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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       11 hours ago     #

Guest       17 hours ago     #

Guest       18 hours ago     #

Guest       2 days ago     #
General Outage

Russ Nightlite       19 days ago     #
Won't except my card payment even though funds are available and I have used previously on this site

Guest       21 days ago     #
Not taking payment

Guest       47 days ago     #
Not accepting my payment

Claire Brookes       49 days ago     #
All Still saying the same..

Claire Brookes       49 days ago     #
Can't use the postcode that I always use to send from.. now saying not covered??

Guest       50 days ago     #
not taking card payments

Gest       51 days ago     #
Wont let payment go through even the all card details are correct and have money in the account - keeps saying payment failed but doesnt let me try any other payment method than card

Mark       51 days ago     #
Can not get to Basket

Guest       51 days ago     #
Can’t pay for basket

BA       51 days ago     #
cant put anything in basket

K       51 days ago     #
Trying to pay for a parcel, logged on but when I select the insurance it changes the parcel price to free and won't add it to the basket for payment. Been trying for two days and on different computers and still have the same problem

Aimee       52 days ago     #
Wont let payment go through even thiugh all card details are correct and have money in the account - keeps saying payment failed but doesnt let me try any other payment method than card

Guest       56 days ago     #
add to basket gas not worked since you changed your name?

Gary Walton       57 days ago     #
Won't take payments how am I supposed to send customers items if I can't get a label, shocking service

Ann Cannon       59 days ago     #
Can never get payment to work

Phill       61 days ago     #
Can not add to basket

Julie       63 days ago     #
Can't add to basket or pay
Totally annoying 2 days now

Beckie       63 days ago     #


Guest       64 days ago     #
cant put anything in basket

NB       64 days ago     #
can't log on

Pryer       65 days ago     #
Add to basket is not working with one parcel. Works with others!

Mindy       67 days ago     #
Will not take payment so cannot checkout.

a.b       67 days ago     #
Can't add a parcel to basket

David Stirling.       68 days ago     #
Just wasted well over an hour trying to send a parcel with Hermes.
Parcel order sent to basket, but basket remains empty.

Paul       75 days ago     #
App won't accept payment. Only way to pay is to go onto the website and use PayPal. Having this problem since early Feb 2022

Guest       75 days ago     #
Cant add to basket

guest       91 days ago     #
Failure to make payment

Guest       92 days ago     #
Tracker shows delivery time slot for today for Nday service but does not show if delivered. Where i

Guest       92 days ago     #
Not accepting payment card

Dave       98 days ago     #
No contact available so what’s going on got parcels to send

Guest       102 days ago     #
Won’t accept credit card payments

Guest       103 days ago     #
Not accepting payment for the last 2 weeks

Guest       108 days ago     #
Not accepting payment

Radek       109 days ago     #
Do not accept my payment, tried it even via paypal... even I opened a new account, neither... neither my wife can purchase it via her account. What is hapenning???

Purple zaki       109 days ago     #
Hermes is dogshit

Guest       110 days ago     #

cunt       110 days ago     #
are you a retard they are the same link

Guest       110 days ago     #
Won't accept card payment to get labels, click pay now and get no entry symbol and just stays on the payment screen no matter how many times you click on pay now. 2 days now and still the same. Have no choice but to start using Royal Mail.

Trev       111 days ago     #
Won't accept payment to get labels

Craig       111 days ago     #
Payment for checkout

Guest       111 days ago     #
Accepting payment

Guest       116 days ago     #
check out

Guest       122 days ago     #
cannot pay hermes to complete a parcel send order

anne       122 days ago     #
will not take a payment, this has been 3 days.

Guest       126 days ago     #
My hermes is not allowing me to pay for my parcels so i can get the labels.

Joanna       129 days ago     #
Will not allow me to enter card number to make payment

Guest       136 days ago     #

Kathryn       145 days ago     #
Can't pay for my parcels at checkout. Chat line useless. Surely Hermes don't want to lose income?!

Guest       148 days ago     #

Guest       149 days ago     #

Guest       158 days ago     #
payment not accepted at checkout

Guest       158 days ago     #
Not accepting payment.

Guest       159 days ago     #
Won’t take payment.Tried last night and this morning.

Guest       160 days ago     #
website not accepting payments

Robbie Holst       160 days ago     #
Tried to pay to send parcel, could not make payment, chat line if F.....G useless to resolve a real problem.

Guest       166 days ago     #
I can't get past the "what is in your parcel", the "circle" goes round but nothing happens

Guest       171 days ago     #
Payment method for parcels not working

Belinda Kirk       177 days ago     #
Sorry but reiterating a standard automated reply does not help.

Belinda Kirk       177 days ago     #
I am already using the secure website ""

Belinda Kirk       177 days ago     #
Hermes won't accept payment. Clicking "pay now" show "no entry" sign and then displays Pay Now again.

Guest       180 days ago     #
Checkout not working when payment made

Mr. T       184 days ago     #
I cannot complete my order, won't take Paypal or Bank Card.

Cherry       185 days ago     #
cannot get past the add address stage to place a return. awful site

P       187 days ago     #
First QR code not accepted by parcel shop, said that this could not be dropped off at parcel shop. So I got another QR code from Hermes and the same thing has happened. That is two trips to a parcel shop with a heavy parcel and I’ve still not been able to drop it off.

Guest       194 days ago     #
Hi Admin, I have tried those links and still an issue with orders not going into the basket and won't take card payments. The website as it is cannot be used so I am having to use alternative companies instead, is there any update?

Alan       195 days ago     #
Can t pay for delivery won’t accept card

C Kelly       196 days ago     #
Cannot make payment on website. Really poor help service.

Sylvia Fothergill       200 days ago     #
I enter postcode and weight details but when I go to 'get a price' the page is not loading. I have tried the links admin posted but still the same problem

Tom Cahill       204 days ago     #
cannot complete shipment transaction

Andrew Johnson       205 days ago     #
Cant pay to send a parcel. What going on

Guest       208 days ago     #
Hermes website not working, past week a parcel goes into the basket and then when go into basket it disappears. Been taking about four attempts before it stops disappearing out the basket. Tonight the website won't take card payments.

Guest       217 days ago     #
Parcels not moving for 2 days

Cheryl Franklin       218 days ago     #
Not accepting my usual debit card this evening.
Tried a different card and it won’t accept that either

Ian       219 days ago     #
Payment not going through

Mike Thompson       261 days ago     #
Hermes Parcelshops in Trowbridge Wiltshire not accepting drop offs as their systems are down.

Guest       261 days ago     #
parcelshop system down

Frances Martin       307 days ago     #
Absolute shambles - tracking not being updated and telephone svce automated

Guest       313 days ago     #
trying to send parcel payment section not taking payment

Trish micklethwaite       327 days ago     #
Unable to make payment

Hayley       360 days ago     #
keeps saying tracking not working

Unhappy       403 days ago     #
Unable to make payment once at checkout. No way of contacting Hermes that works.

Tina       422 days ago     #
1/4/21 Couldn’t complete my request due to screen going blank at login?
Also unable to convey/ querie my initial problem due to no person available on phoneline also virtual assistant can’t compute my querie; only has, limited programming which is inadequate for customer service. Very frustrating.

Guest       455 days ago     #

David Andrews       461 days ago     #
My Tracking number 9935601861439673, order says my delivery will be Monday 22nd Feb . However on tracking it says it was delivered previous Thursday, but I haven't had it. What's going on.

Linda       530 days ago     #
What’s up with the website today. Seems to be working until you try to pay and then it just doesn’t work any more. Need to get this parcel off today. What am I supposed to do now?

Peterbromley       538 days ago     #
I Managed to pay for a parcel with paypal Then the web site froze and I could not log back in. So I cannot send the parcel. an someone let me know what is going on, you cannot speak to a human on the phone, I guess I will have to use Royalmail!

Mary Bowyer       541 days ago     #
3/12/20 Myhermes login NOT working for the last day....WHY Mary

Alex       544 days ago     #
Website not working for last two weeks, unable to log in at all.

Marek       821 days ago     # website is not working for me, and I don't know where to go to get them back. The 2 tutorials I have so far were very short and didn't teach me much at all. Why not just put the videos online? I get a lot of questions like this regarding Blender as well, as people really need the information to be able to make animations. The ones I have found on the internet are either outdated, or too complex. After a couple of videos on youtube, I feel like Blender isn't something that will be used in the real world. I have an idea where people are going to get the answers they need, so they can use it in the real world.