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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       21 hours ago     #

Guest       2 days ago     #

Guest       2 days ago     #

Guest       2 days ago     #
General Outage

Guest       39 days ago     #
Have sent about 4 Emails all I get is the automated response.
The website is not working, can't sign in at all, not even to my account.
Think it's time to go somewhere else , obviously Matalan don't give a s--t.

Guest       39 days ago     #
The links posted in here by Admin none of them work

Guest       42 days ago     #
Have tried Emailing Matalan, but all I get is the automated response, saying we will get back to within 72 hours. Website is not working, but obviously they don't give a toss.

Su       62 days ago     #
Can not check out, los page

Alc       84 days ago     #
Cant reset password on main sight or app email just goes round in circles and no one is answering my emails or messages

Jan       85 days ago     #
Tried these links admin have sent it still doesn’t work

Jan       85 days ago     #
Cannot reset password, friend tried to register for new account on app but submit does not light up to click on it. Been like this for three days.

Kali       88 days ago     #
Can't log in to my account , it tells me can't recognise the email , at the same time I am receiving email with offers every other day! So frustrating ????

Hilary Forbes       88 days ago     #
why is matalan not responding online?

Guest       117 days ago     #
Can't access basket to process and confirm order

Janette carter       169 days ago     #
Unable to log into account aswell as my daughter

Guest       175 days ago     #
Checkout page

Guest       237 days ago     #