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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

peter       3 hours ago     #
maybe they have gone bust

Guest       4 hours ago     #

Wilie Murray       11 hours ago     #
Can not use my your plan account to purchase items,when going to the checkout that option is missing...was on the phone to your plan for 40mins this morning and they said I wasn't the only one with this problem,transfered over to currys and past around from department to department only for someone to hang up...not happy

Andrew       15 hours ago     #
Filters haven't worked for a while now in Chrome or Edge on laptop. Works fine on phone

Guest       1 day ago     #
Can’t take out credit (through Creation) as an existing customer. Say they’re working to fix the problem

Guest       1 day ago     #

Guest       3 days ago     #

Guest       3 days ago     #
General Outage

Guest       7 days ago     #
checkout not working

julie       8 days ago     #
cant process order, tried several times throughout the day

Juliet       8 days ago     #
can't process order, javascript full of 404 errors

Guest       9 days ago     #
Won’t process order

Guest       11 days ago     #
We can't process this order.

Michael       12 days ago     #
Just not functioning. I cant even sign in. I honestly have never come across a website with so many issues :-(

Rebooka       12 days ago     #
Can't log in

Frank       12 days ago     #
Repeated attempts to log in. Changed password (third time), new password acknowledged. Still can't log in.

Guest       13 days ago     #
curry on line ordering

Guest       15 days ago     #
Can't process order

PaulJ       16 days ago     #
I just get this message:

The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Your support ID is: 1994886957693828471

I haven't been able to access the site for many months now.

Enid Sutton       17 days ago     #
This is so frustrating. I went into Curry's store at Silverlink, North Shields to purchase a Chromebook, but the staff member who served me was unable to order the item due to the system being down. I tried myself in the evening to place my order, but it was yet again down.

Guest       17 days ago     #
payment processing

Auri       17 days ago     #
Flex Credit down

Peter Craig       17 days ago     #
for a few days now the website has been flaky giving me an alert "The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator". Now the App is also down demanding an update which is not available on either app store I use

Mike       18 days ago     #
cannot seem to log in today....anyone any ideas

Kirsty       19 days ago     #
Can’t process order since yesterday

Guest       21 days ago     #
link to payment system timing out

HK       23 days ago     #
Can’t process order…

Guest       23 days ago     #
Does not allow to input delivery address

Guest       24 days ago     #
No checkout showing

Guest       25 days ago     #
Won't process my order

Guest       25 days ago     #
Not processing order despite it being in stock and plenty of delivery dates

Guest       25 days ago     #
When I choose flexible credit to make a purchase it just keep buffering

guest       25 days ago     #
same issue - flex credit just keeps spinning

Nicole       26 days ago     #
It’s not giving me the option to use my credit at checkout even though both items I picked were applicable and met the I minimum cost requirement. Done this before and it’s very frustrating!

Jason       26 days ago     #
Just gone to buy a 65inch lg oled tv fo r £1899.get to payment to pay by card at it just keeps saying "We can't process this order." O well you loss..

Guest       28 days ago     #

Tony       29 days ago     #
Cant make payment to Your plan (2 Days)

Peter       29 days ago     #
Basket doesn't work / load

Guest       29 days ago     #
Cheatout through Finance

Chris       31 days ago     #
We cannot process your order

O       31 days ago     #
Website won't allow me to process order, won't go past 'input email' stage and also won't let me create an account

Anne Grie       31 days ago     #
Very frustrating, tried to order a phone site did not confirm money taken or not, spent hours between my bank and currys trying to resolve the issue.

Guest       32 days ago     #
Basket Checkout

Guest       32 days ago     #
Cant process order

Guest       34 days ago     #
The website won't open

unhappy       34 days ago     #
Cant pay by card online.

Guest       34 days ago     #
Doesn’t let us deliver item anywhere

guest       35 days ago     #
my plan

Stu       36 days ago     #
Payment refused - repeatedly with many different valid cards

Guest       37 days ago     #
When you try and order you can never get to the payment page and there is no option live chat

Guest       39 days ago     #
Will not accept card payment??

Guest       39 days ago     #
will not accept card payment

Guest       40 days ago     #
Payment and Processing Orders

Guest       40 days ago     #
Can’t use the my plan payment - says unavailable - same for 3 days?

Patricia       41 days ago     #
Is your website down today i can't access you Web page???

Aidy       42 days ago     #
We can't process your order

Emma       42 days ago     #
Getting the "We can't process your order" message, every time I try to select payment method.

Alex       42 days ago     #
I cannot register a new account. Keeps saying internal error

David       43 days ago     #
I'm also getting the "We can't process your order" message, every time I try to select payment method.

Guest       44 days ago     #

Guest       44 days ago     #
Processing purchase

Guest       45 days ago     #
Check out

Mary Booth       45 days ago     #
Curry’s is hopeless ordered fridge freezer coming today. Can’t get through. Spent 2 hours so far on phone and web. Problem is I ordered recycling and installation but receipt says door reversal.

Guest       45 days ago     #
Can’t get web chat. Can’t get through on phone. Web site takes me in circles 2 hours so far

Guest       45 days ago     #
Purchasing any products

Guest       47 days ago     #
Sorry, due a systems error we couldn't process payment. Please try again or pay a different way.

Guest       48 days ago     #
I cannot checkout? page gets stuck?

Guest       49 days ago     #
Problems with checking out

Guest       53 days ago     #
Can't register account keeps saying internal error

Guest       53 days ago     #
my orders cannot be processed

Guest       53 days ago     #

Guest       57 days ago     #
Cannot purchase on credit plan. Won’t let you save details

Gavin       57 days ago     #
Can’t get past step 3 to pay for my item

Niome       61 days ago     #
Keeps saying because I have a yourplan account already they can not process my order at this time been trying for 3 days now nothing wrong with my finance as I have rang them. Anyone onow what's going on

Registered User       64 days ago     #
Unable to progress past step 3 Your details. Tried 3 different web browsers. All do the same.

Denise       65 days ago     #
Have been trying to place an order today have tried 6 "times but it keeps saying sorry due to system error cant process the payment and to re try or pay another way. Live chat said they have a security update patch on their payment system and to try again after two hours. An advisor on Facebook messenger isn't aware of a problem and told me to keep trying

Guest       66 days ago     #
Unable to come order

Guest       74 days ago     #

Guest       75 days ago     #
cannot get into website just says request reject ccnsult adinistrator

Nena       75 days ago     #
cannot log into currys site just comes up with contact administrator but can get into currys business

Pauline       75 days ago     #
Can't process my order says system issue

guest       75 days ago     #
Can't make a purchase and wasn't able to log in to account.

Guest       77 days ago     #
Unable to process order. Tried on browser and app

Guest       77 days ago     #
payment wont process due to a system error

potential customer       77 days ago     #
have been trying to order online for the last 2 weeks but fails every time saying unable to take payment at this time

Guest       80 days ago     #
Won’t accept card payment

Kirsty       81 days ago     #
Spoke to a Currys live chat assistant at 15:30 yesterday who told me that they are having the same problem instore and it would be fixed in 1 hour. Have been trying through the night and this morning....problem not fixed!

Lorraine       82 days ago     #
Can not even get the URL page up to do anything. And the admin links ⬆️above⬆️also don't work.

Guest       85 days ago     #
Your IT down at capitol way

Unhappy customer       85 days ago     #
For 3 days I have been trying to order a new fridge freezer to replace the now second faulty fridge freezer from Currys. I've tried 2 different mobile phones and 2 tablets, and every time it's the same frozen screen when I try to place the item in my basket. I can not go any further than a frozen screen. Every time! I've wasted enough money on ruined food due to the fridge part freezing ALLLLL of our food. Such a waste and if money and now I'm wasting my precious spare time. The second engineer that came to my house for the second logic fridge freezer we bought, told us it's a manufacturing problem with this model as they've had previous complaints. He advised we do not by anything made by Logic, and to best avoide Currys full stop. The customer service isn't great, having spent more wasted time trying to talk to someone. This went on for days and we finally managed to speak to someone when our call was finally answered. I'm an NHS nurse and appreciate the difficult times of late. But enough with poor customer care and service. We will not be coming back to currys once we have our current broken fridge freezer is replaced.

dgh       86 days ago     #
I have been trying to make a purchase for 3 days finally got to payment stage that was it not able to make the payment.

Guest       86 days ago     #
processing order

deb       86 days ago     #
Cant process order. tried since 6pm

Amy       86 days ago     #
Can’t progress to part 4 so am unable to purchase my item

daz       86 days ago     #
cant process order so how are we able to buy off the web site

Philm       86 days ago     #
cannot process order,cannot login.

Anon       88 days ago     #
Been trying, since yesterday, to order fridge freezer. It won’t process car or PayPal order but, strangely, will allow for payment plan option in which you end up paying £100 more. Time to go back in store and wait around for an assistant for an hour lol

Jacquie       88 days ago     #
I have just wasted 5 hours trying to place an order. Can't get to checkout without website giving 'system error'

Guest       88 days ago     #
Unable to process order

Guest       91 days ago     #
Website says request rejected

Guest       91 days ago     #
Says cannot process order

Guest       93 days ago     #
Unable to pay online as it won't process payment

A       93 days ago     #
Cant process order appearing on screen...WTF?

Sohaib       94 days ago     #

E       97 days ago     #
Site not reachable

Guest       97 days ago     #
Card payment option

Guest       100 days ago     #
Unable to login to account even with several password reset. Won’t let me set up an new account as email already registered.
Also “cannot process this order” when doing it as a guest

Phil       104 days ago     #
Can't checkout. Can't move to stage 4, no response when press continue. May have to do it the old way and go to store, speak to a human and don't leave until I get what I need. The future is online apparently ????

John       106 days ago     #
Trying to pay says "Can't process this order"

jim       106 days ago     #
Can't access Curry's website. Get message "The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator."

Guest       107 days ago     #
Can not process payment

Guest       110 days ago     #
I can’t make a payment for the television I’ve ordered. Can’t open no.4 on the screen which is for p

Craig       112 days ago     #
Can't access Curry's website. Get message "The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator."

Sherri       112 days ago     #
No option to pay with credit, even though I've logged into my plan

John       113 days ago     #
I managed to place an order. Got an email confirmation of order. And then, I can not sign into the account. Is this what others have experienced today?

Carl Irving       113 days ago     #
Won’t let me login

Annoyed       114 days ago     #
Can't process payments

Justin       114 days ago     #
Can't access Curry's website. Get message "The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator."

Guest       116 days ago     #
getting cant process your order at checkout

George       118 days ago     #
Not processing order zzzzzzz

Lisa       118 days ago     #
We cannot process this order ????

Guest       118 days ago     #
Prices £9999

TP       119 days ago     #
can't process order

Alan       121 days ago     #
We can't process this order.

Erin       123 days ago     #
Says can't process order...

Myname       123 days ago     #
Can't checkout

erin       124 days ago     #
cannot checkout

Guest       125 days ago     #
Can’t checkout

Guest       125 days ago     #
not processing orders

Guest       126 days ago     #
Won't let me process a payment.

js       132 days ago     #
crap website, even worse customer service. "We can't process this order." unless you remove all gift codes from checkout.

spesh       132 days ago     #
We can't process this order.

JC       138 days ago     #
Can’t process this order

Guest       138 days ago     #
paying by card on website

Guest       138 days ago     #
can't process this order

Guest       145 days ago     #
payment: We can't process this order.

guest       146 days ago     #
login errors

Guest       147 days ago     #
Cannot process my order.

Guest       148 days ago     #
'we can't process this order'

Guest       149 days ago     #
Check Out / Payment

Guest       151 days ago     #
Can't checkout

Wood       153 days ago     #
Have been reading comments from months ago with the same issue will not proceed to payment just how useless can Currys be

Guest       153 days ago     #
Log in issues

Guest       156 days ago     #
No email confirmation of order

Les       157 days ago     #
Checkout and registration 'internal error' x10
I am not surprised that stores such as Currus are closing ...... can't buy anything in them .... and even open an account ..... massive failure ....very bad website management in these times especially

Guest       158 days ago     #

Shane       162 days ago     #
I still can’t log into my account change my password loads times still can log in wen will this be sorted out ? Been like this for 3 days or more I want new tv ect

Ivan       163 days ago     #
cannot make/ select payment option

R       164 days ago     #
I can not do the payment.

Guest       168 days ago     #
Checkout payment process

Guest       169 days ago     #
cant process payment

Not known       171 days ago     #

Tony       174 days ago     #
Keeps on reporting "We can't process this order" before taking me to the page for payment. I'm not going to pay for something if they say they can't process it do abandoned it - Tried swapping other similar products in and get same issue - Going to to buy

Mark       175 days ago     #
payment not processing

Guest       180 days ago     #
Payment not procsessing

Guest       183 days ago     #
The basket won't load

Guest       185 days ago     #
Ok so I've tried all the links pinned by admin.
Sorry none of those links are any different and do not work either, they all get stuck in the same "Doom loop" preventing progression to payment section.
Even installed the app on my phone, does the same as above and does not work either...

Guest       185 days ago     #
Can not sign in to my ac, tried password reset numerous times. I used the email link to change it, then tried to sign in and it doesn't work. Just tells me I don't have an account or my password is incorrect.
Unable to create a new account that just comes back with an INTERNAL ERROR CODE!!!.
Tried to make an online purchase as a guest on 4 different devices but each time the checkout process gets stuck in a "doom loop" and won't progress to payment.
Reached out to the web chat but Currys blamed the payment handling service saying it was probably peak time and to busy.
Not impressed at all, spent two days trying to make a purchase.
Complete waste of time...

Guest       186 days ago     #
Can't process with payment

Guest       189 days ago     #
The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

annoyed       189 days ago     #
fix your online payments and dont charge me 73p for each time I try to pay

Guest       190 days ago     #
Card Payment

Kelly       191 days ago     #
Cannot proceed to checkout

Karen Allen       192 days ago     #
Cannot sign into account, says I don’t have account, I have paid for coffee machine, want to check status

J       199 days ago     #
for fuck sake, I have tried to pay for a device that I need for 3 days!!! It won't work. Currys, fix your service!!

hotel       199 days ago     #
fucking useless currys website

ES       201 days ago     #
can't process order

Guest       202 days ago     #
Cant process my order

M       204 days ago     #
Went to order and when I hit pay by card it flagged "We can't process this order."

James Dobson       204 days ago     #
Trying to pay to buy a washing machine, it comes up with we can't process this order in a pink box

Nafisa       206 days ago     #
I has a similar problem to many: Entered all details, went to to pay and it just froze. The continue to pay button wouldn't work. I created a new currys account and went to checkout and it worked, problem resolved.

Guest       206 days ago     #
Cant proceed to checkout on website

Guest       206 days ago     #
Can’t get to payment

Guest       210 days ago     #
Checkout will work if you do not create account, issues seems to be with account creation API.

Guest       210 days ago     #
Cant checkout

iain wheatley houghton       210 days ago     #
cant get to payment page

Guest       210 days ago     #
can't process order. "We can't process your order" msg pops up upon trying to pay

Guest       211 days ago     #
Entered all details go to continue to payment and just freezes!

Guest       212 days ago     #
The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Marcella       212 days ago     #
Everytime I try to place my order it states can’t process order. It’s so frustrating as I really need to buy my item.

Cell       212 days ago     #
HELP: We can't process this order. On another computer cant even checkout. Item keeps disappearing from basket.

Del       212 days ago     #
Cannot get to the payment screen so can't actually buy anything. Odd way to run a business.

Omar       213 days ago     #
We can't process this order. On another computer cant even checkout. Item keeps disappearing from basket.

Sandra       213 days ago     #
Trying to place an order for the last 4 days. The continue to payment button won't work.

Stressed Guest       216 days ago     #
Takes all way to checkout but at the last stage after added payment / gift cards etc

Adam       217 days ago     #
No automated email for order confirmation sent been about 5 hours since order placed. On account it shows order been placed., what's going on. Any also one have this problem?

Guest       218 days ago     #
I've been trying to pay at checkout for 3 hrs a fridge freezer

Pauline       218 days ago     #
we cannot process your order

Guest       220 days ago     #
cannot pay by credit card says need a pin reader

Mrs Bevan       221 days ago     #
I’ve been trying for the last three days to make a purchase. I get as far as payment but it won’t process. It keeps saying due to a system error.
Looks like I’ll have to shop elsewhere..

Viktor       221 days ago     #
The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Your support ID is: 2771967056895209943
Your support ID is: 16531433778554394802
Your support ID is: 1249086060259758451
Your support ID is: 9529701871527855749
Your support ID is: 1249086060259778259
Your support ID is: 16531433778554443634

Guest       222 days ago     #
'We cannot process this order'

jb       222 days ago     #
orders can't be processed.....

Frances       223 days ago     #
Get all the way to end of the transaction and it just says We can't process your order

Guest       224 days ago     #
Can't process order at payment stage

Guest       226 days ago     #
Payments broken

Guest       227 days ago     #

Guest       227 days ago     #
Cant order

emma       228 days ago     #
unable to purchase, says cannot complete order

CyberSyd       229 days ago     #
Unable to login, says password not correct but then shows my name as if I am logged in but non of the functions work, believe its related to the previous cyber issues - keen to get my data out of there. don't trust the site or the company with my data..

Guest       230 days ago     #
Unable to complete delivery/payment options

guest       231 days ago     #
unable to process order

Guest       231 days ago     #
online payment system

Guest       231 days ago     #
won't take payment

Guest       231 days ago     #

Guest       231 days ago     #
We can't process this order

Guest       233 days ago     #
we can't process this order

Guest       235 days ago     #
Payment screen error

Guest       235 days ago     #
Payment screen systems error

Guest       238 days ago     #

Me       238 days ago     #
Unable to checkout

Guest       246 days ago     #
Unable to check out

Guest       253 days ago     #
Checkout and registration 'internal error'

Guest       258 days ago     #
cant check out

Goldie       263 days ago     #
The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.
Your support ID is: 2771967053649300945
Your support ID is: 2771967053649426609
Your support ID is: 2771967052155862486
Your support ID is: 2771967052155869334
Your support ID is: 16219941944414228916
Your support ID is: 2771967053651407639
Your support ID is: 16219941944414244500
Your support ID is: 16219941944414251092
Joke ?

John       270 days ago     #
Well they have lost my business, I tried for ages then went to John Lewis

Guest       293 days ago     #
can't process this order
That's all it says. Nothing about how or why.

Guest       293 days ago     #
I usually use Chrome, and Currys website hasn't been working properly for me for the last 2 days, using two different devices. I switched to Internet Explorer today, and even though it was slow and I had to constantly refresh, I eventually managed to place an order. Fingers crossed I actually get the item delivered!

debie geen       321 days ago     #
2 days ago I tried to make a urchase got to the payment screen, but then went back to my basket, so I thought I'd better check my bank, of course they've taken my money but no order, I'm so upset I've saved for this for my little boys birthday and now he's not going to have his present, supposed to be getting back to me heard nothing for days appaling

Guest       326 days ago     #

Guest       327 days ago     #
checking out

John       327 days ago     #
No response no ability to contact customer service

Lorna       329 days ago     #
Trying to pay for my order on website by card, you say you can’t process a card payment do I just keep clicking on Card

Guest       329 days ago     #
We can't process this order

Jackie       329 days ago     #
Cannot check out my basket and pay, also cannot arrange a click and collect option.

Guest       329 days ago     #
Cannot check out items in my basket and arrange collection from shop.

Guest       329 days ago     #
Won't let me pay and check out

Ian Bird       329 days ago     #
Website not working!!

guest       329 days ago     #
won't let me check out

Guest       329 days ago     #
error at check out won't let me complete

Guest       332 days ago     #
Can’t make payment

guest       332 days ago     #
website , almost as bad as their experts , not working no contact on phone

Chris       337 days ago     #
We can't process this order.

Sharon Drainer       337 days ago     #
Still can't process order

Sharon Drainer       337 days ago     #
Can't make a payment

Guest       346 days ago     #
The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Your support ID is: 11395632453630604626

Rob.       351 days ago     #
Currys website is down.

Sabina       351 days ago     #
can't access currys website

Guest       357 days ago     #
The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Your support ID is: 7434843323523042

Gaz       357 days ago     #
Its down again....

The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

Your support ID is: 7494878515169054

jokers, why aren't the engineers on call???

Guest       359 days ago     #

BEN       372 days ago     #
Hey, there folks at currys! Why not post a message on twitter or somewhere with ETA when website will be back up and running? Too bad

MikeM       372 days ago     #
website is not accessible, just keeps loading and never finishing loading

Marty       604 days ago     # website is not working for me. I have tried multiple times, still not working. Multiple browsers even. Will change the service I am paying for very soon, and hope to eventually be able to buy a coffee that has cinnamon in it again. Sorry Curry', this is quite baffling. When you search for my place, you get an error message. I have all my shirts in a sealed bag. But the clerk says they are now sold out and cannot be resold. How can I get a refund from them? Does anyone have a solution? Because I don't know what to do. Any help and advice from you would be very much appreciated by me. Thank you in advance!