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Guest       1 day ago     #

Guest       2 days ago     #

Guest       2 days ago     #

Angela Beckley       4 days ago     #
Shopping yesterday day and couldn’t get into the app. Assistant tried to help but I’d got to wait 30mins . Before the 30mins I’d done my shopping . Hence lost my points yet again as it’s happened before. Trying to get it up and running today but it’s still not letting me in .

David Hill       6 days ago     #
Lidl app not working today. I note there are changes to the app. Wonder if thats caused the problem

Guest       7 days ago     #
General Outage

Sally       12 days ago     #
App not working

Dominica McGowan       43 days ago     #
App not workin, asking for password but then responding with ‘oops something wrong’. Trying on iPhone

Janet       45 days ago     #
Not working in Chesterfield either. Just hope after spending £50+ that customer service sort out the receipts and add it to saving app.

Sheila Cahill       47 days ago     #
Lidl app telling me all day to try later

Veronica       47 days ago     #
Tried to update, but app disappeared, I have my £,10 money off to use ,but know csnt use it as app has disappeared .

G       48 days ago     #
App will not load to show the advent calender. Is it just me? I can see my coupons and my card qr code, but home page won't load

melvyn dodridge       51 days ago     #
App says cannot display coupons, tried for several hours and no change. Is it Lidl or my phone. Beeped on a purchase.

Bernard Woollard       74 days ago     #
Lidl plus card didn’t apply activated discounts in store earlier this afternoon (Solihull) and not opening up at 5.05pm this evening. Can only open card QR - nothing else

bob curran       75 days ago     #
Update wont happen, as a result there is no QR CODE. 2nd time this month and its only04/11. If App fails again then I will move to ALDI even though I have shopped Lidl for 15 years. Do not offer something which does not work for all customers.. SIMPLE really.

Louise       87 days ago     #
I have used my Lidl app twice this week with a total spend of £77 and this has not updated on my total spend and meaning I will miss out on my £10 voucher if they don't get added.

Guest       92 days ago     #
Lidl Help Portal

Mrs Elizabeth Hall       98 days ago     #
Cant get my lidl card to scan just getting 403 forbidden when I try dont know my log in cant remember it

Sanghee       98 days ago     #
log in

Mrs Ruso       102 days ago     #
Hi your system was down for Lidl plus on 1/10/21
time 13.24 at Swindon Green bridge. How can I add them to my Lidl plus app? Kind regards Mrs Ruso

Mr Ian Cole       103 days ago     #
get a simple solution to scan any bill not credited with appropriate credit,and do it now!!!

Andrew       105 days ago     #
Called into two stores to use £10 off (After spending £200+)
Would not take off the reduction, of add points toward this month. Staff unhelpful in one branch & could not offer any assistance in the other apart from giving me a helpline tel No, but can only leave messages! 1st time using this app & due to utter frustration & wasted time will not use it again. Will use other supermarkets when ever possible!

Wendy Jones       106 days ago     #
I went to the Runcorn Lidl on Friday afternoon and did my shopping but at the tills I was told the Lidl Plus wasn’t working.
So I was unable to get the money off the products I had bought that I had coupons for. Also it didn’t count towards my spend for October. I am very unhappy!

Ace       107 days ago     #
I cannot access Lidl website with any browser on a PC because of a scripting issue seemingly related to This has occurred after the app was introduced and so might explain some of the app problems that are being reported.

Unhappy customer       108 days ago     #
Did Lidl £40 shop yesterday expecting to redeem my £10 bonus. Swiped my phone, beeped but no bonus or discounts taken from my bill. Didn’t even register my £40 shop towards October bonus. Given cs number to ring by cashier - rang but complete waste of time - too busy diverted me to a virtual assistant- another waste of time,! Very disgruntled customer !!

Patricia Beard       108 days ago     #
Is the Lidl+ working yet, It wasn't on Thursday, or Friday. Could some efficient person at Lidls please let me know, and save me another unnecessary journey.

Guest       108 days ago     #
Scanned my Lidl plus card (scanner confirmatin sound worked) but did not process the discounts.

Mike Murphy       109 days ago     #
Lidl plus server down again. I spent over £60 today towards monthly target. Why bother? Aldi is just across the road

Patricia Beard       109 days ago     #
When can I shop at Lidls and use my Lidl plus App and vouchers? If I could find out, I would be able to drive there to do my weekly shop. Maybe someone could inform me, as I do not want another wasted journey. Anyone help ????????

Máire       109 days ago     #
A new Aldi opened in Bognor yesterday - just across the road from Lidl. Maybe we'll give Lidl a miss next week!

Russ       109 days ago     #
Funny ,the app is down again at the end of the month when everyone has the £10 voucher...Then suddenly fine again,but voucher has vanished..same last month

Patricia Beard       109 days ago     #
I need to do a big shop at Lidls with my Lidl+ app, but as they were experiencing widespread Technical problems today 1st October, I need to know when they have the app up and running again. Could Lidls post a notice that their Technical Problems are solved please ? Thankyou.

sue       109 days ago     #
App wont allow my vouchers to be used over £10 store manager no help. Rubbish customer service. Wouldn't take off my bill so walked out and left all the shopping behind. Unhelpful in Shirley store. Had the same thing happen in Kings Heath and they were very helpful

Guest       109 days ago     #
down in shop 8:00 today

Guest       109 days ago     #
App wont allow my vouchers to be used over £10 store manager no help. Rubbish customer service.

Mrs H Hassam       109 days ago     #
App wont let you use vouchers

Sue       110 days ago     #
2 visits to different lidl stores today, (last day of month), both times lidl app recognised and acknowledged Plus App on purchases screen but no digital receipts showing and missed £200 bonus. Nothing can be done instore or on phone.

Harry       111 days ago     #
Crap App !!!!!!!!!!

David Whitby       113 days ago     #
Hi Admin. Have tried all your links, but they all finish up saying "Your phone isn`t compatible with this version". A relatively new Sony Experia so certainly not an outdated phone. Numerous people in Lidl yesterday were having the same problem. Surely this is not intentional to alienate so many of your loyal customers so I hope you will resolve it soon.

Trevor       114 days ago     #
This app now only works with Android version 7.0 and above and will not work with Android 6 as used by some older phones !!!!!!!

Trevor       115 days ago     #
This problem appears to be that after the update Goggle Play Store checks the app and says that it is not compatible with your device and blocks the app and does not display it on the Play Store list.

Trevor       115 days ago     #
Temporary solution login to Lidl Plus on another device that works, display your Lidl Plus card QR, take a photo using your own phone. Display the photo at any Lidl till instead of the Lidl App. It has worked for me yesterday. You will need to use another phone or tablet to view your Lidl Plus account and to active coupons.

FL       115 days ago     #
Having read various comments, can say I have same problem since earlier this week on a Samsung Galaxy J5. Told there was update, but when I tried, told Lidl Plus app no longer compatible with my device. Have lost £10 voucher achieved last Saturday. It is so annoying. It has been working fine for months and always achieving the £2/£10 voucher after achieving qualifying spend. What's going on?

samsung j3 android       116 days ago     #
yes, same as these other complaints.
needs update, can't update as not compatible, can't use old app, nags me to get update, rinse repeat.

Frustrated shopper       116 days ago     #
I have attempted registration 3 times and am competently filling in the form correctly. It keeps telling me there is problem and to go back, when I press the go back button it says registration complete????? Is this an issue with samsung phones????

Monica Johnson       116 days ago     #
Same "this app is no longer compatible with your device" Android V6 Build 01008 on alcatel pixi 4. Hope this gets fixed soon.

Nicola Waters       117 days ago     #
Told to Update LidlPlus App and duly press Update button. Then forwarded to AppStore which has a logo of 4 squares - 3 white and 4th on upper left shaded grey. Below it says “This App is unavailable in your region.”
Never ever had probs Updating before. Normally sent to Google Play store & App ready under 30mins.
30+ hrs later ...... still waiting. Lidl CSD woman utter crap and useless despite sending screenshots. Plus Lidl owe me points for last week’s shop. Seriously considering dumping Lidl for Tesco.
Have I been scammed?

biggles       117 days ago     #
needs update. cant update not compatible with my android. uninstall and its no longer in the app store WTF get a bloody grip lidl we dont all have the latest toys

M       117 days ago     #
Glad it's not just me then, with a crap phone. i un installed app, went into Android app store and it's not even listing it anymore to download app. ????

C       117 days ago     #
Is Lidl really expecting millions of customers to get new phones to access the updated app.?

Debs       117 days ago     #
Can no longer use the Lidl Plus app on my Samsung android. It says my device is no longer compatible with the app. Why is this?

C       117 days ago     #
After shopping at Lidl since 1984 I’m really disappointed that my phone is not compatible with the new Lidl plus card . Why change things and upset so many customers.

mark       117 days ago     #
App not now working on Android 6 since "security upgrade".
Tried Login to Lidl via PC, but not working either, getting an error.
Changed Password, but just loops back to login error.
Great PR for other supermarkets.

Fiona       118 days ago     #
Same can't log in anymore with my Samsung android ! Happened yesterday ....not best happy

Ben Hamilton       118 days ago     #
Same Unable to upgrade Fire tablet

Ritz       118 days ago     #
LIDLPLUS APP Not compatible with my Samsung Android today phone but compatible with my Samsung android tablet so I will have to lug that into lidl. Why are Lidl so stupid,they will loose loads of customers

matt O'S       118 days ago     #
Hi same problem as Wendy with samsung Galaxy S5
Hope it is sorted soon or otherwise it looks like back to Tescos

Wendy       119 days ago     #
Is the Admin comment meant to explain how to fix the update problem? If so please could you write it in a a more user friendly way - I can follow basic instructions but am not sure what to do with your comment

Wendy       119 days ago     #
Same problem as others. Problem started this morning. I cannot access the app - it tells me to update. I press the update button and the Google play store says " this app is no longer compatible with your device. Contact the developers for more info". I have a Samsung Galaxy s5. Does anybody have a solution for this please?

Sue Sheaves       119 days ago     #
Unable to use my Lidl Plus after this last update. I am told my device is not compatible. I have used it since it's launch and NEVER had any problems. I am not prepared to buy a newer phone.

JG       119 days ago     #
To Admin - Is your comment meant to make sense? Forgive my ignorance, but I do not understand your grammar.

Is there a major problem with your app? If there is , are you attempting to fix it?

JG       119 days ago     #
I too cannot now use the Lidl Plus app. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 android smartphone. My hubby can still see the app on his Samsung Galaxy XCover 4. I get the same messages as Steviedb . Seems farcical that to use a relatively new app, that I was happily using last week, for a superstore, the only solution on offer appears to be spend loads of money on a new phone. Well that's not very good for the planet is it Lidl?!

Steviedib       119 days ago     #
Lidl plus app not working on my Samsung A3 smartphone . Cannot update and told by customer services its not available on my phone although Ive been using it since its launch.
To make things worse in store staff are obviously not aware of the situation.
This is a farce and Lidl should be ashamed of themselves.
Seems the only way to get it to work is to update my phone, which Im not prepared to do.
Goodbye Lidl.

Tim       129 days ago     #
Scanned QR asked checkout staff if it had registered, was told yes, paid by card, got home not added to this months total and no digital receipt on app.

Sue Jones       130 days ago     #
Can't access my Lidl plus card. It keeps telling me to login but won't accept when I do. Won't be shopping at Lidl until this is sorted.

Barry       134 days ago     #
Absolutely Shocking! couldn’t access the Lidl Plus app in store after a £25 spend! When will they let us return to a store with a receipt to have money spent added retrogressively to our Lidl Plus Card? Its not our fault if your Wi Fi goes down, get contingency plans in place! Some lady in my queue told the till operative to put it all back, when the Lidl Plus app wouldn’t open on her phone.She had every right she had spent £200 in one trip and should have got £12 off her next visit!

Bernie Howe       137 days ago     #
In the last two weeks I have been unable to use the app in store. The store staff just say they can’t help. Very disappointed.

Mark       140 days ago     #
Lidil coupon plus not showing on my iPhone, i have spent on over £250 this month, why can’t I see my spend bar?

George       141 days ago     #
Scanned lidl card at the till in Twickenham before scanning the items but it asked for it again just before payment. It appeared to accept the card both times but this receipt is not showing up on the app now. Very irritating as near the end of the month and I want my £10 off!

Paula Lee       141 days ago     #
The app wasn't working on the till in Minehead Lidls today so it didn't count what I spent or put it on my card so I will not get the £10 voucher I am entitled to. How can I get it?

E Maltby       143 days ago     #
Lidl app not working today. Have tried switching phone off and back on. Frustrating as I did a largish shop for me!

Elaine Barnes       145 days ago     #
I cannot access my lidl plus account today. I need to add today's receipt to my account so I don't miss out.

StephenM       146 days ago     #
Lidl+ app down in all stores in Northern Ireland today - hope they extend the deadline to redeem your 'treats' to make up for this...

Christine Cooper       148 days ago     #
No-one's Lidl plus card was working this morning in my branch. I spent over £50 which would have made me eligible for a £10 voucher. Any way I can get the purchase credited to my card?

Derek Millington       149 days ago     #
The readers have been down in the Thornaby , England store fore three weeks , absolute disgrace . How do I get my spends on line to get my spend up to £100 ? May be I should have stuck with Aldi.

Steve M       174 days ago     #
Installed app yesterday and all was working. Today on trying to open the app, it says that the app has closed and I cant go any further. The app however remains open in the background, but unusable.

Exactly the same thing happened to my wife on her phone = installed yesterday working: today not working

Bob Sherriff       194 days ago     #
Log on the app and website is not working - again. Just a continuous loop asking for username and password. Cleared cache 7ral times to no avail. Same on PC and mobile phone.

Will       197 days ago     #
Safari, or Firefox, the website just doesn't work. Neither does any of the 'Contact Us' functionality. Once selected (and the same Privacy Options selected - again - and again - and again, at every new page!!!), the page just goes white and nothing happens. If trying to look at the weekly offers, part of a very blurred image appears and then it freezes. It's been like this for a while ................ and it's not my browser, everybody else's works fine!

lou       202 days ago     #
won't log me in and reset password just keeps redirecting back to beginniig

L Herbert       203 days ago     #
App seemingly recognised (heard a bing sound from the reader at checkout in Lidl, Prince of Wales Rd, Sheffield) but promo vouchers not detected and several hours later no receipt or record of my spend. How to prove I have spent enough for a money off voucher?

Guest       227 days ago     #
I have tried to use my lidl plus app in store 3 or 4 times but it has never been recognised, what a load of rubbish.!

Gerry       229 days ago     #
App not working at all tills in Chesterfield Chatsworth Road shop. How does my spend get onto my card?

Guest       231 days ago     #
Cant locate my local store in Enniskillen Northern Ireland

Sandra       232 days ago     #
I can't access the APP as it keeps saying I need to accept terms and conditions? Then it won't let me! It states there's an error ?       234 days ago     #
Could not load plus coupon yesterday 29/05/21 at Pentregethin road Swansea store to register my shop which was £36.88 cashier tried but could not get it to work either,
this shop would have given me a total of £200.00 and a voucher for £10.00 off my next shop, how am I going to register this receipt. So furious with Llidl nice of them to update at the end of the month knowing people will be reaching their target. please could you let me now what to do

Mark Hampshire       235 days ago     #
I shopped today in Sevenoaks Kent spending £35.50 over two transactions which should take my monthly spend to just over £200. Trying to ring customer services to talk to somebody is almost impossible. Mark, Croydon.

Rosslyn Tuffrey       235 days ago     #
I have your app on my phone and use it every time I shop. Today it has asked me to login and I've never had to do that before. I would re-install the app but I have about £160-£170 towards my £200 monthly spend to gain my £10 shopping reduction. I also won a reduced item on the spinner which I would use when I shop today. I've tried filling in the form on my iphone and it does not allow me to do that either. I usually shop at the Netherfield, Nottingham branch

Stella Williams       237 days ago     #
App not working in Werrington, Peterborough. Couldn't use £2 voucher and money off vouchers. Spent £46.28 too which needs to go on.

Ken Watson       237 days ago     #
Not working Pickering branch.
“Ring customer services they say” about 10.30

sue ridley       237 days ago     #
went today shopping in your Netherton Store, my app was not working neither was anyone else's including the manager and staff, I spent £24.45, at 8.43am, which I would like credited to my account also I have a voucher for £10.00 that couldn't be accessed. could you please let me know about this as well.
my email is my phone is 07711 049310

Tjenkins       237 days ago     #
Seems to be sorted now

Ann W       237 days ago     #
Like many others, cannot get passed T&Cs

Mac       237 days ago     #

Daryl Kelly       237 days ago     #
Same as others - T&C not working and have a £10 coupon which I now can't use - not impressed

Emma       237 days ago     #
Can't get past t&c update.tried everything uninstall.

J       237 days ago     #
Cannot get past the new t&c page on app! Just looping. Tried everything everyone else has suggested and no luck!

Jayne       237 days ago     #
Can't get past the T & C update!!!
Expect this is 'on purpose' as noone can now use their £10 voucher which expires today...imagine how much of a saving all of that adds up to for Lidl! Very poor.

Pam       237 days ago     #
App looping on T&Cs page. Have reinstalled app, switched phone off and back on, logged out and back in.... cannot get past the T&Cs page

Dave       237 days ago     #
app looping on terms and conditions

Jackie       237 days ago     #
Can't get passed terms and conditions

Rosemary       237 days ago     #
Couldn't get past tems and conditions. ,now I can't even log in !!!!!

Heather       237 days ago     #
I can't get past the T&C page either

Katie       237 days ago     #
App looping on T&Cs page. Have reinstalled app, switched phone off and back on, logged out and back in.... cannot get past the T&Cs page

Peter       237 days ago     #
Using the links does not help as you can't log in to your account?

Alfred       237 days ago     #
Tried log in and out. Delete and re install no difference. The t&c's page is broken. On the last day off the offers too. Guess I'll shop elsewhere...

Paul.       237 days ago     #
Cannot get past accepting new terms. Arrrrrrgh.

Guest       237 days ago     #
App looping in Ts

Citizen       237 days ago     #
Will not allow accept new terms and conditions. Last day I can use my vouchers too. Not cool.

Andrew       237 days ago     #
Will not let me accept new conditions, keeps looping back to same page.

Guest       237 days ago     #
New terms and conditions seems to have created a glitch. App won't allow me to accept the T&C. Logging out and re-entering log in details makes no difference.

Charlie       237 days ago     #
As other posters have mentioned, we are yet again required to accept the updated terms of usage, but this doesn't seem to be registered by the system. Can't sign in to receive loyalty rewards.

Peter       237 days ago     #
Can't access as won't let me accept new terms and conditions, keeps looping

Nicky       237 days ago     #
Hi, is the lidl plus app down? I can't get logged into it and my £10 off voucher runs out today. I can't get past the terms of use policy and I have uninstalled and installed the app but still not working.

W Wood       237 days ago     #
Can’t get passed the T & C. Last shop this month and due to ge5 my£10 voucher. Is this a way out of giving your customers the vouchers.

xray       237 days ago     #
Lidl App useless today26 May

Jana       237 days ago     #
Can't accept new terms and conditions, is coming back to same page so not possible to log in, I have £10 voucher to spend so not happy if this will not be resolved soon.

Peter Walker       237 days ago     #
Same here. It wont let me accept the new terms and conditions!! Another blow as I want to shop today to get my £10.00 voucher

Tony       237 days ago     #
App looping on new T&C's

Graham       237 days ago     #
Can't access as won't let me accept new terms and conditions, keeps looping, and £10 coupon expires today.????

Nigel       238 days ago     #
Lidl app stuck on terms

Marco       238 days ago     #
Can not get pass new terms and conditions as it just continiosly loops!!!

Steve       238 days ago     #
Still looping on terms and conditions

Laura       238 days ago     #
Can't accept terms and conditions so can't log in

Paul       238 days ago     #
Terms and conditions not allowing me into app.

Linz464       238 days ago     #
Can't get passed terms and conditions update. Locked out on the day my £10 coupon expires. Ridiculous

Dee       238 days ago     #
App not working, can't get past terms and conditions.

Adam       238 days ago     #
Cant get passed new terms and conditions so cannot use the app.

K       238 days ago     #
Can't get past new terms and conditions. Grrr

Guest       238 days ago     #

Phil       238 days ago     #
Can't get past new terms and conditions just loops back.

Lorraine Jones       238 days ago     #
Unable to get past the update privacy it just loops.

Carole       238 days ago     #
Tried to accept new privacy T&Cs on app, click to accept but the page loops round. Can't get passed this page. Even tried logging out and back in. Still stuck on the privacy policy page. Annoying as I have a £10 voucher to use today.

Robert       238 days ago     #
Can’t get passed acceptance of new terms and conditions page as others have said just going round in a loop

Karen       238 days ago     #
App says need to accept T&c s and privacy policy , click to accept and it just goes back to same page , tried several times, logged out and back in again can't get past that page

Jackson Storm       238 days ago     #
App says I need to accept new terms and conditions, once clicked it just loops over and over.

Debra Kiernan       238 days ago     #
Cant get into lidl plus app. Tried to accept new terms and its looping back round

V. Belton       243 days ago     #
can't log in. Never happened before.

Ann onymus       244 days ago     #
App not working

Judith Elias       244 days ago     #
can't log in

Rick Parker       251 days ago     #
I just can't get to the login or register after uninstalling and re installing, for some reason it won't let me.

Rachel       263 days ago     #
App not updated my shop today. Shopped about an hour ago.

CR       267 days ago     #
Website only partially loads in both Chrome and Edge browsers

knocka       302 days ago     #
Update not working app frozen

Guest       326 days ago     #
GeneralOutage       396 days ago     #
web site not opening ...message says spelling may be wrong

Guest       396 days ago     #
web site not found