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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       19 hours ago     #

Guest       1 day ago     #

Guest       6 days ago     #

Guest       6 days ago     #
General Outage

les powell       7 days ago     #
Np e mails last 12 hours, site not loading new messages

Guest       23 days ago     #

Sally       29 days ago     #
The website links to e-mail sadly aren't working either. Still down, been over 36 hours now

Sally       30 days ago     #
Haven’t had access to email for 24 hour

Andrew Byrne       31 days ago     #
Unable to log into my blueyonder emails for the last couple of days. Cannot remember password it's been that long. Be grateful for any help

Guest       52 days ago     #
emails not working

r Waite       78 days ago     #
No Email

Paul       79 days ago     #
Email login

Guest       79 days ago     #
email login problem

Guest       81 days ago     #
password refused repeatedly this afternoon

Guest       126 days ago     #
blueyonder email

Guest       127 days ago     #

Carolyn       130 days ago     #
Similarly to others, I'm not able to access my emails today and the password is not accepted. Virgin Media say they can't help me as I don't have an account and refer to T&Cs. Appauling and not customer focused - no notice and apparently this is meant to happen after 90days but I've not been a customer for over a year. Any ideas?

Sandra Klee       155 days ago     #
I cannot send or receive mail through my Blueyonder account. When I try to use it on my ipad it states “username or password is incorrect”; on my phone it’s asking me to enter my password. I haven’t changed my username or password. It is years since I set up the Blueyonder account and cannot remember the password. Please help as this is really frustrating.

Guest       160 days ago     #
My blueyonder email account is not working

Ang       162 days ago     #
Unable to send or receive emails - asks for my password but will not accept the correct password.

Guest       166 days ago     #
Icant access my email

Christine       167 days ago     #
My email account suddenly no longer working whilst using it at around 6pm on December 9th 2021. Have the mappings changed ? As I no longer have a VM account due to no service in the area I now live, VM advise I should google an answer.

Carole Adam       167 days ago     #
Unable to receive or send emails. Asks for password, but does not accept correct password

Guest       198 days ago     #

Guest       200 days ago     #

Debbie Jones       202 days ago     #
Since Sunday 31st October I have not been able to log in to my emails or receive. I run personal and work account through Blueyonder and it is saying authentication problem and need to add password but won't work. Tried to speak with outlook as use outlook to access account but saying need to contact provider which I believe is Virgin Media but unfortunately no customer service until Monday. aahhhhh

Angie       203 days ago     #
can't log onto blueyonder for a couple of days. I see this is a common problem: has anyone managed to solve it??

John       208 days ago     #
I had no access to Blueyonder emails today for 2 hours. Took Syed's advice from this forum - I logged into my VM account on the main website without trying to access email. I updated my password. I was then able to access my email account in a browser, and then after updating the login details in my Mail apps on all my devices I could access them there as well.

Frances       209 days ago     #
8 days locked out of blueyonder a/c. on laptop and iphone. No emails in or out. Spoken to 4 VM staff. Each one with different brush off - today a helpful one - has "raised a ticket" ie escalated the issue to technical level - have to wait 6-7 days for a response. This is a crisis - as I cannot work . Have run virus check, changed password 3 times. Any help dearly welcomed

Syed       211 days ago     #
Update: mine is working again. I logged into my VM account on the main website without trying to access email. I updated my password. After 20-30 minutes or so, I was able to access my email account in a browser, and then after updating the login details in my Mail apps I could access them there as well.

I hope this works for anyone still stuck!

William paterson       211 days ago     #
Blue yonder working this morning not been able to get emails from 08.30 second time this has happened recently in Falkirk area my business cant operate now Virgin don’t seem to care

Syed       211 days ago     #
Mine just went down in the last hour. It was working fine before then. Won’t work on any device through the Mail app, nor through the browser. I can log into my VM account without any trouble, so it’s something specific to Blueyonder.

Karen       211 days ago     #
Anyone else exerinecing problems with sending and receiving email?

Nina       212 days ago     #
Links below don’t work either - server not available

Nina       212 days ago     #
No email on phone or tablet for 4 hours now - London

Richard       212 days ago     #
Ive had no access to my emails for the last few days and no explaination as to why.

Guest       213 days ago     #
Email not working. Can’t send or receive

Freda Carney       213 days ago     #
No emails for 18 hours

Guest       213 days ago     #
cant access emails

Guest       213 days ago     #
Unable to send or receive emails currently today

Guest       213 days ago     #

Lesley       214 days ago     #
I haven’t been able to access email since last Thursday.

Tim       216 days ago     #
unable to log in to blueyonder email??? try again in one hour
Any clues out there

Gray       216 days ago     #
Unable to access SMTP server through Outlook, same from iPhone, cannot login via browser either

Janjee       218 days ago     #
No emails for 2days fed up now

Mark       218 days ago     #
Cannot get blueyonder mail using Thunderbird email client. Tried the VM web interface and get this:

Your mailbox is not available at the moment.

Please retry again in one hour and make sure you are using the correct password to access your email from all of your devices.

Patricia Wharmby       218 days ago     #
Not had any emails to my blueyonder account since Sunday and have been told that they have been sent. WHAT is the problem

Lee Abraham       218 days ago     #
can't get into blueyonder email on any device since about 1.40 pm today

Prof       218 days ago     #
email not working since about 12:15 hrs

Martin Lawler       218 days ago     #
I cant send or receive messages on my blueyonder account

Barbara Capener       219 days ago     #
I cannot get into my email account! I can't change my password as because I cant open any mail....aaaahhhhh!

Shriya Begum       219 days ago     #
Blueyonder e mail suddenly stopped working yesterday. Keeps asking me to log on

Simon       220 days ago     #
Blueyonder email not working; no information seems to be available

Chris       220 days ago     #
Blueyonder email suddenly stopped working about an hour ago. Constantly asks me to log in.

Guest       232 days ago     #
E mail

Guest       249 days ago     #
Email - not available since 16 September. Has there been a general attack on the servers?

JAMES SHAW       280 days ago     #
07:30 Sat 21/8/2021
We're sorry this isn't the page you wanted.
It's something at our end, and we?re working as fast as we can to fix it.
If you try again later everything will be sorted. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Guest       330 days ago     #

Guest       330 days ago     #

Guest       330 days ago     #

Guest       455 days ago     #