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Guest       1 hour ago     #

Guest       2 hours ago     #

Guest       14 hours ago     #

Guest       14 hours ago     #
General Outage

Guest       3 days ago     #
Check out

OM       4 days ago     #
Won’t let me login. As others have said it says it’s an incorrect password or email even when I’ve just changed it. Will let you change it and login but you still need to stay logged in and not log out otherwise back to square one. Customer service joe help!!

Malcolm       4 days ago     #
I can't access my account WD444060

Guest       6 days ago     #
Won't process PayPal payment

Guest       6 days ago     #
it won't process payment

Kareema       10 days ago     #
Been trying to place an order for the last 3 days via the website but just comes up as an error when I try to check out!

Sandra       10 days ago     #
Can't get onto next app for last ten days

Donniedingus       11 days ago     #
Have been trying to make a payment on the App for last two weeks, constantly loading at the payment page. If you press add new card that seems to work. This problem seems to happen every month now. Even had problems trying to pay over the phone with payment code they had given me.

Guest       11 days ago     #
Unable to place order

Guest       12 days ago     #
Can't pay by PayPal or card

Akin       12 days ago     #
This login issue is unusual and ridiculous, yet no attempt to resolve the problem

Haze       13 days ago     #
App has been very slow for a while and now won't load at all. I see from previous comments this has been an issue for many people. What is going on?

Guest       13 days ago     #
wont let me pay

guest       14 days ago     #
No this did not work either

guest       14 days ago     #
failed to log-in

Z       14 days ago     #
Log in still not working, must be well over a month now. This is all getting very odd. I can't believe nothing has been done about it. The only way I can load in is to constantly say forgotten oasswoy and change it. Once logged out I can't log in again.

Lynne winters       15 days ago     #
Carnt get into my next account need to pay a payment its just spinning around when i try to pay

Mrs Curtis       16 days ago     #
Why can't I place an order online with Next

Guest       16 days ago     #

Patricia Neeson       17 days ago     #
Hi, I can't get into my next account.

?       18 days ago     #
Still cant log in!

Guest       19 days ago     #
Unable to make a payment

V       19 days ago     #
Website rubbish slow connection and it's not my router

Guest       21 days ago     #

Guest       21 days ago     #
Check out not working

Guest       21 days ago     #
Can add item to bag

      21 days ago     #
terrible service cant log on why has it not been fixed??

Marsha White       21 days ago     #
Useless website. Even when it works its ridiculously slow. Cant get on to pay a bill but they are quick to send a letter if I'm late paying my bill! When I actually speak to someone and pay over phone they say they don't have any problems that they aware of. Dread to think what would hapoen if I was waiting for an order that hadn't arrived. All puts me off bothering with them.

Ann Dickinson       22 days ago     #
App not working so unable to make a payment

Guest       22 days ago     #
Nextpay greyed out

John       23 days ago     #
Can’t log in

Janis Gascoigne       25 days ago     #
Can’t make a payment

Jane       25 days ago     #
Won’t let me complete an order on the App.

Mrs rolph       25 days ago     #
9 times out of ten I can never get on the website!!

Frustrated       26 days ago     #
Really bad service.
Won’t be using them again

Z       27 days ago     #
Log in still and issue despite password changes and clearing cookies and cache and whatever else Next may like to suggest. It's crazy that they've not fixed this.

Melanie       27 days ago     #
I'm having issues with the app too. Just keeps freezing. I want to make a payment!

Julia       28 days ago     #
Trying to make a payment to my account but it just keeps going to main website not payment one

Vicky       28 days ago     #
I can’t login to make a payment.

Lesley       28 days ago     #
I cannot get into my account to make a payment

Guest       32 days ago     #
Can’t login

Z       32 days ago     #
Log in still down.

Skye       33 days ago     #
I need to make payment on my account but can’t get into the account!!

Patricia       33 days ago     #
Can't log in to account! Saying incorrect username or password

Ciara       34 days ago     #
Almost a month now since I've been able to log in as it's coming round to payment day again and i couldnt log in for it last month either so don't expect this issue to be sorted anytime soon. Next are doing absolutely nothing. Think I will pay off account and shop else where ????

Verity miller       34 days ago     #
I can’t log in for two days now I’m getting fed up with this terrible customer service looking at everyone comments going back days you think they would have fixed it by now

Guest       34 days ago     #
will not let me go to checkout

jo       34 days ago     #
Cant log in, probably busy because of sale on.

S Blank       35 days ago     #
Having an issue logging into my account. Been trying for 2 days now! Is there a problem with your App? Seems others experiencing the same problem.

Christine       35 days ago     #
I have been trying for two hours to register to on line Next Account. Keeps freezing. Very frustrating. I want to make an order!!

Amanda       37 days ago     #
I can't make a payment, keeps telling me card not verified, its been like this for 3 days now

Diane       37 days ago     #
Just been able to reset password

Shaz       37 days ago     #
Still Unable to login

Mal       37 days ago     #
Next login is back up and running now.

Bridgeen       37 days ago     #
Can't log in saying incorrect password

Diane       37 days ago     #
Can't log in reset password doesn't work either

Tina       37 days ago     #
Can’t log in, saying incorrect password but not sending reset email. Trying to check an order for today.

Sarah       37 days ago     #
Can’t log in and telling me my correct password is incorrect

Anna       37 days ago     #
Can’t login and it hasn’t sent me password reset email

Shirley       37 days ago     #
Can’t log in to make payment keeps saying logging details incorrect

Michelle       37 days ago     #
Cannot log on

Kely       37 days ago     #
Cant log in or rest password as no email received

J       37 days ago     #
Same here … won’t login - password definitely correct - no reset email

Sarah       37 days ago     #
Have tried every possible avenue to log in today to be informed every time that my password is incorrect and then when I reset it, I receive no emails....I've pressed it on several pages and app and about ten times now. Getting frustrated!

Erica wise       37 days ago     #
Same here cant log in,says password is wrong,(which is strange as know my password) then when i go to reset pasword it dosent send me the link,hellllppppp

Ashleigh       37 days ago     #
Tried signing into my account says password is incorrect and I've pressed to reset my password 3 times with no email to change it. Quite frustrating

Ami       37 days ago     #
Can't login even though password is correct, tried to reset and received no email to do so

Lisa       37 days ago     #
Can’t Login my password is right but it’s not working so I tried to reset and that doesn’t work aswell. Not receiving email with a reset.

Jax       37 days ago     #
Can’t log in either

A       37 days ago     #
I also can't log in, must be a problem atm.

Nichola       37 days ago     #
I have tried numerous times to log in but says I have incorrect details. I know they are correct. Also, tried for password reset but no email comes through. Please help as my statement and payment is due today!

Donna Stevens       37 days ago     #
I can’t log in. Tried to reset my password but haven’t been sent an email so I can do this.

Mal       37 days ago     # - Can't login, support have said that there is an ongoing incident/issue. Customers aren't able to login in by using the website or the app.

Shaz       37 days ago     #
Login not working it said wrong login details. I know they are correct and the reset password does not seem to work either as tried 5 times and no email has been sent

Guest       37 days ago     #
Cannot login. Says to 'Check sign in details are correct' and to try again'.

Guest       37 days ago     #
Unable to log in? I need to make a payment!

Guest       37 days ago     #
Says incorrect password but it's definitely correct

Anne       37 days ago     #
Unable to login to my account, get messsge Incorrect details! I know my details are correct.

L       37 days ago     #
Saying incorrect password. I know its correct?

Krystal       37 days ago     #
Can't log in. Saying password wrong when I know it's right.

Diane S       38 days ago     #
app not respondig on my phone. Been a few weeks now.

S       38 days ago     #
None of those links below make a difference - still can't sign in!

S       39 days ago     #
I cannot sign in to my account, it saying that the login and password is incorrect, which it most certainly isn't! I have called them and they told me to clear cache and cookies, which I have done, but still can not access my account!

Emma       39 days ago     #
Not been able log into my account for over three weeks now even though password is correct. They say they are sorting it but it seems there is a major issue with many people not being able to log into there account. You are losing alot of sales Next it needs sorting ASAP !!!!

Sam       39 days ago     #
Trying to log in but saying my details are incorrect- which they aren't

Mum of 3       40 days ago     #
Cannot log in to purchase items again!!

A       42 days ago     #
Checkout online not working!????????‍♀️

Karen       42 days ago     #
Cannot login with my email and password, I know they are correct.

guest       42 days ago     #
Can’t log in. Says details are wrong but, they aren’t

Mandy       43 days ago     #
Can’t log in

Julie       44 days ago     #
Cannot log in to my account saying details are wrong, when they are correct

Lyn       45 days ago     #
Can't pay, hanging in verification process

Karen       45 days ago     #
Trying to make a payment and it won't let me in. Keeps buffering but not letting me in.

lynn stevenson       46 days ago     #
cant log into my account, saying wrong log in details, but they are right

Wendy       47 days ago     #
Can't log in???

Guest       48 days ago     #
Can't go any further during checkout that payment page, not sure what's going on

Guest       49 days ago     #
Try to make a payment, clicked on card I wanted to use, keeps scrolling so you can't put in payment

April Griffin       49 days ago     #
My son bought me a e-voucher sent it last Sunday, never received it..he phoned next yesterday they supposedly resent it yesterday. Never received it...whats going on ?

Tanya       49 days ago     #
I’m unable to login either, I know it’s the correct password. I need to make a payment.

June       49 days ago     #
Can’t log in yet log in details are correct!

Picton       50 days ago     #
Can’t sign in on mobile or laptop. Changed password still doesn’t work. Was informed this issue was corrected earlier today. At 7pm still unable to access .

Mum of 3       51 days ago     #
Can't sign in to my next account reset password still not working ????

Guest       51 days ago     #
Unable to log in.
Have reset password as I thought this could be the problem.
Still no joy.

Jo       51 days ago     #
Saved card greyed out so can't make a payment, again!!

Guest       52 days ago     #
no order confirmations but pending from 2 accounts. called and they said my last order was a week ago

Dee       52 days ago     #
No order confirmation through payment taken though

Vanessa vose       52 days ago     #
Details are correct as green tick shown but still won't let me log in. Tried entering them manually too same issue

Trish       52 days ago     #
Can’t log into my next account

Guest       52 days ago     #
Unable to log in online or through the app.

guest       52 days ago     #
Can't log in. Says my biometric log in is incorrect

Tanya       52 days ago     #
Next app down tanya

Joanna       52 days ago     #
Cant put the dress to the basket

Hannah       53 days ago     #
Log in

Simon       53 days ago     #
Can’t pay with card or paypal. Just hangs and refuses to put payment through. This is not the first time either. Very poor

Fed up next customer       55 days ago     #
Card payment won’t go through keeps buffering so order won’t complete

Cjs       55 days ago     #
Haven't been able to make payment for 2 days

Guest       55 days ago     #

Abeda       56 days ago     #
Can’t log in

Guest       56 days ago     #
Can't make a payment with card or PayPal! ????

Steven       57 days ago     #
Can't make payment 2 days in a row

Marie McLean       57 days ago     #
Can't make a payment AGAIN. Every month its the same.

Mrs Watson       57 days ago     #
Can't make payment, been trying all day !

Sabrina       57 days ago     #
Once again can't pay off my account. Have tried to add two cards and it won't accept either. Bloody useless

Paul sephton       57 days ago     #
Can't sign into my next account

Mary       57 days ago     #
Can't log into account

Guest       58 days ago     #
Can't make payment

Pat Lindsay       58 days ago     #
All of the Links Below just show me a Blank Black Screen ???

Pat Lindsay       58 days ago     #
Trying to get into my Next Sale VIP slot

Gillia       59 days ago     #
I have decided to pay all of my account off by calling the relevant number. I have been a good customer for many years but cannot go through this nonsense every month to pay my account. Its a disgrace. I will never shop at NEXT again!!

Guest       59 days ago     #
Can't make a payment with my saved card this is the 3rd day trying...what's going on!!trying to pay

C seton       60 days ago     #
Won't open the app at all!!

Guest       61 days ago     #
On line card payment for monthly next pay not working

Guest       63 days ago     #
Trying to make a payment

Doyle       64 days ago     #
Yet again...another month to pay and it doesn't work, just spinning icon!! This becoming every month, making payments arrive late.

Guest       65 days ago     #
cannot make a payment ?

Guest       68 days ago     #
Can not make a payment. Been trying for days but just keeps buffering

Gill Moglione       68 days ago     #
day 3 of trying to log on to my account to make payment. What the hell is wrong NEXT ??????

Guest       68 days ago     #
Can't checkout

gillian moglione       68 days ago     #
I have been trying to make a payment for the last hour and keep getting instructions to change my password and contact my bank to get a passcode. I am very wary of this as recently had 3 of my visa cards hacked. Can I go into a NEXT shop and make a payment please?

Guest       69 days ago     #

Glenda Kendrick       69 days ago     #
I'm having a job to sign into next I want to order a dress. ????

Tas       71 days ago     #
I can’t pay ..

guest       73 days ago     #
Incorrect details and won’t let me check out

Guest       73 days ago     #
Not allowing online payments

Bb       74 days ago     #
Website not loading images just buffering

Tara       74 days ago     #
Can't place an order .. been trying for days

Karen Dean       74 days ago     #
Next app is so buggy won't let me pay for orders

Karen Dean       74 days ago     #
Can order items but can't pay by credit card or PayPal very annoying tried uninstalling app and installing again but still can't pay ....Pretty poor app

Justine       74 days ago     #
Won’t allow me to complete the transaction!

Marcun Doran       74 days ago     #
problem making a payment on app - screen hangs after saved card selected

Katie       74 days ago     #
Not able to sign into my account

Marie Mclean       74 days ago     #
I have been trying to make a payment for days, but just keeps circling.

Linda Partington       75 days ago     #
Cant purchase anything with debit card or PayPal ,just keep getting that never ending circle going round ,been a week now ?

KM       75 days ago     #
Can't pay

Ian Plimbley       75 days ago     #
Nightmare being try to pay for two days now ????????????????????

Guest       76 days ago     #
Can’t pay

Jr       76 days ago     #
Cant pay for order.

Guest       78 days ago     #
Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.7f8e7b5c.1646980658.8fdaa2d

I had to use a VPN to connect to appear as if i was from somewhere else. Worked fine then. Perhaps you don't like BT customers as I was using BT Broadband when it wasnt working (without VPNs / blockers / etc)?

Guest       78 days ago     #
Has next changed their online card payment as having difficulty sending a payment

Guest       78 days ago     #
Access Denied

You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.7f8e7b5c.1646980555.8fcbf6a

This has been happening for 2 days now !!! What a joke.

Jo       78 days ago     #
Can't make a payment either by app or site, and whether using card or PayPal. Just get the circle going around.

Guest       79 days ago     #
Ordering womens shoes

Maggie Hull       79 days ago     #
Trying to make a payment for few days now. Just circling

Guest       79 days ago     #
Making payment

Stacey Nardella       79 days ago     #
Can’t make payment - I go to checkout and it won’t let me select a payment method

Guest       80 days ago     #
Been trying to make payment for days just keeps circling really annoying

Guest       80 days ago     #
Cant make a payment

Hagen       81 days ago     #
Next payment as soon as tick card payment it doesnt connect been like this for 3 days.....

Guest       81 days ago     #
Trying to order and can’t pay just nothing happening when clicking on card anywhere

Judy       82 days ago     #
Cant make a payment online its just buffering

Sharon Tennant       84 days ago     #
When using my iPad cannot scroll down on their website pages. eg woman clothing.

ALou       85 days ago     #
Unable to make online payments. Page freezes while loading.

Tracy       87 days ago     #
still cant make a payment - just get circle of doom

Guest       87 days ago     #
Can't make payment on my account PayPal no working either

Guest       88 days ago     #
Making a payment

Diane       89 days ago     #
Online payment not working. Tried via PayPal and card. Just get the swirling circle of doom.

Guest       89 days ago     #
Next pay. Tried to pay via PayPal and card and site just get stuck with swirling circle of doom

Elaine Mather       89 days ago     #
Online payment not working

Guest       89 days ago     #
Paypayment not loading

Guest       92 days ago     #
Payment function

Guest       92 days ago     #
payment not being completed.

Jacqueline D'vaz Higgins       92 days ago     #
I went to checkout and pay while putting details in it went very big screen pressed pay and then nothing went gray blank

Guest       98 days ago     #
Can't make payment to Next

Guest       99 days ago     #
Can't make payment with PayPal

Guest       100 days ago     #
Cannot make payment using self serve as soon as you get to payment part the phone cuts off. Tried wi

Jk       101 days ago     #
Have been trying mist of day to make a payment. Page won't connect

Rona       102 days ago     #
Still having lots of problems logging in. Plus receiving emails about orders I haven’t ordered. What’s going on?

James       104 days ago     #
Can’t checkout

Denise       105 days ago     #
Frequently can't sign into my account.

Rona       108 days ago     #
Can’t access my account. It’s been happening a while now. Very frustrating

Monet       108 days ago     #
Can access my account. It’s been happening for over a week now

Leigh Jarvis       111 days ago     #
Payment not processing. Better not charge me for late payment!!! No-one to help!!!

Guest       111 days ago     #

Sue       112 days ago     #
Payment screen freezing. Always a problem

Guest       112 days ago     #
The sign-up page isn't going through!!!

guest       112 days ago     #
can't contact with chat, wanting to send badly made item back

Guest       113 days ago     #
Unable to checkout! Placed 2 orders this week and they are not listed in my account!!

Guest       114 days ago     #
Card payment

Guest       116 days ago     #
I can't pay on my account, its stop on card payment.       117 days ago     #
Cant pay money to my clear pay account

Kate       117 days ago     #
I cannot log into my account, goes to the page, but just stays white.

S French       117 days ago     #
Can't log on to website just keeps freezing been doing this for a few weeks now had no problems before so what's changed

Mi       118 days ago     #
Tried all of the links suggested still nothing

M. I       118 days ago     #
Cannot seem to put in an order or pay today, pages come up but no pictures until you press on blank screen to find item then it will not let you put in size buy etc

Guest       120 days ago     #
Payment down. Just freezes.

Guest       128 days ago     #
Can't make an online payment.

Rachel       128 days ago     #
Can't place an order - can't click to accept terms and conditions

Vicky       128 days ago     #
No payment method is working!

Guest       128 days ago     #
My order has been refunded twice

Guest       129 days ago     #
Since yesterday I am unable to make an online payment, yet it is adding interest to my account for n

Tracy Norton       129 days ago     #
Can't make a payment it's just spinning

Guest       130 days ago     #
Payment not going through saying issue with card

Caroljedwards       135 days ago     #
Next you need to sort the payment app this has been going on for months everytime try to pay it buffering loads of complaints same problem when are you going to sort this out

Caroljedwards       135 days ago     #
Everytime I try to make a card payment it buffers mainly daytime but sometimes works at night but last 2 days just buffering

K       136 days ago     #
Can't log in

CAROLINE       138 days ago     #
online payment not working correctly - reported

Guest       138 days ago     #
Payment not working

Avril Laurie       139 days ago     #
Unable to select items and put into basket.When clicking onto items continually spinning experiencing

Guest       139 days ago     #
Cannot shop as items selected when clicking on continuous spinning

Guest       139 days ago     #
Having problems making payment online for last 4 months

Grace batey       139 days ago     #
My app is not working cant order anything from the app

Guest       140 days ago     #
Can’t login

Guest       140 days ago     #
Couldn't make a payment at first but now can't log in either

Amy       142 days ago     #
Can’t payment on app or website. Been not working for days. Do they not like money.

Guest       145 days ago     #
Can’t make oayment

Guest       147 days ago     #
Link to pay by paypal is not working when signed into my account

Margaret       148 days ago     #
Unable to make payment for last 2 days. Won’t let me submit amount and add card details!!!

Mary       148 days ago     #
something is wrong with payment amount...wont let me put money on it and pay...its been three weeks and i dont want late payment!!

John       149 days ago     #
Not going to payment page after clicking check out

Sarah       149 days ago     #
Unable to make a payment.

Jackie       151 days ago     #
Still can.t make a payment.useless.been trying for two days.better not charge me late payment charge

Guest       151 days ago     #
Trying to pay, once I select card it will not connect

S.Harrison       151 days ago     #
Took me ages to refind all the items in my basket again after getting kicked out of the site and telling me my basket was empty, finally paid for my items and had to verify my payment through my bank app only to be told by the next website my card does not match my address which is utter nonsense. I've given up and will go somewhere else for the sales, Your Loss Next!

Guest       152 days ago     #
Paid balance with Paypal option, seemed to go through. Just checked my email and Next have issued a

Sue Hull       153 days ago     #
Cant make a card payment yet again. Payment due tomorrow.

Nicola Hill       155 days ago     #
Trying to pay and yesterday, not good enough, Next you need to take off the intrest!!!!

Jackie       155 days ago     #
Can't make a payment again.same thing last month

Jon       155 days ago     #
Can't pay on the app or online. Not going into bnpl. I've tried but your site is considered " unsecured " with Chrome.

Guest       156 days ago     #
Having issues logging in and reseting password

ev       156 days ago     #
I can't log in into my account to pay

Cg       156 days ago     #
Done what the admin suggested still can’t make a payment. Still can’t order. What a waste of time this close to Christmas

Anon       156 days ago     #
Doesn't load any categories of sale once clicked. Does it on app, website, mobile device and laptop

Ruth       156 days ago     #
Cant checkout get a message saying the check out page is not found......

Ga       156 days ago     #
What is going off with next and their payment system. It’s stupid. I’m this day and age why can’t we use an app to pay. Come on next get this sorted

Alison       156 days ago     #
I’ve been trying to make a payment on my next account for 5 days all kinds of payment methods are rejected even though they shouldn’t be. This is getting ridiculous

Guest       156 days ago     #
Can’t make payment on next

Debbie       157 days ago     #
vip sale site not loads, was the same last time, waste of time getting a VIP slot when you can view or buy the items.

Hazel       157 days ago     #
Keeps loading, can’t view anything for the sale? Can’t chat as too and no message to advise there are problems?

muggins       157 days ago     #
every time I go on this site, can't log in can't pay for items what is going on

Linda       158 days ago     #
Next not loading. Is anybody gonna sort this out

Guest       159 days ago     #
After getting on sale preview page can’t get into subsections like womenswear, home etc just seems t

Shell       160 days ago     #
I can log in OK, but I want to make a payment, click to use my usual card to make a payment but its just spinning, been trying for 5 hours now ☹

kkiel       160 days ago     #
unable to log in to my account

Rose       161 days ago     #
Unable to reset password… again. Not recognising email or password. Try to reset password but no email received to do this. Been having this problem since the summer!

Carmen       162 days ago     #
I can't make a payment it is not working

Guest       162 days ago     #
Can’t make a payment

No       163 days ago     #
Trying to make a payment online, not working.. sick of this with Next will be paying of balance soon. Can't be bothered with this every month. No other site seems to have this problem!!!

Alexander       163 days ago     #
Website general SNAFU, severe lag, not recognising password, not recognising e-mail address on contact form.

Guest       163 days ago     #
Online Payments

J worthy       164 days ago     #
I cant sign into my account its as if its frozen, this happens all the time

Lynn young       166 days ago     #
Hi, I keep trying to pay my bill but each time I try, the black circle just keeps going round when I get to payment amount, I am now late with my payments because of this. Can you please tell me why this is happening? I don't have this issue with other sites. I've even changed my password in case it wasn't secure. Many thanks, Lynn Young

Guest       167 days ago     #
Checkout - coming up as page not found

Guest       167 days ago     #
Payment wont let give me an option when i go to place an order to use next credit and also says erro

Jan Wood       169 days ago     #
Need to reset password, no email received

Guest       170 days ago     #
Can't log in or reset password.

Leigh       170 days ago     #
Can’t view my bag and checkout

Jallen       170 days ago     #
Can't checkout.

Guest       170 days ago     #
unable to make payment online

Guest       171 days ago     #
Unable to make payment. Tried for quite a few days now!

Guest       172 days ago     #
Login and registering

Guest       174 days ago     #
PayPal log in

Gordon Yeomans       176 days ago     #
When I do finally get my payment accepted ,I am closing my account and will never deal with them again .I am not going through this trouble every month.

Guest       176 days ago     #
online payment

Gordon Yeomans       176 days ago     #
what a total farce ,unable to pay my balance, key in my payment amount press enter and it goes blank and then asks for card details which I fill in but then cannot enter the amount I wish to pay.

Guest       176 days ago     #
cannot pay my latest statement online site slow and not responding

Guest       177 days ago     #
cant pay my account it seems to delete the amount when get onto world pay screen

Alan       178 days ago     #
Can’t pay online amounts keep showing as £00.00

///       178 days ago     #
Please clear your cache and cookies, and try to pay on another device to get any issues resolved.

Guest       179 days ago     #
I can't pay circle of death! Every month is the same when I try to pay!!!

Ni       179 days ago     #
Can't log in to account

Dee       179 days ago     #
thats still not working admin. the problem is when you put the amount in, it keeps going blank.

Jill Wheeler       180 days ago     #
Cannot make a payment online. Just get the ' circle of death'!!

Lynn       180 days ago     #
Can’t checkout

J.jones       180 days ago     #
Not able to pay

MP       180 days ago     #
Can’t check out

Kk       180 days ago     #
Cant reset password neither on page or app

Guest       180 days ago     #
Unable to check out

Guest       181 days ago     #
Cannot place an order on line

Trevor Heron       181 days ago     #
Not able to pay

Guest       184 days ago     #
Meant Won't let me pay my bill. Just keeps on circling.

Claire       184 days ago     #
Don't let me pay my bill.

Guest       184 days ago     #
cant check out on Next get 404

Rachel       186 days ago     #
Cannot log into my account

Guest       187 days ago     #
Can't check out online... been like that for days !

Guest       188 days ago     #
Cant checkout online using the app

Guest       191 days ago     #
Payment page not working

DP       193 days ago     #
unable to sign in even using any of the links below

Guest       193 days ago     #
Payment screen not accepting payment from any cards, although cards are valid

MKH       194 days ago     #
Can get onto the site and order items to basket but cannot then log in or place the order

Guest       194 days ago     #
Can't make a payment page just keeps on buffering.

Daphne Tambling       195 days ago     #
I cannot get past the payment page - keeps declining payment - there is nothing wrong with any of the cards I tried

J       195 days ago     #
Payment section not working

Colette Bissett       198 days ago     #
I cannot make a payment on the website.

Guest       200 days ago     #
Not allowing payments

Addics       201 days ago     #
Had NO payment reminder. Also declined my card payment!

Guest       201 days ago     #
Having trouble making a payment keeps buffering

Emma       204 days ago     #
Unable to make payment

Guest       204 days ago     #
Unable to make payment

AMANDA       205 days ago     #
Cannot make a payment this has been going on for weeks

Lynne Banks       207 days ago     #
cant pay online app not accepting online payment

Guest       207 days ago     #
can't make payment just keeps buffering

georginameasures11@       209 days ago     #
I have only recently got a card and account first order delayed and messed around 2nd order late

Vicky Grainger       209 days ago     #
Can log in fine but cannot make a card payment!! How do I pay my bill?
Will try phoning I suppose ????

Karen       209 days ago     #
Next you have blocked my account but your APP, online and via telephone won’t let me pay!! You tell me card is declined but when I contact my bank they tell me you haven’t tried to attempt payment. This is un acceptable.

Claire       211 days ago     #
Can't pay grey out payment and spinning

Gill       211 days ago     #
Tried to pay, but when i press card payment the wheel goes round and round , nothing happens

Guest       211 days ago     #
Also unable to make payment via the website or the on saved card and just get a circle going round and round. Not the first time this has happened. Please sort this out Next...annoying!!!!

I connor       213 days ago     #
Unabe to make payment.

Gillian       213 days ago     #
Update. Following being unable to make payment, I was able to make payment online via laptop. Problem seemed to be making payment on android phone. Please note I was not using the app.

Gillian       213 days ago     #
Unable to make payment. Have tried several times over the last week. Just getting blue circle when I select pay by card. Card has not expired.

Guest       214 days ago     #
Managed to login but can't make a payment, even in store when returning items they wouldn't scan through, the lady looked at me like I had just stolen them and was very rude because she should have clocked off 5 minutes ago. Im going off next very quickly.

Guest       214 days ago     #
Payment not working

Dave Pearse       218 days ago     #
Unable to make my monthly payment to Next by my usual means, have tried two other cards as way of payment for a few days. NEXT - WHY HAVEN'T YOU NOTIFIED YOUR CUSTOMERS OF THE "TECHNICAL ISSUE" I certainly "WILL NOT" BE PAYING ANY ANY ADDITIONAL FEES FOR LATE PAYMENT!! My cards work fine with other Vendors so the issue is definitely at your end. Orders going through fine, how ironic! Disgruntled!!!

Guest       220 days ago     #
Unable to make a monthly payment via debit card or paypal

Guest       222 days ago     #
Payment not working

HJ       223 days ago     #
Unable to log in as password is not recognised despite it being correct. Unable to reset password either

Jane Field       223 days ago     #
I cannot login and pay my account and have received a threatening letter. Please sort it. Customer number XF529426

Ann Wilson       227 days ago     #
Why can't Next UK at least let us know what's happening with our orders. Complete 'silence' is unacceptable       227 days ago     #
Won't let me log in

Guest       227 days ago     #
Can't log in keeps kicking me out

Guest       228 days ago     #
I have tried texting and phoning for a returns label to be emailed but by text it said wrong account

Gemma       228 days ago     #
Won’t add anything to the basket been like this for 3 days now says “ error on page “ tried using the app and the website

Cw       228 days ago     #
Can't log in. Message says incorrect details but they are right

Kim       229 days ago     #
Can't check out

tdb       232 days ago     #
Can't make payment

SB       233 days ago     #
Cant make payment on web or App

Trudy Lake       234 days ago     #
Unable to login to account saying password incorrect . Tried to reset but no email received ???

Guest       235 days ago     #
Can't make a card payment.

Jk       235 days ago     #
Can't make card payment

Jean       235 days ago     #
Can't login

Leigh       235 days ago     #
Can’t log into my account. Saying details are incorrect.
Tried using the links suggested by admin but this doesn’t work either.
Thought I’d been hacked until I saw comments on here!!!

Claire       235 days ago     #
Can’t login or reset password

Deb       235 days ago     #
Same problem here saying my details are incorrect can’t get on anything

Kim       235 days ago     #
Unable to log in

Neen       235 days ago     #
Phew! Started to panic that my account had been hacked when I couldn’t get on.

AnnaS       235 days ago     #
Cannot log in
Guess it’s not just me then. Saying incorrect password when I was only in my account earlier today so I know it’s correct. Then unable to reset the password. No email received to update it.

Kelly       235 days ago     #
Cannot login or reset account

Guest       235 days ago     #
cannot log in saying incorrect details and they are correct. It doesn't send me an email when i try

Sue       235 days ago     #
Can’t login says incorrect details and no email sent to reset

ZIZI       235 days ago     #
Can't login - saying wrong password even though it isn't and not sending reset password email

Chloe       235 days ago     #
Not letting me log in or reset

Kelly       235 days ago     #
Incorrect log in details

Sara       235 days ago     #
Glad it’s not just me, been trying to make a payment and saying incorrect details

Ccoop       235 days ago     #
Can’t log in saying wrong password. Also
Won’t let me reset password

Cheryl       235 days ago     #
Saying my login details are incorrect.

Kate       235 days ago     #
Can’t log in either no email to reset password

Kare       235 days ago     #
Not working. Can’t sign in to make a payment

Helen       235 days ago     #
Not recognising log in details also not getting email to reset password.

Sarah       235 days ago     #
Saying my login is incorrect and when I try to click forgot password no email
Is getting sent through to change it

Leah       235 days ago     #
Not recognising log In

Rachel       235 days ago     #
Can't log into account

Anon       235 days ago     #
Unable to login ??

Craig       235 days ago     #
getting "incorrect details" when trying to log in - even though they are correct

Rachel       236 days ago     #
Unable to make payment to account for the past few days. Site comes up with buffering signal when you go into payment screen

Guest       239 days ago     #
Can't make online payment for 3 days

Guest       239 days ago     #
Cant make a payment. Just keep getting the blue cirlce

Anna M       242 days ago     #
Not able to actually buy anything. Goods go into basket but that's it. None of the buttons in that level menu work.

Lisa       244 days ago     #
New checkout is complicated. How do you pay for items in basket?

Alison       246 days ago     #
App never allows payment just spinning.
Normally website will but doing the same today and just spinning

Guest       246 days ago     #
Next sale not been working for the last four hours?? No point booking a slot!

Guest       246 days ago     #
VIP sale

A       247 days ago     #
Useless vip sale if you can’t get into your booked slot. Not working since 4.30pm yesterday

Gillian       247 days ago     #
Can log in ok but when I go on the sale site it won’t load the pages. I’ve tried the links posted by admin but I have the same trouble

Ceede       247 days ago     #
Next sale won’t load every time there is a sale this happens

Guest       247 days ago     #
Sale site hung

Michelle Canciani       247 days ago     #
Sales pages just crashed. Problems with the server apparently. This happened last time. Gave up in the end. ????

Laura       247 days ago     #
website opens but nothing works,cant order anything,or log in.About a week now.Admin post about trying different links equally hopeless.

Anita       248 days ago     #
Tried to make payment but saying can’t take payment. Tried two different cards and both have sufficient funds. Took payment and reversed it so no payment made

Kerry       248 days ago     #
Can't make payment

Ana       250 days ago     #
Cannot complete the payment. Tried the whole day without any luck. Is this issue going to be fixed soon?

Christine       251 days ago     #
Next website is down. I've tried paying over 3 days now. No response at all just a white background and a black line spinning around!!!

Amanda w       252 days ago     #
Trying to make a payment, but the screen just goes white a the black thing spins.

Marina       253 days ago     #
Can’t make payment with debit card on next app the tab isn’t working going on 3 days now!

Guest       253 days ago     #
Payment section.

Guest       255 days ago     #
Can't make a payment

Guest       255 days ago     #
Load products to basket, they then keep disappearing so cannot check out!

Lucy Pitkin-Woolls       256 days ago     #
Made order last week no enail received to confirm. Can't log in trying to change password and the link in reset email received does not work.
Want to buy more but can't - no option to check out as guest

Carol Winfield       257 days ago     #
Placed an order on website but not showing as ordered and no e mail received! Tried twice.

Sarah Hart       259 days ago     #
Can’t make payment with either debit card or via PayPal. No way to email and can’t spend all day trying to get through on the phone. Been trying to pay for 3 days and Payment will be late soon.

Adele       262 days ago     #
Can’t access my Order Tracking! I contacted Next Chat - useless ????

Mrs Eaves       263 days ago     #
Want to place an order but when I click to look at something in detail it never loads

Miss Dann       264 days ago     #
Been trying to make a payment all weekend, app won't let me add a new debit card or use paypal. Tried ringing and there's a problem with the phone line too
Please can you advise what to do.?
Thank you.

Guest       264 days ago     #
Can't add a debit card or pay via paypal. And the phone line is also not working. Please advise how

John Kinsella       264 days ago     #
i got to your website,it loads but when I click on any category or my account or anything on the page and it doesnt open.I have been on other websites and they all work fine,just yours.I even went on your chat,typed my message but that would not send either.Something must be up.I was looking to pay my account but can't do it

Guest       264 days ago     #
Just won't let me sign into account. Spoke to them Friday. Not even getting their email to reset password. Has to be there end as getting emails from everyone else. What a mess. Will try speaking to them again

Guest       266 days ago     #
Ordering clothes being emailed they are coming then they are out of stock when they visible are not,

Guest       267 days ago     #
Trying to make payment but radar just going round and nothing else happening. I'm concerned about no

Guest       267 days ago     #
can not check out on App...Won't let me accept terms & condition and complete pay !! so frustrating

IS       268 days ago     #
Can add items to my basket but unable to get to checkout; page just keeps returning me to my basket.

Sarah       269 days ago     #
Cant add bits to basket from PC or ipad - tried for two hours - kept coming back to it.
Annoying for us - must be finanically crippling for Next as I have now found the prodcut on another web site.

Alison       270 days ago     #
unable to add goods to the basket

Gillian Beard       270 days ago     #
Basket had items in, now empty and can’t add more

Alison       270 days ago     #
Unable to add goods to basket

Guest       272 days ago     #
Showing items in stock and when added to basket saying sold out

Guest       272 days ago     #
Payment screen

Mary       274 days ago     #
I have been trying to get through payment for four days and still not working!!

Sarah       274 days ago     #
Used the pinned link and still doesn't work on payment

Sarah       274 days ago     #
Trying to make payment for 3 days but just buffering once I chose my card. Payment now late is thisxa twisted way to rack up late payment fees !!!!!

Mills       274 days ago     #
Trying to make online payment but timer just going round! Gave up & quit out - why does this keep happening Next?

Teresa       275 days ago     #
Tried app and website but unable to make a payment via debit card, timer is just going round still. Last time yhis happened I had to delete my card and re enter details but I can't do this every month! This has been a regular occurrence for months now

maria       277 days ago     #
wont let me checkout keeps saying declined

Z       277 days ago     #
Can’t order anything- just says “unable to add to basket”-even on random stuff that is unlikely to be in demand. Next Live chat unhelpful..

Mary Ross       277 days ago     #
Payment is not working today..can't get through

Cat       277 days ago     #
Can't make a card payment on the website

Angela       278 days ago     #
Cannot get order tracking on link in myaccount

Guest       278 days ago     #
Payments line

Fiona Johnson       278 days ago     #
I have been trying to make my usual card payment since last Wednesday, but all I get is a white screen and the timernthingiengoing round. I am using my.usual Samsng android....

Jaide       283 days ago     #
Those links don't help sorry! tried them with no change.

Jaide       283 days ago     #
Took ages to login! Also can't purchase items due to issues with the Website

Guest       283 days ago     #
Won't allow me to click on items

Hayley       283 days ago     #
Cannot make payment using Amex. Tried twice and both times it goes through and I get the order confirmation screen, but then next email me saying:
We are sorry to let you know that the order you placed on 17/08/2021 at 17:27 was not processed due to a technical issue.

Please be assured that we won't be taking the payment you made when you placed your order.

Sharon       283 days ago     #
Tried links below no good

Guest       283 days ago     #
Cannot check out why?

Geoffrey       285 days ago     #
Login not working .... ??

Guest       286 days ago     #
Payment not processing via app or website - unsure if has gone through or not!

Guest       287 days ago     #
Can not make a payment via PayPal.

Guest       289 days ago     #
Payments not working

L.Lees       290 days ago     #
Trying to make online payment which I always do. When you get to payment it just keeps going round and cannot make payment.

Tracey       290 days ago     #
Can't make a payment

Jade       291 days ago     #

Sarah       293 days ago     #
Cannot make a payment. No PayPal/debit card option.

Nina       293 days ago     #
Cant checkout

Jeanette       294 days ago     #
Web site access denied

Sarah Horne       296 days ago     #
I can’t log on

Guest       297 days ago     #
Payment service. Keeps buffering

Nicola       297 days ago     #
Can’t log in on the app or website

Nicola       297 days ago     #
Can log in on the app or website

Shirley       297 days ago     #
Can't log in just says error

Guest       297 days ago     #
Cannot log in anything

Guest       298 days ago     #
Cannot checl out on website or the app

Guest       299 days ago     #
Can't complete order

Guest       299 days ago     #
cant login

Joan       300 days ago     #
Can't log in

Guest       300 days ago     #
Can't log in keeps saying error.

Chris       300 days ago     #
Payment almost complete then error message showed up - tried a 2nd time and gift card number now not valid despite no payment made.

Guest       300 days ago     #
Payscreen not loading.

Marvaret       300 days ago     #
Can't make a payment keeps buffering

Guest       302 days ago     #
payment online facility

Fiona cattell       304 days ago     #
Cannot make a payment been trying for over a week. Page just keeps buffering. What can I do?

Mrs karen Ramsey       306 days ago     #
I can't make payment, been trying for over 2 weeks now, the page just keeps buffering.
What can I do please.

Lise Henriksen       307 days ago     #
Not able to make a payment

Leigh B       307 days ago     #
Unable to make a payment for for the second day

Karen       309 days ago     #
Been trying to make a payment for 2 days now. Hoping they don't add a late payment charge!

Kerry Gowans       309 days ago     #
Been trying to make a payment for over 2 week, just keeps buffering, I'm now behind with my payments and it's due again soon

Guest       309 days ago     #
Can't make payment

Guest       309 days ago     #
Payments stuck buffering

Becky       310 days ago     #
Cant place any orders

Christine Allon       310 days ago     #
Can't get on to make a payment, just keeps circling

Guest       312 days ago     #
Been trying to make payments for 4 days nothing. Next doing absolutely nothing . Wolfson needs to get a grip of his company

Elaine       312 days ago     #
Been trying 3 days to make a card payment

Virginia cutlan       312 days ago     #
Trying to make a payment for 2days

Guest       312 days ago     #
Next pay

Lisa jennings       314 days ago     #
I'm trying to make a payment have been for 2 days..why is it not working

Bernadette       314 days ago     #
Checkout not working, can’t complete order??

TM       316 days ago     #
Tried Pay Pal twice this morning, just buffering???
Don't feel confident using this site at the moment, potential security breaches for customer bank details.....sort it NEXT!!!

guest       317 days ago     #

guest       317 days ago     #
checkout not working

jane       317 days ago     #
unable to checkout for 2 days using credit debit card

Guest       317 days ago     #
Unable to checkout using debit or credit cards. Bank has said there nothing wrong their end.

Sharon       318 days ago     #
Can not make a payment....tried all evening. Just spins round and round. Sort this out please!

Guest       318 days ago     #
Can't checkout all day- Missed several items that are now sold out!

Rebecca       318 days ago     #

Guest       320 days ago     #
Checkout and pay

Lorraine pugh       325 days ago     #
Cannot pay other than PayPal. Wont let me use debit card

jonny       329 days ago     #
Payment by credit card doesn't work, had to use paypal instead

Sarah       333 days ago     #
Can not make a payment....tried all evening. Just spins round and round. Sort this out please!

Guest       333 days ago     #
Payment page

Sally       333 days ago     #
Can not make a payment!

Guest       334 days ago     #
Again cannot make a payment,just keeps going around and around

Guest       339 days ago     #
Checkout not working

Lisa W       339 days ago     #
Items in basket but checkout goes to a page of adverts

Virginia       339 days ago     #
Cannot access account or do anything

Tracey E       339 days ago     #
Cannot access account or checkout on either the app or website!

Ian Hinchcliffe       339 days ago     #
Unable to log in to mobile app or website

Guest       339 days ago     #
Unable to checkout

Ivy Austin       340 days ago     #
Cannot access account, getting really a pain now !!

Jocelyn Foster       340 days ago     #
Unable to sign in to my account on the app. Cant checkout items in basket as wont go to customer login. Unable to make a payment on the app as cant sign in, tried going through the website instead but it freezes when I select car payment option. Have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalled again but makes no difference.

Mel       340 days ago     #
Won’t go to ‘checkout’ item is showing in stock

Angels       340 days ago     #
Cannot check our with items on my basket

n       340 days ago     #
unable to log in

LD       341 days ago     #
App - unable to make monthly payment

Jem M       341 days ago     #
Have had issues with the app closing whilst I’m browsing for a while. Then a week ago was unable to make payment through app. Last two days can’t complete my order, log in, access account without going all round the houses. No error message no info from Next by email or text to inform they are having issues and to apologise. What a joke. Last time I tried to report separate issue by email customer service were rude and unhelpful. Only reason I shop with Next is convenience as I pay off bill every month. Without that not sure why I bother! Rant over!

Guest       341 days ago     #
Payment via telephone

Sara       341 days ago     #
Won't allow me to check out so annoying as I pay yearly for next day delivery and I can't get to checkout!!

Denise       342 days ago     #
Unable to checkout

Donna       342 days ago     #
Unable to log Into my account.

Val       342 days ago     #
Won’t let me checkout. Have been trying numerous times in the last 24 hours. Also can’t access “my account” just returns to home page ????

Katarína       343 days ago     #
Bit ridiculous as for few days I am trying to pay for what is in my cart in but with out luck....

Sue       343 days ago     #
Can’t get on account page or checkout my order

Louise Franks       343 days ago     #
Won’t let me checkout or check my account and I need to pay my statement

Guest       343 days ago     #
Phoned Next yesterday to report the fault - was told nobody had reported anything! Not been able to place an order for 2 days now.

Amanda       343 days ago     #
Will not let me check out keeps taking me to another page

Gill       343 days ago     #
Won’t allow me to check out.

Claire Smethurst       343 days ago     #
Can’t get on account page

sIAN HARRIS       344 days ago     #
Cant get to account page either, just takes me to home page, I've been trying to return a parcel for 1 week!

Guest       344 days ago     #
Secure payment

Lynn Williams       344 days ago     #
I’m trying to get to the checkout and I cant

Catherine Arthur       344 days ago     #
Trying to get into my account keeps taking me to home page also when trying to confirm an order takes me back to home
Page. Next app

Guest       344 days ago     #
Can't get to payment page and most items appearing as 'not available'

Guest       344 days ago     #
Unable to make a payment in the last 48 hours

Guest       344 days ago     #
payment on website

Guest       345 days ago     #
Every item on the site unavailable in every size ?

Lynne       351 days ago     #
Cannot make a payment last week or today,just a circle going around and around

guest       351 days ago     #
tried all the links still nothing

guest       351 days ago     #
ive tried all afternoon to place an order

Guest       352 days ago     #
Can’t get to payment page

Kyle       353 days ago     #
Cannot add items to shopping cart, cannot check out

Guest       356 days ago     #
Payment system not working

Angie       356 days ago     #
Access denied on my server

Angie       356 days ago     #
Unable to access site

Jen       356 days ago     #
Unable to pay at the end using my saved card

Kim       357 days ago     #
Problem trying login all day. Always has been. Should be straight forward

Guest       359 days ago     #
Cannot make a payment stopped working

Djs       361 days ago     #
Can’t order from web site

Linda       362 days ago     #
Won’t let me pay extra payments ! Come on next ! I rang you , reply try later it will be fixed . You should let us know what’s going on !!!! Most of the time it works well ,,, But it’s not , so just let us know .. thankyou

Lisa       362 days ago     #
I can't access my account, add anything to my basket and then the site just times out. This has been happening all weekend.

Jamesmc       363 days ago     #
I cant go to check out page. Says it doesnt exist

Guest       364 days ago     #
Can't make payment.

Julie Webb       364 days ago     #
I cant seem to make a payment. I selected card saved to pay but just shows loading circle turning and wont allow mw to go further on payment

Stacey       365 days ago     #
Been trying to make a payment for the past 2 months and each time I've had to ring customer services to make a payment. Tried again every day this week, even removed and added my card again. Sort it out Next. Customer services tell me all is OK with the system but when I tried to pay over the phone it still didn't work and they had to ring me back.

AG       365 days ago     #
Can’t make a payment through my card or PayPal never had this problem before been trying from early morning through to this evening

Tr       366 days ago     #
Still unable to make a pay either with card or PayPal

Mrs Robinson       367 days ago     #
I can't make a payment. Its just buffering and my Internet is working.

Nicola       367 days ago     #
I cant order from the next website

Dawn       368 days ago     #
Unable to make a payment,been like this for 3 days now

Charles       369 days ago     #
Unable to make payments phoned and computer issues at next! Web site not linking to payments incl PayPal!

Guest       370 days ago     #
Can’t checkout

Guest       372 days ago     #
my collext in an hour order

Guest       372 days ago     #
Cannot pay bill online

Kim Connah       374 days ago     #
Can’t get online to make a payment

Guest       374 days ago     #
Can’t make a payment

Ruth Nidd       375 days ago     #
Can't make a payment

Dhumble       378 days ago     #
Unable to access onlime payment for account

Guest       380 days ago     #
Can’t log in

Guest       380 days ago     #
Website not working.
Unable to log in or buy

J1980       380 days ago     #
Unable to pay and purchase items screen not working

Krissy       381 days ago     #
Card payment screen just continues to load. Carnt pay bill online

Guest       383 days ago     #
Can't access the card payment screen

Cb       386 days ago     #
Cannot checkout at Next been trying to purchase items for hours

Jo Leigh       386 days ago     #
Redirects don’t work. Website been down for over an hour

Geraldine       386 days ago     #
All links below not responding!

Victoria       386 days ago     #
Website and app not working

MichaColl       386 days ago     #
Can’t access site or app

Guest       386 days ago     #
Payment wont go through

Julie       392 days ago     #
Payment issue via App fed up with it now almost happens every time ????????

Lucie       394 days ago     #
I cannot get onto my account at all and have been trying for weeks

Guest       394 days ago     #
Unable to check out. All items in stock. I have been trying for the last two hours.

Tabitha       396 days ago     #
Basket not working keeps saying error and their working on it

Leanne       396 days ago     #
Payment issue via app

Alex       405 days ago     #
cannot pay - world pay saved card option just sits there spinning

Teresa       414 days ago     #
Cannot pay. Keeps saying cardholder authentication

Guest       428 days ago     #
Ain't receiving my order confirmation and there tracking system isnt coming up with my orders

Arran Hardy       429 days ago     #

Guest       439 days ago     #
Adding items

Guest       453 days ago     #
Cannot pay for a gift card

Guest       455 days ago     #

Lynne       486 days ago     #
Every time I try to checkout it dies!

Guest       514 days ago     #
Unable to proceed to check out

Guest       517 days ago     #

Jean Totham       538 days ago     #
Have tried for 2 days to buy gift cards , can’t get to authorisation of payment , error message comes up with try again later we may not b3 able to process your order

Guest       538 days ago     #
Cannot pay for gift cards , error message keeps coming up

Guest       548 days ago     #
Cannot checkout or add items to basket!

Marques       820 days ago     # website is not working for me. This is not a domain I own, so how does one request a URL to unblock my account? It's my email address. The email address in question does not belong to me, which is why the emails sent in were unproblematic and easy to accept. A few days ago a very generous friend sent me a sum of money and they really wanted me to attend his wedding with them, so I obliged and clicked the link. When I entered my details my account was reset and my email address changed. On my first attempts to login the system timed out and I was transferred back to the page you're currently viewing. What should I do?