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What to do if the site NEWSNOW.CO.UK is unavailable?

If NEWSNOW.CO.UK works, but you cannot access the site or its individual page, try one of the possible solutions:

Browser cache.
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Antivirus and firewall. Check that anti-virus programs (McAfee, Kaspersky Antivirus or an analogue) or a firewall installed on your computer do not block access to NEWSNOW.CO.UK.

DNS cache.
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VPN and alternative DNS services.
VPN: for example, PureVPN;
Alternative DNS: OpenDNS or Google Public DNS.

Browser Plugins.
For example, the AdBlock extension, along with ads, can block the content of a site. Find and disable similar plugins for your site. outages discussion

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Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

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General Outage

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Marlo       242 days ago     # website is not working for me. The link is closed, and I can't find anything to go on any of the stories anymore. There seems to be a massive difference in the sub-topics now. If you know what's going on, why haven't you gotten in contact with me? Message to Ms. reader: I would appreciate if you would contact me and I will pass the information along to the ONCC in my name as a courtesy. This page is too large to retain it in an email message. The actual links are below, although I may have archived them at this point. Please fix the issue as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.