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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       36 mins ago     #

Guest       3 hours ago     #
Wont let me pay

AMANDA       5 hours ago     #
Wont bring up delivery dates

Guest       5 hours ago     #

Guest       12 hours ago     #
General Outage

Guest       15 hours ago     #

Guest       15 hours ago     #
Can't give payment

Guest       2 days ago     #
not processing payments, tried multiple cards.

A Dolan       5 days ago     #
I received an email with a voucher for £8 off when you spend £40. To spend today
Went to use the app today but is says my email isn’t recognised ???? even though they sent me the voucher. Took it to store and they honoured the voucher and said they had not received any online orders over night. Which is unheard of apparently.
Definitely a problem somewhere

Sue       6 days ago     #
Iceland won’t let me sign in

Kat       7 days ago     #
Tried those

Kat       7 days ago     #
Won’t take payment anyone know when he sorted?

linda       8 days ago     #
Cant pay with paypal. Cant get through to head office. all they say is U are in a long queue. terrible customer service

LOL       8 days ago     #
Website is still not working.

Guest       9 days ago     #
payment not working

Guest1       10 days ago     #
Payment not working

Ian Sandeman       11 days ago     #
Payment not working

Andy       12 days ago     #
Access denied message for all the URL's quoted by Admin

Guest       14 days ago     #
Payments, tried many different methods all declined but money is there

Emma       18 days ago     #
I'm trying to login but I only get an access denied comment

Laura       23 days ago     #
I can't login at all I've changed my password 3 times and it still keeps saying there is something wrong

Hayley Sinclair       23 days ago     #
Try to pay by my bank card . wouldn't let me saying there is a something wrong with my details or was insufficient funds,which there wasn't. Managed then to pay via PayPal . Please can you let me know that nothing will go out my bank account from trying to order via bank account.

Mrs Angry       25 days ago     #
Can't process order even though I have enough money in the bank to pay!!

Ryan       26 days ago     #
Can't make a payment same as other people with same message

N       27 days ago     #
There was a problem with your payment which means your order has NOT been completed. Please check your card details and ensure you have the full funds available in your account...driving me crazy

Nicola       27 days ago     #
Trying from last night to pay for my stuff it will not take payment

Guest       27 days ago     #
Says they don’t deliver to my area yet I order every month

Guest       28 days ago     #
Won't take payment

MANDY       28 days ago     #

Karen       28 days ago     #
Everything you search for it can't find even chicken pizza chocolate

Jb       31 days ago     #
Website issues won’t log in.

Guest       32 days ago     #
Worn take payment

Guest       33 days ago     #
Won't take payment

Sally       34 days ago     #
For the past week every time I go to checkout it tells me that an item is either wrongly priced or unavailable. Does not tell me what it is? Tried removing items but still there! Really frustrating.

T       37 days ago     #
Unable to amend order

Guest       38 days ago     #

Lisa pavitt       41 days ago     #
Not taking payment

Guest       43 days ago     #
Payment issue

Alan Mitcham       43 days ago     #
Not processing payments

Guest       44 days ago     #
Post Code delivery check

J Rose       44 days ago     #
Saying they do not deliver to my address, never had any issues before with a delivery.

Sambam       44 days ago     #
Seems like I'm having the same problem as everyone else , says they dont deliver to my postcode , hopefully this is resolved soon , I need my mini fish fillets ????????

Guest       44 days ago     #
Delivery saying they don't deliver to my address when they have lots of times

Caren       45 days ago     #
Your links pinned from Admin give the same problem's don't deliver etc...

Sj       45 days ago     #
Cant deliver to my area apparently, I order monthly! what an earth is going on? I wanted to place an order b4 midnight to get next day delivery. Not going to happen now is it!

Chukwu Jatta       45 days ago     #
keep saying do not deliver to my area, been delivering for years, whats up???

Caren wells       45 days ago     #
Not able to book delivery slot or look on site. Keeps saying they don't deliver to my address check and change my postcode? Not even able to browse the site?

Kenneth Baker       45 days ago     #
You links are not working either

mr walker       45 days ago     #
keep saying do not deliver to my area, been delivering for the last 15 plus years, whats up???

Kenneth Baker       45 days ago     #
Keeps saying they can't deliver to my area iv been with them years

Sharon       45 days ago     #
Keeps saying they can't deliver to my area iv been with them years

Guest       45 days ago     #
home delivery not working

Guest       45 days ago     #
will not accept home deliveries

guest       45 days ago     #
Keeps telling me they dont deliver to my area, and I have had an account for over a year.

Guest       52 days ago     #
Is the site back up now?

Guest       52 days ago     #
Can't place order

Guest       52 days ago     #
Anybody having problems trying to update an order

Guest       56 days ago     #
Won't accept card details

Guest       57 days ago     #
wont accept my visa debit- funds in account

Daniel       58 days ago     #
Ok so, this is now easy to sort, I have just done it and my order went through fine, 1. Go to checkout securely, 2 select the PayPal option, pay with your visa/MasterCard through PayPal and it will place your order.

Guest1       58 days ago     #
can not process my order. Error IF10002 keeps appearing. soooooo annoying..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel       58 days ago     # not working offers error code IF10002

Margaret murphy       58 days ago     #
Can not pay for my groceries I have order them on line but can not pay for them has page will not pop up

Joanne Emsley       58 days ago     #
Tried the links they don’t resolve it - first time this has happened to me

Joanne Emsley       58 days ago     #
Checkout page is locked and won’t load

S wells       58 days ago     #
Been trying to check out and pay since yesterday and still not working

Maria       58 days ago     #
Can't check out been trying since yesterday

Guest       58 days ago     #
Can't check out. Been trying since last night. Payment page won't load

Guest       58 days ago     #
Can’t checkout... I have booked delivery completed shopping but can’t pay for my order ????

Guest       58 days ago     #
Pay for shopping is not loading

Guest       59 days ago     #
Been trying half the day to pay for my shopping and the page is freezing and will not let me checkout.At least notify your customers if there is a problem.

Laura       59 days ago     #
Been trying all day to checkout page won’t load on payment stage

Guest       59 days ago     #
Can’t checkout

Eileen       59 days ago     #
Cannot get to payment page to pay for my order so I’ve lost my slot. I’ve been trying since 6pm and it’s now 8.45 pm. I give up.

Guest       59 days ago     #
Can’t pay for my shopping online

Guest       59 days ago     #
Won’t let me check out ...

Guest       59 days ago     #
Can't checkout order

Guest       59 days ago     #
trying to pay for my shopping saying not right person and not taking payment its stupid they wont ha

David       59 days ago     #
The Iceland website is a joke, it’s always got problems, you’d think that they would be on top of it. I guess like their food they got it cheap.

Doug       59 days ago     #
can't pay for order.

Guest       59 days ago     #
Cannot get payment section up keeps it flashes up and disappears trying to pay for delivery on Monda

S wells       59 days ago     #
Payment page

Guest       59 days ago     #
Payment page

Guest       59 days ago     #
Will not load the payment screen at checkout.

Guest       63 days ago     #
Cant pay for my order

Guest       64 days ago     #
Cannot log in on the web site. I am self isolating and find this absolutely amazing. Extremely disappointed with Iceland at the moment and STILL getting the odd text now and again after specifically requesting that I was not sent any more :)

Guest       66 days ago     #
payment section

Peter       67 days ago     #
I can't get to the Iceland website, useless.

Donna       71 days ago     #
Been trying all day to get a delivery constantly telling me payment has failed check funds in account or use PayPal

Stupid site       74 days ago     #
Did my entire order and got down to the button to add payment details and now it's continual errors, saying the link is not you not want my money??

Guest       78 days ago     #
Awful user experience - trying to edit order with 1 hour to go til deadline. Keeps saying card failed, check funds, don’t try again or authority again (message doesn’t even make sense it’s not authorized at all so how can it authorize again) and try PayPal - even though no PayPal option in drop down box plus I don’t have a PayPal account. Now I’m stuck with products I no longer need and can’t add some last minute essentials. Iceland need to get these basics right, they’re also missing out on extra revenue.

Trev       81 days ago     #
Is the server down it not expecting my PayPal payment

Carole       82 days ago     #
I can’t change my order.

Guest       82 days ago     #
I can’t change my order

Guest       87 days ago     #
Payment keep failing even though. Card details are correct Funds. Are available keeps telling me to use paypal errors code if10002

Turan       97 days ago     #
Iv done a whole £75 pound order with £150 on my bonus card so there's more then enough, I booked the delivery day but when it came to the payment it said there's an issue due to insufficient funds but its took the money off my bonus card and my order hasn't been placed so I'm now down £75 pound and no food/drinks

Guest       97 days ago     #
Payment came out my bonus card but my order hasn't been placed I'm now down 75 pound

Margaret Lugger       98 days ago     #
Unable to edit my order due tomorrow 20/3/21

Guest       119 days ago     #

Debby       119 days ago     #
Payment keeps sailing. Saying invalid funds.
Tried twice this week with same outcome.
In a Pandemic this is disgraceful for those who are self isolating or are housebound. Will be going elsewhere

Tracey       120 days ago     #
Is payment section down

Guest       126 days ago     #
Booking a delivery

Guest       128 days ago     #

Guest       130 days ago     #
The link to amend/cancel my order for tomorrow is not working on the website, this just goes in a lo

Guest       131 days ago     #
I keep getting your basket cannot be completed as you have invalid costs or product is not available in the requested quantity. I have deleted everything and did items one by one and same error message comes up on every product. Called customer service yesterday but it’s still happening today

Guest       132 days ago     #
Payment keeps failing

David Baker       134 days ago     #
Cannot make alterations to my order although the website says I can. The green clock is ticking but I can’t even cancel the order. I’ve emailed Iceland.

Guest       134 days ago     #
still wont let me place order as warning keeps coming up

Guest       139 days ago     #
Payment not going through

D Townsend       144 days ago     #
Never had so many problems as with Iceland website.spent all weekend trying online shop, would not accept my previously used password tried changing password so many times then it locked me out

Carole Latham       173 days ago     #
Not working for me do all order then it freezes at payment

Davies       177 days ago     #
Unable to add to order.order wont load