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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on hobbycraft.co.uk. In this case, use the links below:

http://hobbycraft.co.uk    https://hobbycraft.co.uk    http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk    https://www.hobbycraft.co.uk

Your name       1 day ago     #
I've just go onto Edge and was able to place my order. I was using Chrome before. Try another browser if checkout and basket aren't working

Your name       1 day ago     #
can't pay for items online. Pay by card is just an image and the PayPal button goes to a blank page. Page refreshes to say there was an issue with my payment method.

Guest       1 day ago     #

Guest       2 days ago     #

Guest       6 days ago     #

Jess       6 days ago     #
didn't let me pay for my stuff, now wont let me add anything to my basket at all.

Guest       10 days ago     #

Guest       13 days ago     #
General Outage

Guest       30 days ago     #

Ron       30 days ago     #
Unable to place any vouchers in basket. No error shown. Seems to complete ok but basket remains empty.

Guest       32 days ago     #
Won't transfer purchases to basket

Guest       33 days ago     #
Checkout not working and items can't be added to basket from the item's page

Guest       33 days ago     #
Cannot pay / checkout items in my basket

Guest       36 days ago     #
Won't accept any form of payment

Kathleen Diane harley       41 days ago     #
Hi I am waiting for a childs easel from Hobbycraft in Stockton. I ordered it on the 26/11/21. the receipt number is 2100475293. I t cost £25 .00. I have been promised delivery. I live at 45, Baldwin lane, Darlington DL11QA. I am on 01325.260445
Mrs K D Harley

Guest       43 days ago     #
Website not loading at all

Daniel       47 days ago     #
Can'd add items to basket using Chrome - tried on both a Windows10 Laptop and a Macbook
Works under Safari

Lois       48 days ago     #
Can't proceed to payment, can't add items to basket this is only possible from the search page not an items own page. Autofill on search not working either.

Elena       49 days ago     #
The shopping basket is not working during online shopping.

HFJ       53 days ago     #
can't proceed to payment

Frustrated       53 days ago     #
Unable to checkout

anon       65 days ago     #
cannot pay for online order

Geraldine       66 days ago     #
Can't proceed to checkout

Guest       67 days ago     #
Cannot pay for my order online. PayPal or card.

Guest       77 days ago     #
cant proceed to pay by card

GuestR       86 days ago     #
Been trying to login to purchase some items but when I try with saved passwords I get the error "Sorry, we do not know that login." Tried forgotten password request and none sent so presume this is an error on Hobbycrafts server.

Guest       91 days ago     #
Ordering procedure is stuck.

Guest       99 days ago     #

Guest       112 days ago     #
payment by card

jdev       113 days ago     #
PayPal window doesn't load. Trying to pay by card I get this error:
Uncaught ReferenceError: ga is not defined
at Object.isGoogleAnalyticsAvailable
at Object.trackPayButtonClick
at Object.checkoutTracking
at HTMLInputElement.onclick (basket?pperror=true:4475)
at Object.trigger

Diana       123 days ago     #
Unable to put items into basket

ross       143 days ago     #

Guest       152 days ago     #
Placed an order but not going through

Sally       168 days ago     #
Can't get from basket to checkout. The basket pops up along the side but when I try and checkout it glitches and scrolls up to top of basket

Guest       168 days ago     #
check out

KC       182 days ago     #
Still unable to pay, I have tried all the links and all are the same. I’ve tried in various browsers. When will this be sorted out?

KC       182 days ago     #
When are they going to sort this out!!!

Bob       182 days ago     #
Website, basket kept emptying, unable to pay or complete order. It's been like it all day. Keep it up Hobbycraft....if you want to loose business.

jo       191 days ago     #
taken me hours to shop online and twice my basket emptied itself, you just lost a £200 order as never shopping on there again. a whole day wasted, not happy

Simon D       218 days ago     #
Unable to pay at checkout

Lilacwonderdog.       225 days ago     #
Won't let me click on any payment method.

kai       228 days ago     #
nevermind, worked in edge for whatever reason :/

kai       228 days ago     #
cant add any items to basket

Guest       229 days ago     #
not able to place online order

Maggie       235 days ago     #
Although I have signed in to the website , it is not possible to add more than one article to the basket AGAIN!! So frustrating

Ms.T       251 days ago     #
Success! Tried Edge this time and it worked straight away. Order placed. Happiness.

Ms.T       251 days ago     #
Been trying to check out for days but no luck. Tried to register and failed. Nothing will add to basket. Using Firefox, but its the same on Opera. Will try downloading Chrome (sigh!) but really can't understand why this website alone has so many problems with my usual browsers.

Ros       264 days ago     #
This does not sort problem
Been unable to check out for last 10 days
Will have to order from elsewhere

Ros       264 days ago     #
cant check out basket

S Lawrence       266 days ago     #
I called Hobbycraftand got the solution. If you can't pay or the contact form's not available, it's probably your browser. You can either clear your cache data or change browser - Chrome worked for me.

S Lawrence       267 days ago     #
Can't pay by any method for the last 3 days and contact form doesn't load.

Annoyed       269 days ago     #
Website does not let you check out. Seems silly to have a website that doesn’t function. I would have thought that the primary reason for having this site was to let customers buy their crafts supplies. I guess they don’t want my money.

Liz BeeVee       274 days ago     #
Stock outages eg all types cellophane and instore missing lines staff blame awaiting reorders ! Lots of sale signs too

Guest       278 days ago     #
"We need to know the card holders name" even though my name is already in there on the payment screen!

MB       280 days ago     #
2nd day not been able to pay for items in basket.
Sorry, there was a problem with your payment please try again.

Flossie       283 days ago     #
I had the same thing in march and I had a voucher but I bought from another site.

Guest       284 days ago     #
won't let me pay for what's in my basket

Paula       284 days ago     #
Will not let me pay for items in my basket been trying for 2 days now, and cannot get through on phone the number just clicks off no one answering or no message either very frustrating

Sisi       286 days ago     #
Not able to make a payment

Guest       288 days ago     #
Cannot make payments

Guest       295 days ago     #
Won't let me pay for what's in my basket

RL       295 days ago     #
not accepting payment of any type

L C       296 days ago     #
Same issue as others are having - cannot make payment.

Mo       296 days ago     #
items in basket but will not let me pay for them!!!!!!!!!

Suz       298 days ago     #
not accepting payment. Tried again using first of suggested links from Admin. Still nothing happening when I click on any of the three options given.

Guest       298 days ago     #
taking payment once basket ready

Gav       304 days ago     #
Unable to complete check out

Ibrahim       312 days ago     #
Can't pay

Rodneysgirl       314 days ago     #
Keeps asking for my card name - already entered with a green tick next to it!

Guest       315 days ago     #
Also unable to pay, not possible to proceed to checkout

Guest       315 days ago     #
Not able to make a payment

Maggie       316 days ago     #
same issue as others are having, I can login but not able to make a payment

Liz       316 days ago     #
Sign in OK but unable to pay .

Guest       316 days ago     #
can't check out

Jane       320 days ago     #
Website will allow me to sign in but nothing else

Guest       326 days ago     #

Elaine       331 days ago     #
Tried all the links - same problem. Can't pay for goods in basket

Barbara Kelley       332 days ago     #
Won’t let me pay for goods in my basket.

Guest       342 days ago     #
cant check out