsburys but if its this difficult I won't bother

Guest       583 days ago     #

Helen       595 days ago     #
Online grocery ordering for click and collect not working for over a week

Nat       605 days ago     #
I cannot pay.
Keeps telling me to check with my bank but there is nothing wrong with the bank!!

Guest       607 days ago     #
cant check out, goes to payment page then just goes blank - OMG so frustrating!

AJ       610 days ago     #
Click and collect not working on my pc for last 8 days no updates or replies from emails

wanda ashby       610 days ago     #
Click and collect not working on my pc for last 2 days.

Guest       611 days ago     #
Not taking payments

Guest       614 days ago     #
Can’t shop online tonight?

Kooky       618 days ago     #
Tells me my log in details are incorrect. They aren’t!

Steve       621 days ago     #
none of those links working for me. Just access denied on this server for all

Anon       623 days ago     #
Can't complete check out for click & collect, takes payment details and then I get a blank page with Aldi at the top, no payment taken, items are still in basket when I refresh and no email confirmation. This has been happening since November 2021, I can't use the service at all.

Guest       623 days ago     #
Can't book a slot for click and collect. Keeps saying error

BigChris       626 days ago     #
Ordering online but at checkout get message "The payment has not been accepted. Please try a different method"

M       627 days ago     #
Cannot make payment for click and collect

Guest       632 days ago     #

Cindy       632 days ago     #
I'm in a queue with 90095 in front of me

Penny       633 days ago     #
Nothing is coming up at all — seems only Aldi affected

#       633 days ago     #
Full website loss

Jacqui       633 days ago     #
General outage

li       635 days ago     #
cant login

Mick       640 days ago     #
I cannot access my basket

Guesty       645 days ago     #
Search not functioning online- unless they are really out of stock of 90% of products!

Guest       645 days ago     #
Lots of items not appearing in search. Common products such as chicken

Guest       645 days ago     #
Will not load anything.

Bex       646 days ago     #
Access denied to website.

Will       646 days ago     #
Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.af731102.1645440802.23be14c4

Guest       652 days ago     #
Ordering online but at checkout get message "The payment has not been accepted. Please try a differe

Chris Chaplin       657 days ago     #
Can't log into my account on website

Me       658 days ago     #
Stuck in checkout

Guest       662 days ago     #
Stuck in loading basket. Can’t progress to pay

Guest       662 days ago     #
Cant check out

Sam Hind       664 days ago     #
For the last two week the click and collect 09:00 to 10:00 box appea split in two boxes, when you click on the slot it says 'An error occurred while reserving this time slot, please try another one.' Logged out and back in again, then tried logging in on my phone, but it's still the same?

Mike       667 days ago     #
App not working, even after deleting and reinstalling it

Jean Barratt       669 days ago     #
When I try to access the shop on the website the page will not scroll up so I am unable to see whats on offer

Sarah       674 days ago     #
Wont let me pay

Julie       680 days ago     #
I've just been placing an online click and collect order, had time slot booked, had several items in the basket, then it all just disappeared! Will I have to start all over again? This message appeared: "503
We are just taking delivery of some fresh content. Won’t be long!"????

Guest       680 days ago     #
click and collect online order

Jackie       683 days ago     #
I have constant issues with the website not recognising my user name and password. I get fed up and cancel the orders. The only way to get in is to follow the link in an Aldi email. The reset password emails don’t come through. It’s a nightmare. To be honest I usually end up going to my preferred supermarket website the delivery is cheaper than Aldi collect. I am trying again.

Chloe       685 days ago     #
Tried to get some groceries for my disabled father as he loved going to aldi , won’t let me log in to check out , useless website and app
Should just take it down and stop advertising that we can order online
Because you simply can’t

Mike       686 days ago     #
Can't Log in

Guest       686 days ago     #
Can't log in.

Guest       689 days ago     #
Checkout not working

Beth       693 days ago     #
Cannot login. Keeps saying error with username or password but my laptop remembers my login info so it’s correct. Also requested to change password and reset email never comes through

joie       693 days ago     #
wont let me pay says error check bank card and try again i have enough funds

Mark       697 days ago     #
Not working at all here. Constantly getting an "access denied" error.

Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

claire hickie       701 days ago     #
I'm unable to book and order shopping for collection can you please let me know when this will be up and running please

Guest       710 days ago     #
Online card payments

mdk       718 days ago     #
the moment you go to christmas groceries you have to login again and gives you an error

An error occured while logging in, please check your username or password.


Louise Ferguson       719 days ago     #
Unable to book a click and collect slot and place an order. Tried yesterday 9th and today 10th December

John       725 days ago     #
Every attempt to log in results in:

An error occured while logging in, please check your username or password.

Guest       728 days ago     #
Payment checkout

Martin       736 days ago     #
Is anyone having any trouble using the 'Order Again' feature? I'm clicking the button (from multiple pages) but nothing happens

Rachael       739 days ago     #
Justine is right, been horrendous. I finally managed to secure a slot for this week, but having big issues booking the Christmas week. Tried at least 20 times with a few cards and on different devices and recommended links!!! I just hope I don't get charged for every single one I have tried! What is annoying is that whilst this is happening, the Christmas slots are getting booked, so some people's payments are going through!! This is very frustrating, we are going to miss out on our click and collect slots! Come on Aldi. Your staff are lovely and friendly. Food and prices are great, but your website is absalutley terrible!!!

Justine       739 days ago     #
Admin. None of those website allow me to log in to my account to pay for groceries in my basket. Still unable to pay. Ongoing issue for last 2 days. Tried different devices, different payment cards even tried registering for a 2nd account

Justine       739 days ago     #
Click and collection not taking payments for 2-days now ... very frustrating

Guest       743 days ago     #
Click and collect - 503 error message

Me       744 days ago     #
Tried to checkout, put payment details in, clicked pay and just went straight you're basket is empty page ?? No idea if they've taken money off me but I've got no confirmation email

Cindy       744 days ago     #
Unable to check out on Aldi online for 6 weeks now, various error ie small pick of unhappy face on blank background but no message; you only need £0.02 for free del but I wanted named day but wouldn't let me continue; several 500 errors with message "oops looks like we're refreshing ..." Tried again different days checkout empty but when I've re-added items & got to final secure checkout it's trebled all the items, which I go back & delete duplicates only to get 500 error again. Also can no longer read reviews it takes you to the bottom of the screen to unsubscribe. Are Aldi trying to tell me they don't want me to buy from them?

Guest       748 days ago     #
Payment not working on click and collect section

Karen       751 days ago     #
so sick of getting 'looks like you are offline..' message when i try to use app. Absolute garbage!

Guest       751 days ago     #
Payment page

J Bowles       754 days ago     #
Haven't been able to look up, check anything on website, or login as keep getting access denied

Guest       756 days ago     #
Can't pay for items as cannot view basket issue ongoing since Sunday

D Farrell       757 days ago     #
Can't view basket or checkout to pay for items

Denise       757 days ago     #
Been trying since 9.30 pm monday night to order shopping online, won't let me use click & collect option, brings a page up saying "503 we are taking delivery of new content, please refresh in a few minutes ", which I've doing & time is now 00.12 ????????

Addy       757 days ago     #
Can't view basket to pay for items

Guest       758 days ago     #
Basket does not appear on app or website so unable to purchase goods. Tried different browsers, dele

Guest       759 days ago     #
Can't view basket to pay for items

Guest       759 days ago     #
cannot check out wine order

Anty       759 days ago     #
Cant access basket or checkout, tried various times today.

Guest       759 days ago     #
Cannot check out on wine today

Laura       761 days ago     #
wont accept my payment card / s

Jess       761 days ago     #
Won’t accept payment from any of my cards

Guest       761 days ago     #
Payment not being recognised, keeps asking me to retry or contact my bank. Tried three different car

Jen       761 days ago     #
Hi, I can’t get my payment through for my click and collect order?

GR       761 days ago     #
On some website pages - especially the wine sections - it's impossible to scroll down the page. Only have this problem with Aldi!

Al       762 days ago     #
Issues with items in checkout basket not being visible on website

Guest       762 days ago     #
Can not access basket or check out

Anonynous       762 days ago     #
Cannot check out or view basket

Guest       762 days ago     #
Checkout Basket

David Smith       762 days ago     #
Cannot view or checkout on line today

Guest       764 days ago     #
Cannot view basket or go to checkout online

Guest       766 days ago     #
Unable to access basket and pay

Guest       766 days ago     #
Cannot check out after adding items, basket disappears when trying to pay

Munki       767 days ago     #
None of these options work. :(

Kay       767 days ago     #
Can’t checkout!

Guest       767 days ago     #
can't get to checkout

GillR       767 days ago     #
Can't get to checkout page

kim Irvin       767 days ago     #
Finally got on to update order to be picked up tomorrow. Spent half an hour on ordering but won't let us update, says there is an error and try again later but been trying since 10am. Have had problems all week and still says we can make changes to last weeks order which we picked up on the 16th.

Guest       767 days ago     #
spent more than half an hour ordering for click and collect but says an error has occurred and to tr

Lucy       768 days ago     #
Won’t list any available click and collect slots for this week or next been like since 9am

kim Irvin       769 days ago     #
Managed to finally order on app for Saturday click and collect, today is Thursday but won't let me add to order. Will not bother to pick up for a few items as is a 40 minute round trip.

Guest       769 days ago     #
Why is the store in Hemel Hempstead we normally do our click and collect at not on the app?

kim Irvin       769 days ago     #
I am unable to book a date for click and collect. My husband and I are unable to walk far so this is ideal for us. Looks like no shopping for us this week.

Guest       769 days ago     #
The app is working OK - just done my order using that!

Marisa       769 days ago     #
check out not working. can't pay for items

Guest       770 days ago     #
Can't Check Out on order

Guest       770 days ago     #
online purchases. the check out not working, the link to my shopping cart page isn't working, it is not a redirect problem

Girlwiththedrogontattoo       772 days ago     #
Says access denied. This is the 2nd time this has happened to me recently

Guest       773 days ago     #
online purchases. the check out not working

Guest       773 days ago     #
Keeps saying error on every page

Guest       774 days ago     #
Aldi checkout page

Kim Foxall       778 days ago     #
Tried to place an order for the second week in a row. Log on fine, load basket fine checkout fine. Payment won’t it just get a blue screen . Log off and repeat same problem. Have now given up and booked a click and collect at another supermarket.

tw       779 days ago     #
Have reported this issue to customer services who were not aware of it. Has been referred to Aldi IT but will take a week for them to get back to me (from 9 October). Need to reset my account password but the programme has not been correctly configured. When you click to reset your password, no facility is provided for you to password reset. I cannot buy the products i want. From other comments seems Aldi have issues with their buy on line facility

Guest       784 days ago     #
Checkout on Aldi click and collect

Guest       786 days ago     #
all week keep getting Access Denied u dont have permission to access server. deleting cookies fixes

Harky       791 days ago     #
Kicked me off when trying to submit payment

Guest       798 days ago     #
Doubled my items in basket then when I sorted that it would not checkout!
Tried a couple of times!

Cookie999       802 days ago     #
Now site completely down

Cookie999       802 days ago     #
Problem logging in, eventually logged in and then can't edit my click and collect order.

Jessica       808 days ago     #
First I had issues resetting my password. I finally managed to reset it. Only to find that none of the images for the products were loading. Nightmare. Unable to do my shopping.

Mp       810 days ago     #
Cannot pay for click and collect keep saying 'bad request '

Kerry       812 days ago     #
I can’t add anything to my basket, half way through my click and collect order!

Laura bignell       812 days ago     #
I am not able to add anything to my basket! As it is just asking me for log in details again which when I add in it says that they are incorrect!

Customer       813 days ago     #
Looks like the payment gateway has been hacked, it is redirecting to a hacker site

Guest       813 days ago     #
Won’t accept payment

Guest       813 days ago     #
Not accepting my bank details; tried several cards

Josh       817 days ago     #
Unable to check out or add items

G Corby       817 days ago     #
Website not loading tonight, to admend shop. Can't doing it PC or phone. Need to request refund for click and collect as we reserve our slot and then amended the night before. Wife has been trying for nearly 4hrs.

Guest       817 days ago     #
Click and collect slow, unresponsive, not adding items to basket

Bruce Rutherford       818 days ago     #
Keeps putting back items i have deleted from my basket and altering the numbers of things i have chosen!

Guest       818 days ago     #
Keeps changing number of items i order and putting back stuff i have deleted

Sally Latham       819 days ago     #
Was adding things to my clock and collect order but now cannot access website as 503 error .

Pat Barlow       820 days ago     #
Cannot check out, either with password or as guest. Telephone call to customer services but unable to resolve.

Betty Donaldson       820 days ago     #
On trying to log in (which I did successfully earlier this morning) I received the following message
Reference #119.d7447b68.1630405146.2a2a0434. I've tried several times to log in with no success. Website appears to be OK

Keo       824 days ago     #
Website not working, doesnt check out basket when using mastercard. And now says selected time slot expired.

Steve       826 days ago     # Is broken. Can login but can't see orders or update any of the orders. The Pinned comment from the admin is incorrect if you are trying to access click and collect.

Heza       826 days ago     #
Click and collect glitched half way through ordering, then again at checkout all items lost now and can’t search anything to add them back to trolley.

tyska       829 days ago     #
cant check out

L       829 days ago     #
unable to check out

Sharon harter       830 days ago     #
Trying to order a special buy. Can't get any further than putting it in my basket!

Guest       830 days ago     #
Website payment problem

AM       838 days ago     #
Started experiencing errors when searching for items half way through amending my click and collect order. Logged out and now can't log back in. Only have til 11 pm to amend my order!

Guest       838 days ago     #
Website is glitching can't book click and collect slots

fed up shopper       838 days ago     #
unable to update basket, or access the order at all, now login has failed

Guest       838 days ago     #
cannot access orders

guest       838 days ago     #
Says not valid payment at checkout, details are correct

Guest       840 days ago     #
Rejects valid payment , despite authorisation code submitted

John aiken       840 days ago     #
Tried a different version now allowed to login but rejects payment , despite authorisation code submitted

John Aiken       840 days ago     #
Trying to order choose items then when going to pay login and site crashes

Cheryl Powell       840 days ago     #
Trying to order 3 item online. At point of check out site states "We're experiencing difficulty completing your order at the moment. Please contact customer services on 0800 042 0800" called CS operative who stated he wouldn't be ale to help as he's not a techie! I've tried refreshing the page and a different browser....nothing. Will take my business elsewhere.

Guest       846 days ago     #
Unable to check out

Vivian Carr       848 days ago     #
is everything " green" when I have contacted Customer Support and they couldn't help me as their IT system is down and has been for >24hrs - This is from your representative on the telephone. Extremely frustrating to make contact and to be told system outage is causing a terminal problem. Why no announcement here or on the Website which appears o be working normally. I will now have to make repeated calls to check when the system is working as you are not reporting on its status. This is the definition of poor customer support and a total disregard of customers

Guest       848 days ago     #
Customer Support Software/System

Mark       850 days ago     #
Website bot taking payment, logs me out after trying to process payment

Mark       851 days ago     #
Stuck on pending wont let me cancel so dont know if order has gone through

Guest       853 days ago     #
Website and app not working not taking payment

Guest       853 days ago     #
Website and app won't let me pay securely

Guest       859 days ago     #
Website down

The Kurgan       859 days ago     #
Spent an hour adding items to my basket only for the site to go down. It's been ten mins now at least. I have a sneaky feeling that when it go back to my bastket it will all have gone.

sousan welland       859 days ago     #
cant access any aldi site

Cookie999       864 days ago     #
Aldi app is not working.

Mrs E Neaves       868 days ago     #
Selected time slot for collect at 19:30 site gave 21:55 for changes. Entered order and tried to make payment. Aldi site said incorrect details contact bank or try another card. Pager also showed time slot expired??? changed time slot, re entered same bank details and all was fine. Why would the slot suddenly expire and the error message is very poor.

Dale Thoennissen       868 days ago     #
I cannot put in my card number

Jack       871 days ago     #
Unable to check out. This happened yesterday, went on today to order and still unable to pay.

Guest       873 days ago     #
'Amend order' for click and collect grocery orders

Gill Hunter       873 days ago     #
Been trying to update my click and collect grocery order which is booked for collection tomorrow. I can access the order but when I click on amend order it is not loading so cannot amend.

Guest       876 days ago     #
503 error

Petrina       876 days ago     #
Been trying all day to re order on click and collect now won’t let me even log on saying email or password incorrect keep trying to change password multiple times and STILL not logging me in very frustrating

J Dobson       876 days ago     #
I regularly have problems scrolling down the page. I've taken advice from a previous comment and placed the order on my mobile phone. No problems scrolling or with payment

Dan       876 days ago     #
Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Andrea Manning       878 days ago     #
Told couldn’t make payment, checked online banking and plenty of funds available. Also when pressing menu it keeps bringing up al fresco dining. Very annoying. Will have to go into the shop now which isn’t convenient.

Guest       878 days ago     #
Couldn’t make payment even though funds available

Martin Slocombe       878 days ago     #
Aldi online wine offers not accepting payment using LLoyds debit card even though i have plenty of funds .LLoyds say it is Aldi at fault .

Guest       878 days ago     #
payment system not working

John       881 days ago     #
Aldi website shite

Sally       884 days ago     #
Unable to check out, error reported on delivery page says contact customer services

Guest       887 days ago     #
Payment Problems

Chris       889 days ago     #
Can’t login

Karen       890 days ago     #
As for previous poster 'Unable to scroll on the website, on all the Specialbuys pages. Annoying! Works fine on mobile though.'

Stephen Garner       892 days ago     #
I haven't been able to use the Aldi app for weeks now it just says I'm off line or the app is unavailable. Why

Jackie Hamer       894 days ago     #
Unable to amend click and collect order for last 3 hours

SAF       897 days ago     #
Unable to scroll on the website, on all the Specialbuys pages. Annoying! Works fine on mobile though.

Range rovertwenty       897 days ago     #
"access Denied" for the last two days. i havent changed anything, unless windows 10 has done an update that Aldi have not sorted

any help appreciated

Rob       898 days ago     #
Looks like the website is blocking anyone using a VPN. 403 Access Denied on the homepage, until I manually turn it off. Many people like myself set this up on their router for increased privacy or they are forced to use one on their work laptop, so it is a silly idea to block us all >:(

eva jessett       898 days ago     #
I am being denied access to Aldi uk

Robert Kane.       899 days ago     #
Cannot access Aldi UK and says that I don't have permission to access aldi on this server, the one that I always use??.

Guest       903 days ago     #
Cannot place online order. Site says payment details are wrong but they are the same I use every wee

Guest       904 days ago     #

IvanD       906 days ago     #
9 hours later, I've finally managed to put in my click and collect order.
If they carry on like this, they're going to lose a lot of business.

ZD       906 days ago     #
The website is finally working!????

Ecs       906 days ago     #
Can't access anything on click and collect

Guest       906 days ago     #
If you post on Facebook to ask why its not working, they delete the post unless its complimentary ! Marvellous

paul       906 days ago     #
do as im going to do. not shop with aldi anymore

paul       906 days ago     #
nothing working

SB       906 days ago     #
Cant see products when trying to select for Click and Collect.

Guest       906 days ago     #

the pages aren't loading any items, and I know it's not my internet because I'm watching youtube perfectly fine on my other screen. Very frustrating.

GM       906 days ago     #
So frustrating, I’ve been trying for hours to amend my order but it won’t go past the login screen.

Guest       906 days ago     #
Been trying since 9am and just can’t get it working! Beyond frustrated

Guest       906 days ago     #
Trying to log in to amend my order and keep getting thrown out, not displaying basket etc. How long will this be down for?

David       906 days ago     #
can we have some info from Aldi please!

D Burchett       906 days ago     #
unable to order all day !

Beth c       906 days ago     #
Website having serious issues… grumble ????

Guest       906 days ago     #
Nothing is Lodi g when choosing click and collect

Laura       906 days ago     #
Click and collect not working, not showing past orders, not allowing me to search for products, been like it all day.

Taruna       906 days ago     #
Trying to do a click and collect order and unable to add items to my basket as they are not visible when I search for them.

Catherine       906 days ago     #
Trying to do my click and collect order. I search for things and it says there are however many products but doesn't show me any. Same happens if I click from the menu 9f options. Decided to type website address into browser rather than using saved link. Appeared to work, I selected a product, it asked me to choose a slot which I tried but it didn't save it and needed me to log in with my password which I'd forgotten. Went through the rigmarole of updating my password only for it not to be accepted when I tried to sign in again. Very very frustrating! First time I've had a problem though. Usually very good.

William middleton       906 days ago     #
Site not working. Gives number of available items but no list to select. Do you want orders on click and collect?

Guest       906 days ago     #
Cannot book slot cannot add anything to basket, basically cannot do anything on the app

KM       906 days ago     #
Click and collect not working, need to add to my shop for tomorrow as I always do last minute, don’t want to end up paying £4.99 for click and collect with only one item on there at the moment!

Frustrated       906 days ago     #
Site not accessible at all, wont shift past log in page.
These outages are all too frequent, site not fit for purpose.

IvanD       906 days ago     #
Click and collect not working at all.
Unable to log in, or logs in and no items showing.
Search not working

Corinna       906 days ago     #
Not accepting my password, used one of the links from admin, logged in but can't see any items to add to order.
Not being able to log in happens regularly

Kate Lasky       906 days ago     #
when will this be put right please?

AS       906 days ago     #
unable to log in to click and collect. Multiple attempts between 11.00 am and now

ZD       906 days ago     #
Unable to amend my online order, website not responding to any clicks to menu.

HK       907 days ago     #
Unable to log in or book a slot... or even change my password. Customer services have no idea whats going on either and IT don't accept calls … shock.

Mrs M       907 days ago     #
Finally logged in after 10 attempts. Got half through order when search function stopped working, order vanished and website logged me out. Now can't log in. I'm giving up!

Mr B       907 days ago     #
10 attempts to login, when it eventually let me I can’t see my order

Housewife       907 days ago     #
When I log in there is no ‘book a slot option’ the pages aren’t loading correctly and there is no ‘past orders’ content.

john       907 days ago     #
unable to scroll down on the web pages of aldoi

Becca       908 days ago     #
Not processing payment. tried multiple cards, logged in and as guest. Just not budging.

Steve Wilson       909 days ago     #
trying to order wine online but no order mechanism?

Sue kent       914 days ago     #
Trying to amend click/collect order but website not responding. Loads of things on my order I don’t want and loads that I want to add!

william loose       915 days ago     #
i keep getting access denied

Arghhh       916 days ago     #
Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.
Reference #18.e6f5668.1622040278.475a4c68

Hans       917 days ago     #
This is what I get:
Access Denied
You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.2d2b3517.1622020642.1d7a3eca

Guest       917 days ago     #
2 Days -

Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Guest       920 days ago     #
Access Denied

Sarah       921 days ago     #
Access denied. Tried all versions of address.

R Parton       923 days ago     #
Could not order online. Tried several times over past 3 days but website does not respond / complete the order.

Paul       925 days ago     #
I have been trying to view website and email Aldi for 2 days and.....nothing, access denied!

Ged       930 days ago     #
Unable to log in, and online shopping does not create a shopping basket to finalise purchases

J. hurley       930 days ago     #
Unable to log in. I’ve changed my password but still no access. Can you advise if there is a problem.

Guest       930 days ago     #
access denied is all i am getting and i dont know why

Guest       931 days ago     #
Checkout not complete

Floss       932 days ago     #
Have been unable to get on website for two days - "access denied" message. What's the problem?

User       933 days ago     #
Website down

123       933 days ago     #
Log in down

L Dufresne       933 days ago     #
really fed up with patronising this store when the way they run things on a Sunday (when new products are released for purchase) is so amateurish.

Aldi you are one of the biggest and most successful retail companies in the world and you deserve it. Please sort out the incredibly amateurish management in the UK of your website particularly on a Sunday. This is actually stopping me going into the stores and buying any more I get so sick of it.... serious recurring problems for more than a year now.

Guest       935 days ago     #
Payment authorisation declined. No reason for this whatsoever following check on Bank Account

Wright       938 days ago     #
Ah, what a shame. Aldi's website had improved, but tonight I was just finishing my shopping and it states service unavailable. Can not access the account online or on the app to complete. Due to pick up the shopping tomorrow and will not have half the items I have asked for as not saved before the outage :( Just wasted a lot of time! Tried using the links below, all says the same.

Robert Taylor       945 days ago     #
I've been trying to log in on and of since last night to order wine but when I click on what I want the 'add' button greys out but no basket symbol appears.

Anna MacCurrach       948 days ago     #
My payment can’t be completed

Guest       948 days ago     #
basket not visible

Guest       948 days ago     #
404 Error

Guest       954 days ago     #
Unable to check out

Geoff       956 days ago     #
Not able to edit order for tomorrow

Fred       957 days ago     #
Unable to check out.

Daz       958 days ago     #
Why can’t I log in to my account...been trying for the last 2 days to place a click and Collect with no joy been using click and collect for about 5/6 weeks know with no problems until the last few days...even tied reset password don’t even get the email to reset it....?

Guest       962 days ago     #
I've been trying to log in to aldi GROCERIES page for nearly a week. Tried at least 8 "password rese

customer       962 days ago     #
cannot login or reset password!!! email sent offers no option to reset password.....I haven't changed my password so I cant understand why it wont work

Paula       964 days ago     #
Cant get the aldi app to to work iv never had a problem with any apps before?

Guest       966 days ago     #
Can’t add Specialbuy to basket even though it is available (grey cushion set, garden)

Marilyn Smith       966 days ago     #
I tried placing an order on 30th April for click and collect Ferry Road Cardiff on 31st but when it came to confirming there was a problem. I went right through the system a number of times but was not getting confirmation. I tried CS but after being on the phone for 25 minutes I was cut off before I could speak. I decided to put in another order but could not re-order the previous order as there was nothing showing, so quickly put in an order of things I could remember off the top of my head. This time the order went straight through. There was clearly a problem with the system. The following morning my Husband printed off the order which had been confirmed by email. Checked for any 'out of stock' or 'substituted' items. Thought no more about it and went to the store to pick up the order, as he does every week. When he got there the store assistant brought out two orders. My Husband said we only wanted one order and was told to take the two orders. We would only be charged for the one order. Unfortunately we were charged for two orders. If I had been with my Husband I wouldn't have accepted two orders but he didn't think about it. I tried to contact CS but was again waiting in a queue for so long I gave up.The reason we have been using Click and Collect is because we are self isolating. Today I decided before placing my order, to pick up tomorrow, I wanted to sort out the situation of double order and double payments. The only way I could do this was to go into the store and speak with the manager which I did. I tried to explain to the manager the whole situation but whilst he was polite he didn't understand the situation at all. he refunded the things on the order that were duplicated and perishable which came to £9. When I said that it wasn't our fault and I didn't really want double the items that we had received he said we could have returned them (We are self isolating because we are vulnerable). When I asked him why he thought I would be placing two orders to be picked up on the same day and paid two charges of £4.99 for click and collect, he said that I might have been ordering for someone else. This really doesn't make sense to me as there is no way that I would pay for two click and collects. Money isn't an issue for me but I just think that if someone who shopped with budget had the same problem it could have been a difficult situation for them. I really felt that his manager had very poor customer understanding and service. He was very unprofessional and was very quick to tell me that the previous manager shouldn't have handled the situation as he did and that he would be 'spoken to'. We have always found that manager to be very good. I have been a very good customer of Aldi up to now but I certainly won't be shopping with you again. I have a Tesco delivery every weekend and have done for many years without a single problem. In fact if you place an order for delivery you can't place another for the same day which makes sense because why would you!!!

Karen       967 days ago     #
Online payments being declined so losing slot. My bank says Aldi is not sending required code back to them

Jon Richards       970 days ago     #
Click and collect hanging when I try to edit tomorrow's order. Logged out and back in twice - still the same problem.

Guest       970 days ago     #
not getting any emails from Aldi Click

KEN ALLSTAFF       971 days ago     #

Angela Lumsdon       971 days ago     #
Click and collect site down? Trying to edit my order for tomorrow - looks like Easter is scuppered

Beth       971 days ago     #
Lost my slot for tomorrow due to website going down half way through an order

kim Irvin       971 days ago     #
Trying to edit our click and collect list at 3pm today. Added about quarter of what we wanted and site stopped working. Can not get back onto it and should be picking our order up tomorrow. Not able to go shopping as disabled so not sure we will get anything for Easter.

e white       971 days ago     #
click and collect

Guest       971 days ago     #
1 hour into a shop, kicked out and slot time lost, just a page showing - 'The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.'
Can't load up a click and collect page at all now, so frustrating plus now no shopping arriving tomorrow

Guest       977 days ago     #
I can't access secure checkout

D Benger       977 days ago     #
Tried all the links. They don’t work.

Mrs D Benger       977 days ago     #
Last week my local store Shultern Road was closed for refurbishment in the middle of a pandemic. It is now open but I cannot put any items in my basket on the online click and collect. There are no items in any category except one fresh item, a bag of bananas!!!!!!!

frequent customer.       978 days ago     #
cannot log in .............very frustrating......

Tim J       979 days ago     #
I have set up an account and all fine but when selecting click and collect it asks me to log in on a seperate window but won't accept my log in details which I know are correct so can't proceed.

GB       979 days ago     #
Can't get any payment cards to complete and have lost order after computer sat 'processing order' for an age with the bar not moving. 2 hours wasted!!

Guest       979 days ago     #
payment page. Have tried 3 cards. All fine. None accepted on here

Clare Hodgson       979 days ago     #
The site keeps rejecting my payment card, I've put alternatives in and same issue

Shaun       980 days ago     #
Click and collect is down

RachaelW       980 days ago     #
New to Aldi's click and collect. Not a user-friendly way to navigate the website. Very slow updating and keeps changing my adjustments in the basket. A real shame as great affordable quality food and staff at the collection point. Taken me an hour and a half so far and still not completed my shop! Hope this site improves :(

Elaine Rowlands       982 days ago     #
Can log in but it won’t go to my basket to amend it. Just constantly buffering.       983 days ago     #
I have tried to re set password 3 times and it still won't let me log in.

M       986 days ago     #
I could not edit my order last night. It just buffered on edit order line. This morning I cannot get into my account as it will not accept my password and has not sent an email to change it. When I tried to contact someone, it buffered over the contact line.

Melissa       987 days ago     #
Can't get onto my order! Continuous error codes! Now can't even get onto click and collect page as now not recognising my password. I'm meant to be collecting tomorrow and one item in basket!!!

Arbtree       995 days ago     #
Cant view my past orders to re-order them again, keeps coming up with [error], second week in a row. Phoned them up last week - they suggested clearing browser cache - but that doesn't work. Even tried a different browser. Think this is a problem at their end - especially as others seem to have similar problems!

Karl S       996 days ago     #
Went through the whole order process fine. Went to check out and using two cards both with plenty funds in accounts still unable to process payment. Checked bank just in case. Not a problem.

scott m       996 days ago     #
Cant view my past orders to re-order them again, keeps coming up with [error], second week in a row, not going through the hassle again to put every item into basket again. Sort it out Aldi...schoolboy stuff this!!

Patricia Kelly       996 days ago     #
Can’t log in password keeps blanking out need to add to my order

Jane Willis       997 days ago     #
I can't reorder or edit my order on click and collect

Marguerite jones       997 days ago     #
The white chocolate and raspberry ice cream was missing order number541525

JT       997 days ago     #
Cant reorder on the click and collect site. Been like this for over a week now. All it says is error when trying to reorder an older order.

Chino       998 days ago     #
Been trying to edit my order for the last 2 days. Just get the swirly thing. Viewing the order gives [Error] I've had this before but it eventually cleared.
Come on Aldi, get your act together!

B       999 days ago     #
Cannot re Oder my last order. Code Error keeps on coming up

J       999 days ago     #
Cant edit order for tomorrow collection

claire       999 days ago     #
i can not edit my orders for my click and collect slot for tomorrow. says error.

Ryan       1001 days ago     #
Cannot re-oorder groceries on website simply displays [error] any adivce?

Guest       1001 days ago     #
click and click past orders comes up "error" for the last 10 days of trying

Guest       1004 days ago     #
The website

Guest       1004 days ago     #
Can't login!

Dick       1007 days ago     #
payments not working most of today

Natalie       1012 days ago     #
Unable to book a slot, can’t put anything in the basket as it says error on everything you search for. Was unable to cancel/amend last over e we I think time allowed!

Roger Knight       1018 days ago     #
I've created an account, done one click & collect successfully but now cannot sign in and the password reset is not working. This has been four days now.

E king       1021 days ago     #
Cannot log in to account. Can't reset password.

Michael       1022 days ago     #
problem with click and collect faringdon

Linda Rector       1024 days ago     #
Cannot log in despite re setting password

Guest       1026 days ago     #
Can't continue to payment

Guest       1064 days ago     #
Can’t see any products