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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       1 day ago     #
Payments not working

Guest       2 days ago     #

Mich       2 days ago     #
basket is empty despite items being added and the basket indicates 3 items

Guest       9 days ago     #

Guest       12 days ago     #

Guest       12 days ago     #
General Outage

Guest       18 days ago     #
Won’t except any payments to purchase products

mike       20 days ago     #
delivery button not working

Guest       21 days ago     #
Cant apply coupon codes

Guest       27 days ago     #
Cant log in

Angie       30 days ago     #
Checkout system isn't linking to PayPal properly (this payment method usually works fine on Argos). Checkout sends you to PayPal log-in as expected, and after authorising payment in PayPal, nothing happens. Did it twice. PayPal is not showing an authorised payment, and Argos is still waiting for me to complete the order. I gave up. It feels more like an Argos error to me, not PayPal.

Guest       30 days ago     #
Checkout system isn't linking to PayPal properly (this payment method usually works fine on Argos).

Maximus       31 days ago     #
Can’t checkout any items, just get an error.
App and websites.

elaine       39 days ago     #
saying oops this is embarrassing broken link

Paul       40 days ago     #
When trying to pay keeps on going back to home page !!!!!!!!!!! Very annoying . Wont let me pay . Keeps on going white page !!!!!!!

Paul       40 days ago     #
Cant login page crashed

Liz       45 days ago     #
Can't pay on the website - it's infuriating!

Guest       52 days ago     #
Payment/Selecting delivery time not working.

Guest       55 days ago     #
Payment via card or PayPal not working

Robert Llloyd       71 days ago     #
wont let me make a purchase from basket, pressing continue to delivery with no progress

Guest       72 days ago     #

Guest       73 days ago     #
Cant login

Guest       98 days ago     #
Order processing

Guest       104 days ago     #
Order not being processed

MS       105 days ago     #
can't check out- error with processing order, different browsers and cards tried, same error

Dev       112 days ago     #
Can't log in on app n website just keeps cycling and bk to delivery option

janet       124 days ago     #
getting 'Bad request' when attempting to pay !!!!!!!!! won't let me buy

Pat Blunsden       127 days ago     #
Get 'bad request' when I try to pay for item (too many header fields exceed server limits) Been going o since at least lat evening.

E       128 days ago     #
Not vefiy payment

Guest       129 days ago     #
wont let me make a purchase from basket, pressing continue to delivery with no progress

Guest       131 days ago     #
There was an error handling your request. Argos website repeatedly has payment errors, the App too

Agnes       133 days ago     #
Picked my orders .Got passed delivery options , then wouldnt let me continue to payment .An hour I wont get back so disappointed.

Guest       145 days ago     #

Guest       164 days ago     #
Pay now keeps disappearing

Mary chadburn       167 days ago     #
Won't let me Oder online saying "oops that did not go to plan could not find the page"

Guest       168 days ago     #
Pay Now keeps disappearing while trying to put in expiry details

Es       170 days ago     #
Unable to pay for an online order

Rosie       179 days ago     #
Unable to pay on final screen

Janey h       184 days ago     #
Why don't you just say your outa stock on everything instead of letting us get right up to the ordering it bit and then that notice pops ???? Ooops this is embarrassing ,more like this is getting boring ????

Diana       193 days ago     #
C'mon Argos, app says " sorry, we are unable to process your request at the moment. This may be due to high demand for the service or your connection. Please try later.
This has been going on since yesterday, you really are letting us down ????????

Diana       193 days ago     #
Come on Argos, no access to website, why fail us now, site cannot be reached due to overload of customers or internet connection, c'mon fix it!

Guest       196 days ago     #

Guest       208 days ago     #
Unable to log-in or purchase anything online for pick up all day

Vince       209 days ago     #
For a week now it asks me to update my details then tells me it is unable to do so at this time. How the hell do I order something then

Tina       218 days ago     #
I can’t use my Argos app. It’s not accepting my password. I think it’s since the updates

Guest       224 days ago     #
Have tried paying using two different cards and also by PayPal but order is not going through 'somet

Nikola Thorney-Potter       232 days ago     #
website not working.
clicking my usual bookmark takes me to a 404 no page exists error, tryinf to go straight from google puts me on a page that looks normal , but the cookie nag screen wont go away and search box is greyed out and wont allow text input. cant even look for what i want, let alone order it.

Guest       239 days ago     #
Website checkout

Vita       240 days ago     #
Its just get ridiculous, I've trying to order a mattress for a week now, and all the time problems is neither with checkout saying they can't find a page, or with my info updates....

Guest       262 days ago     #
payment page

Lucy       263 days ago     #
Been trying to order for a week now but error message comes up that it cabt be processed. Then Argos took my money but no order! Now, when I go to checkout, the price of the item changes and goes up to that which it is advertised at!

Mike       272 days ago     #
Cant log in to place an order now locked out
Reset email don’t work

Roxana       273 days ago     #
Website error:

You don’t have permission to access ““ on this server

The App works but on checkout it brings up same error

Guest       289 days ago     #
unable to process payment. Error message saying payment could not be processed

Guest       297 days ago     #
Checking out

Kayleigh       303 days ago     #
Tried ordering from Argos several times both with website and app. Everytime I enter card details and process payment it comes up with error message saying unable to process order and something about my card details being wrong. I contacted my Argos card and they can see my attempts at purchasing but have no confirmation email. What’s going on? And is it likely to be resolved anytime soon?

Guest       314 days ago     #
Cant go to basket and checkout

Guest       411 days ago     #
Trying to order item and paying with nectar card points and keeps returning to delivery page

Marcus       692 days ago     # website is not working for me at the moment, just about every time I try to view my personal finance I get redirected to a (hilarious) news page. This site is pretty much useless to me because of this. Anyone else having the same issue? What can I do to solve it? I'd like to know if this is a known issue. what gives, does it really get anything right? You can try to scan it for URLs, but that only shows the advertising links and not the actual website. If you look at the picture with the full 'company' name, including the legal name, the symbol is without its heavy right edge. The true website is on the left and on the right is a main picture, which has a company logo but no text or logo. Any hints on why the company website doesn't work?