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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       2 days ago     #

Guest       2 days ago     #

Guest       2 days ago     #
General Outage

Guest       3 days ago     #

Guest       4 days ago     #
Error 400

Guest       7 days ago     #
Error 400

John ahern       16 days ago     #
Can't log in to app

Alex       17 days ago     #
Till no access.

Guest       22 days ago     #
Log in issue, error 400

Jeff       29 days ago     #
log in

Maeve Barley       49 days ago     #
Log in error 400

Veronica easterbrook       51 days ago     #
Unable to load app.Told I have win ,but can’t access

JOE       55 days ago     #
Login ERROR 400

Marjorie Stevenson       62 days ago     #
I cannot add funds to my account

Kelly       133 days ago     #
Not loading

C Clayton       209 days ago     #
Site not working on two devices yet again. The whole thing is a disastrous set up.

Guest       238 days ago     #

Marvin       603 days ago     # website is not working for me - when I try to make deposits I get "Already owned by" and when I try to withdraw cash I get "Due to high demand deposit currently active". It also says the ticket won't be activated because I don't have a verified account. I should see the purchase in the database. I can't see my purchase in the database because my verified account isn't validated... How do I get it working? Do you have any advice for me? Should I use another browser or change some settings? Is it a system bug or my computer? Any help would be greatly appreciated so thank you in advance.