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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       2 hours ago     #
General Outage

Guest       2 hours ago     #
tickets not available

Guest       3 hours ago     #

Guest       18 hours ago     #

Guest       2 days ago     #

James       7 days ago     #
Tried several times in last 2 hours , key in all information go to pay and get 'website not available'

M       19 days ago     #
website keeps failing, bad request

D Topping       20 days ago     #
I’m trying to renew my senior railcard and am unable to log into my account, because of Technical issues

J Knight       60 days ago     #
The website comes up saying Bad Request before I've even put anything in! Terrible

L Harris       102 days ago     #
I have tried three times to purchase a rail card today, when I come to pay it says it has run into issues

Maureen Boning       134 days ago     #
When I try to look at the journey planner on my desktop I get a message saying 'Bad request' and cannot get any further. This has happened many times and I don't get it with any other websites. I have googled this and it seems I am not the only person with this problem. Please help as I book trains on a regular basis and find this very frustrating.

C.Peters       143 days ago     #
waste of time

C.Peters       143 days ago     #
Every time i try to get train times.....Bad Request. Very annoying.

Gordon       169 days ago     #
Their Android app has disappeared from

Diana       170 days ago     #
hELP! Anything I try to look up I get a page labelled "bad request"!

Susie Q       180 days ago     #
Keep getting Bad Request

Guest       181 days ago     #
The site is loading but the planner and live trains indicators are not working, at all.

Mary M       219 days ago     #
Tried logging in the usual routes as well as the links above and still get bad request.

Helen K       223 days ago     #
I begin to think that the website is down so that I am forced to buy the tickets from machine or station and pay more. It is outrageous and seems to happen all the time this last few weeks

Guest       223 days ago     #
enquires site keeps saying Bad Message

Sarah Theobald       226 days ago     #
Can’t purchase tickets on the site. Keep coming up with error message.

Philip       227 days ago     #
Every time I try to find the train times once I've selected the starting and destination stations it comes up with a Bad Request page. Tried various National Rail website entry points and the same issue. No problem if I go onto Northern Railway site

Louise       362 days ago     #
saying my app
is offline. I am not . This has been happening over the last few days and prices are going up!

I have tried on my husband’s phone and reinstalled the app.

Guest       455 days ago     #