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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       12 hours ago     #
Can’t read online comments

Guest       17 hours ago     #

Guest       8 days ago     #

Guest       15 days ago     #
General Outage

Guest       15 days ago     #

Alice       43 days ago     #
Cannot get access to Express articles comments

Guest       46 days ago     #
Comments page won’t open

SCross       46 days ago     #
Absolutely useless

Guest       48 days ago     #
Comments cannot be read again

Guest       67 days ago     #
Comments not showing

Guest       67 days ago     #

Guest       68 days ago     #
Comments page won’t open

Guest       68 days ago     #
Comments not being shown

Guest       69 days ago     #
Comments won’t load

Guest       69 days ago     #
Comments won’t open

Michele       82 days ago     #
Don't bother reading Express any more, as I can't read the comments, and can't comment. Such WOKE nonsense is usually written, and no difference of opinion is allowed. Well, only WOKE readers should bother.       91 days ago     # Cant lode comments?

Brian Nevill       104 days ago     #
Looking to read some of the 67 comments, however scroll down and there is nothing, just space. What is the point of this.

Guest       105 days ago     #
Page scrolling isn't working and videos dont play

Jane Fraser       108 days ago     #
Comments not coming up

Guest       109 days ago     #
No comments

Franklin       139 days ago     #
Not functioning

Guest       139 days ago     #

Guest2       158 days ago     #
What a waste of time this so called 'newspaper' is, comments not available, or you can go to one of the websites given by the admin above, read one set of comments then click onto another report and same old same - no comments.
Well DE it looks like you have finally succeeded with your censorship of the readers, after all you censor the reader for words like gypsy, LOL etc etc so why not go the whole hog and shut down the website.

Silver Fox       171 days ago     #
Seems the idiots and tea-ladies employed to run the DE cannot figure out how to run an onlne newspaper.
However the problem is browser related.
IE and FF both fall over.
Chrome works, just, so it is a lack of ability at the DE Tech Dept rather than an issue with the readers.

Fred Washbourne       171 days ago     #
No comments and videos not working. Have used all the links provide below by Admin. Still no comments or videos working.

Fred Washbourne       171 days ago     #
videos not working?

Guest       171 days ago     #
None of the links quoted on the Admin post work. Comments STILL not available. Get a grip DM !

Guest       171 days ago     #
No comments can be seen on line, why ? The DE have not explained for weeks, perhaps they don't care. Alienate your readers at your peril.

Tinkerbell       172 days ago     #
Comments section not showing when on computer

Guest       178 days ago     #
Comments section not showing

Guest       180 days ago     #
Why are no readers' comments showing after stories any more, and why no chance to comment? What's go

Guest       187 days ago     #
no comments section

Guest       190 days ago     #
No comments section for weeks now. Sort it out for goodness sakes!

G Murphy       191 days ago     #
cant see comments...

K. Bowman       193 days ago     #
Why are there no comments after Daily Express news items?

john naylor       194 days ago     #
No access to readers comments

Guest       196 days ago     #
readers comments

Guest       198 days ago     #
unable to load readers comments.

Guest       199 days ago     #
comments not loading

Guest       201 days ago     #
comments section is and has not been working properly for ages now - unable to even view it today

Robin D       202 days ago     #
Unable to view or enter readers comment in Daily Express. It stopped working some weeks ago....What's happened?

Guest       202 days ago     #
Unable to view or enter readers comments on news stories....

Guest       202 days ago     #
Cannot play videos included in news stories. Using firefox browser which has always been ok in the p

Guest       202 days ago     #
no pictures

Mrs B. Roberts       209 days ago     #
No comments being shown for weeks now on daily express site only. Other comments sites on other newspapers working fine. I've reported this fault several times. I have always used adblocker with no interference or problem up to recently. Very annoying. Not just me affected.

Dave Parker       216 days ago     #
Very unstable. Using iPad, I often have to reinstall. Often can’t get England version, and have to read the Scottish,

Guest       218 days ago     #
can't see readers comments on articles

Dave D.       222 days ago     #
Same as you John comments ok on phone but missing on pc been like this for last 2 days.

John       222 days ago     #
Comments appear on phone but not my computer. Seems I am not the only one

Guest       222 days ago     #
Can’t see comments

bobo       225 days ago     #
comments seem to work on my tablet but not on pc

Guest       229 days ago     #
Tried all those links below and none have rectified seeing the comments column and none of the story videos are working either!

Janet White       229 days ago     #
Can't see any comments column for quite a few days now!

Guest       230 days ago     #
comment section on all stories has not worked for over 24 hrs please look and find out why please

Guest       231 days ago     #
Daily express comments not working

John       261 days ago     #
App has not updated any articles for 2 days, and website send you straight to the not working app!

Ian       263 days ago     #
Have the decency to explain to those who use your app, that you've decided to intentionally stop the news feed.

Guest       326 days ago     #

Martinus       691 days ago     # website is not working for me on Windows. It doesn't provide me with the UPLOAD button. There is a 5 second delay in the subliminal recording. It's worth a try! There's no longer any control over which parts are off or on. When I first submitted this issue, I made sure that all the formats I used included the full URL (not just the basic version), and was just trying to link to the page and not in the field. It seems this is not enough to get the link and it doesn't work for me. Is it something in the URL, or something else? I would need an installer for WMP that supports the full URL. Can somebody help me to fix this issue?