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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       3 days ago     #
General Outage

Guest       3 days ago     #

Guest       3 days ago     #

Guest       3 days ago     #

Guest       54 days ago     #

Veronica Stanker       55 days ago     #
Been trying to order from last night and this morning. Error message post code not valid

B renda Sedgwick       61 days ago     #
The site won't move to payment for online orders. The same for 2 days.

Guest       63 days ago     #
it says my postcode is not valid it worked fine last week

DH       68 days ago     #
Checkout not recognising postcode. It has been ok before

Catherine       69 days ago     #
2 days I have been trying to order and it won't go onto billing to finalise it!

S       71 days ago     #
Checkout not working for home delivery. Says error with address but used it a few weeks ago

Stacey       83 days ago     #
Checkout not working on Web or app! It says postcode not recognised but I ordered fine last week! There's obviously an error

ek       87 days ago     #
Can’t checkout on app or web

Brian Dunn       87 days ago     #
Cannot access bag to checkout

Guest       87 days ago     #
Unable to load bag to checkout

Guest       87 days ago     #
Clicking on basket to check out

Kate       88 days ago     #
Cannot access my bag to check out

Lynne       88 days ago     #
I can't access my basket

Guest       88 days ago     #
Would let me go to check out

Linda       88 days ago     #
Can’t access my bag to buy the items

Halinka       88 days ago     #
Oops meant can't access my 'bag' to checkout

Halinka       88 days ago     #
Can't access my back to check out

Danielle       88 days ago     #
I cant access my bag to buy my items

Hetty       88 days ago     #
Can’t access my bag to buy items.

Joan       88 days ago     #
Cant buy whats in my basket icon not working load rubbish!

Guest       102 days ago     #
Can't access shopping bag, click on to it but nothing happens!

Guest       103 days ago     #
checkout not working - code 404- Not Found

Guest       103 days ago     #

Julie       157 days ago     #
Tried to reset password umpteen times but doesn’t work was fine till you’ve updated the criteria but still doesn’t work when I changed password e we other right amount of letters numbers etc????

linda bradnum       190 days ago     #
checkout not working

cappy       194 days ago     #
I am unable to register with the site. Each time I enter a password I have the message "the password you entered does not match the criteria" and I have tried different passwords.

BEG       198 days ago     #
Couldn't login on website or app. Wanted password changed but never received any if the three reset emails. Gave up and bought items elsewhere

Guest       208 days ago     #
can't checkout get a 404 for billing

Guest       215 days ago     #
account problems

p       217 days ago     #
Midnight when the code offer is over the site runs as smooth as butter but code will not work now.

k       217 days ago     #
App & website slow to load, freezes on the checkout page and then times out. Has been like this since 9pm

N Khan       217 days ago     #
Can't check out on the app. Freezes on the click n collect or home delivery option page

Guest       217 days ago     #
Checkout page

Rachel       217 days ago     #
Can’t check out!!

Eleen Loh       217 days ago     #
I’m unable to check out on the app and website for the past three hours. It’s frozen all the time and it’s wasting my time.

Guest       217 days ago     #
Can't checkout

Sandra       217 days ago     #
Unable to checkout with an online order

Lea       217 days ago     #
I GIVE UP. Gonna delete the app. They obviously don’t want our business. Won’t let me log in. Keeps sending me link to reset password doesn’t work. Emailed dozens of times but they keep sending same response.
Goodbye Matalan

Janice       234 days ago     #
Can’t sign in. Going round in circles

Guest       248 days ago     #
unable to access 'bag' in order to pay for items placed in it. Icon just keeps flashing

Guest       294 days ago     #
Have sent about 4 Emails all I get is the automated response.
The website is not working, can't sign in at all, not even to my account.
Think it's time to go somewhere else , obviously Matalan don't give a s--t.

Guest       294 days ago     #
The links posted in here by Admin none of them work

Guest       297 days ago     #
Have tried Emailing Matalan, but all I get is the automated response, saying we will get back to within 72 hours. Website is not working, but obviously they don't give a toss.

Su       317 days ago     #
Can not check out, los page

Alc       339 days ago     #
Cant reset password on main sight or app email just goes round in circles and no one is answering my emails or messages

Jan       340 days ago     #
Tried these links admin have sent it still doesn’t work

Jan       340 days ago     #
Cannot reset password, friend tried to register for new account on app but submit does not light up to click on it. Been like this for three days.

Kali       344 days ago     #
Can't log in to my account , it tells me can't recognise the email , at the same time I am receiving email with offers every other day! So frustrating ????

Hilary Forbes       344 days ago     #
why is matalan not responding online?

Guest       373 days ago     #
Can't access basket to process and confirm order

Janette carter       425 days ago     #
Unable to log into account aswell as my daughter