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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       1 hour ago     #
Making payment

Guest       12 hours ago     #
General Outage

Guest       1 day ago     #

Guest       1 day ago     #

Guest       1 day ago     #

Guest       2 days ago     #
Checkout not working

Lisa W       2 days ago     #
Items in basket but checkout goes to a page of adverts

Virginia       2 days ago     #
Cannot access account or do anything

Tracey E       2 days ago     #
Cannot access account or checkout on either the app or website!

Ian Hinchcliffe       2 days ago     #
Unable to log in to mobile app or website

Guest       3 days ago     #
Unable to checkout

Ivy Austin       3 days ago     #
Cannot access account, getting really a pain now !!

Jocelyn Foster       3 days ago     #
Unable to sign in to my account on the app. Cant checkout items in basket as wont go to customer login. Unable to make a payment on the app as cant sign in, tried going through the website instead but it freezes when I select car payment option. Have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalled again but makes no difference.

Mel       3 days ago     #
Won’t go to ‘checkout’ item is showing in stock

Angels       4 days ago     #
Cannot check our with items on my basket

n       4 days ago     #
unable to log in

LD       4 days ago     #
App - unable to make monthly payment

Jem M       5 days ago     #
Have had issues with the app closing whilst I’m browsing for a while. Then a week ago was unable to make payment through app. Last two days can’t complete my order, log in, access account without going all round the houses. No error message no info from Next by email or text to inform they are having issues and to apologise. What a joke. Last time I tried to report separate issue by email customer service were rude and unhelpful. Only reason I shop with Next is convenience as I pay off bill every month. Without that not sure why I bother! Rant over!

Guest       5 days ago     #
Payment via telephone

Sara       5 days ago     #
Won't allow me to check out so annoying as I pay yearly for next day delivery and I can't get to checkout!!

Denise       5 days ago     #
Unable to checkout

Donna       5 days ago     #
Unable to log Into my account.

Val       6 days ago     #
Won’t let me checkout. Have been trying numerous times in the last 24 hours. Also can’t access “my account” just returns to home page ????

Katarína       6 days ago     #
Bit ridiculous as for few days I am trying to pay for what is in my cart in but with out luck....

Sue       6 days ago     #
Can’t get on account page or checkout my order

Louise Franks       6 days ago     #
Won’t let me checkout or check my account and I need to pay my statement

Guest       7 days ago     #
Phoned Next yesterday to report the fault - was told nobody had reported anything! Not been able to place an order for 2 days now.

Amanda       7 days ago     #
Will not let me check out keeps taking me to another page

Gill       7 days ago     #
Won’t allow me to check out.

Claire Smethurst       7 days ago     #
Can’t get on account page

sIAN HARRIS       7 days ago     #
Cant get to account page either, just takes me to home page, I've been trying to return a parcel for 1 week!

Guest       8 days ago     #
Secure payment

Lynn Williams       8 days ago     #
I’m trying to get to the checkout and I cant

Catherine Arthur       8 days ago     #
Trying to get into my account keeps taking me to home page also when trying to confirm an order takes me back to home
Page. Next app

Guest       8 days ago     #
Can't get to payment page and most items appearing as 'not available'

Guest       8 days ago     #
Unable to make a payment in the last 48 hours

Guest       8 days ago     #
payment on website

Guest       9 days ago     #
Every item on the site unavailable in every size ?

Lynne       15 days ago     #
Cannot make a payment last week or today,just a circle going around and around

guest       15 days ago     #
tried all the links still nothing

guest       15 days ago     #
ive tried all afternoon to place an order

Guest       16 days ago     #
Can’t get to payment page

Kyle       17 days ago     #
Cannot add items to shopping cart, cannot check out

Guest       18 days ago     #

Guest       19 days ago     #
Payment system not working

Angie       20 days ago     #
Access denied on my server

Angie       20 days ago     #
Unable to access site

Jen       20 days ago     #
Unable to pay at the end using my saved card

Kim       21 days ago     #
Problem trying login all day. Always has been. Should be straight forward

Guest       23 days ago     #
Cannot make a payment stopped working

Djs       25 days ago     #
Can’t order from web site

Linda       26 days ago     #
Won’t let me pay extra payments ! Come on next ! I rang you , reply try later it will be fixed . You should let us know what’s going on !!!! Most of the time it works well ,,, But it’s not , so just let us know .. thankyou

Lisa       26 days ago     #
I can't access my account, add anything to my basket and then the site just times out. This has been happening all weekend.

Jamesmc       27 days ago     #
I cant go to check out page. Says it doesnt exist

Guest       27 days ago     #
Can't make payment.

Julie Webb       27 days ago     #
I cant seem to make a payment. I selected card saved to pay but just shows loading circle turning and wont allow mw to go further on payment

Stacey       28 days ago     #
Been trying to make a payment for the past 2 months and each time I've had to ring customer services to make a payment. Tried again every day this week, even removed and added my card again. Sort it out Next. Customer services tell me all is OK with the system but when I tried to pay over the phone it still didn't work and they had to ring me back.

AG       29 days ago     #
Can’t make a payment through my card or PayPal never had this problem before been trying from early morning through to this evening

Tr       30 days ago     #
Still unable to make a pay either with card or PayPal

Mrs Robinson       31 days ago     #
I can't make a payment. Its just buffering and my Internet is working.

Nicola       31 days ago     #
I cant order from the next website

Dawn       31 days ago     #
Unable to make a payment,been like this for 3 days now

Charles       32 days ago     #
Unable to make payments phoned and computer issues at next! Web site not linking to payments incl PayPal!

Guest       33 days ago     #
Can’t checkout

Guest       36 days ago     #
my collext in an hour order

Guest       36 days ago     #
Cannot pay bill online

Guest       38 days ago     #
Can't make a payment

Kim Connah       38 days ago     #
Can’t get online to make a payment

Guest       38 days ago     #
Can’t make a payment

Ruth Nidd       39 days ago     #
Can't make a payment

Dhumble       41 days ago     #
Unable to access onlime payment for account

Guest       43 days ago     #
Can’t log in

Guest       43 days ago     #
Website not working.
Unable to log in or buy

J1980       43 days ago     #
Unable to pay and purchase items screen not working

Krissy       44 days ago     #
Card payment screen just continues to load. Carnt pay bill online

Guest       45 days ago     #

Guest       46 days ago     #
Can't access the card payment screen

Cb       50 days ago     #
Cannot checkout at Next been trying to purchase items for hours

Jo Leigh       50 days ago     #
Redirects don’t work. Website been down for over an hour

Geraldine       50 days ago     #
All links below not responding!

Victoria       50 days ago     #
Website and app not working

MichaColl       50 days ago     #
Can’t access site or app

Guest       50 days ago     #
Payment wont go through

Julie       56 days ago     #
Payment issue via App fed up with it now almost happens every time ????????

Guest       57 days ago     #
next pay

Lucie       57 days ago     #
I cannot get onto my account at all and have been trying for weeks

Guest       58 days ago     #
Unable to check out. All items in stock. I have been trying for the last two hours.

Tabitha       60 days ago     #
Basket not working keeps saying error and their working on it

Leanne       60 days ago     #
Payment issue via app

Guest       62 days ago     #

Alex       69 days ago     #
cannot pay - world pay saved card option just sits there spinning

Guest       75 days ago     #
Payments not working

Teresa       77 days ago     #
Cannot pay. Keeps saying cardholder authentication

Guest       86 days ago     #
Check out not working

Guest       90 days ago     #
Payment page not working

Guest       92 days ago     #
Ain't receiving my order confirmation and there tracking system isnt coming up with my orders

Arran Hardy       92 days ago     #

Guest       103 days ago     #
Adding items

Guest       111 days ago     #
Check out

Guest       117 days ago     #
Cannot pay for a gift card

Guest       119 days ago     #

Lynne       150 days ago     #
Every time I try to checkout it dies!

Guest       177 days ago     #
Unable to proceed to check out

Guest       181 days ago     #

Jean Totham       202 days ago     #
Have tried for 2 days to buy gift cards , can’t get to authorisation of payment , error message comes up with try again later we may not b3 able to process your order

Guest       202 days ago     #
Cannot pay for gift cards , error message keeps coming up

Guest       212 days ago     #
Cannot checkout or add items to basket!

Marques       484 days ago     # website is not working for me. This is not a domain I own, so how does one request a URL to unblock my account? It's my email address. The email address in question does not belong to me, which is why the emails sent in were unproblematic and easy to accept. A few days ago a very generous friend sent me a sum of money and they really wanted me to attend his wedding with them, so I obliged and clicked the link. When I entered my details my account was reset and my email address changed. On my first attempts to login the system timed out and I was transferred back to the page you're currently viewing. What should I do?