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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on rightmove.co.uk. In this case, use the links below:

http://rightmove.co.uk    https://rightmove.co.uk    http://www.rightmove.co.uk    https://www.rightmove.co.uk

Guest       2 hours ago     #

Guest       5 hours ago     #

Guest       15 hours ago     #
General Outage

Guest       19 hours ago     #

Guest       1 day ago     #

Mustapha Toke       13 days ago     #
Rightmove i
s so slow and clunky at the moment

Guest       17 days ago     #
can't view properties for sale, only sold prices

Vicky       27 days ago     #
Why is rightmove not showing sstc on the website anymore

Julian       29 days ago     #
Site for buying won’t accept change for max purchase price, still shows all of them available.

Gail       30 days ago     #
Have been trying to log in all day..so annoying as it just keeps saying no account and I do have an account and all.ok..have even deleted history.. scanned etc..redid password but nothing. Just cant log in

Marilyn       32 days ago     #
Each time I change postcode to search for a property a large black cross appears on the screen then rapidly disappears. It's irritating to say the least.

Guest       32 days ago     #
Something went wrong. There is a problem on our end. Wait a bit and try again by refreshing the page.

mitchell       36 days ago     #
rightmove really hard to follow. switched to zoopla. keeps going on and off and missing pages.
go back to old formula. was easier to navigate. Why change something that works well? Is it a man thing??

Guest 2       43 days ago     #
Cant login on website

N Whitehead       44 days ago     #
The addresses offered are not working, connection timed out. Zoopla is working fine.

n whitehead       44 days ago     #
have had trouble all day trying to use rightmove. it is very slow and often will not display properties.

Terry shorrocks       44 days ago     #
Why can't I browse right over properly

Guest2022       52 days ago     #
Cant login on website

R Buckle       52 days ago     #
website down

Guest       57 days ago     #
Yippee! Thanks Ron. CTRL & F5 worked a treat! All good now.

Ron       57 days ago     #
Solved: Force page refresh by pressing CTRL and F5 at same time. This seems to unlock the site and pics etc can view viewed.

Ron       57 days ago     #
same problem, none of suggested links help.

BrightonDave       57 days ago     #
Can't click through photos, maps or floorplan

Guest       58 days ago     #
None of the suggested links work I'm afraid.

Mrs Wilson       58 days ago     #
Can only see the front page of any ad clicked on. Can't click through photos or floorplan.

T       58 days ago     #
Cannot scroll through descriptions - won't open maps - can only see what is there on the front pages to scroll down - very frustrating- tried your fix below and didn't work

J       58 days ago     #
Can’t scroll through pics, description not showing nor maps street view etc. Most frustrating

Guest       58 days ago     #
Photos of properties won't load, description not available, likewise map or street view. No 'back to search results #' available either

Guest       66 days ago     #

Guest       69 days ago     #
pages on Norfolk coastal properties unresponsive

Hayley       70 days ago     #
This site can’t be reached

Sonia       74 days ago     #
For over a week a message comes up saying "This page isn't responding" after I have opened the site. I am unable to continue.

Sharon       75 days ago     #
Site access is intermittent

Matt       75 days ago     #
Pages aren't loading correcntly. Very slow loading times

Frances Jeffery       102 days ago     #
I can’t seem to log into rightmove ??

Karen Warrington       119 days ago     #
I access Rightmove and happily navigate the website, however after a while I cannot navigate to another page. This fault is intermittent.

Christine Cook       129 days ago     #
Login will not work

Mozza       132 days ago     #
Can’t access the web site

t gregory       135 days ago     #
cannot log in. tried resetting password and still no joy. tried ringing their phone number, but no answer. very frustrated.

c scotter       138 days ago     #
2 weeks with no access no help. other checked on the market has properties that were on right move before tese issues. you must be loosing money why should sellers estate agents use you if others like me have account cant access properties.. get it sorted.

Guest       139 days ago     #
Cannot log-in after resetting password numerous times.

Pauline Smith       140 days ago     #
I cannot sign into my account. It says there is an error. I have tried to reset my password but it still will not accept this.

Clive Williamson       140 days ago     #
Same "There has been an error with your request please try again." as others all today! Only on pc, phone is fine.

Tried the links from your comment with the same result.

Ron       140 days ago     #
Works on android phone ok for me, but same error as others report on desktop.

GoSco       140 days ago     #
Same issue here "There has been an error with your request please try again" None of the alternative links in the pinned comment work either.

Guest       140 days ago     #
Cannot log in, keeps getting an error as well as password reset

Gill Woolfson       140 days ago     #
Have had an account for years and house hunting and need to access it. Have changed my password on various apple devices but it keeps telling me my email is invalid

Guest       140 days ago     #
Repeated error messages when trying to log in

gary       140 days ago     #
I cant log in to right move

Jenny P       140 days ago     #
Re the current logging-in issues:
Rightmove.co.uk must be making an absolute fortune with the property market the way it currently is and so many of us desperately trying to buy something. So why on earth don't Rightmove employ enough staff to answer the phone and tell us what's going on - or at least put a message up on their Homepage stating they're aware there's a log-in problem and letting us know the tech people are doing their best to fix it. Failing that - get a better crew.

GTC       140 days ago     #
17.50 GMT - same error message as other reports (There has been an error with your request please try again.) This has been the same all day, on both windows (Chrome) and Android. (First error message I got was this morning at 9am...)

Pete       140 days ago     #
Same login problems as below.

Damian       140 days ago     #
Not been able to log in all day

Steve Jones       140 days ago     #
Unable to login

john ferry       140 days ago     #
unable to log in

Guest       140 days ago     #
They suck big times

Rand Hobart       140 days ago     #
Still banjaxed at 15.40

Justin       140 days ago     #
Exactly the same as all other comments below - "There has been an error with your request please try again." Changed password, no difference. Same all day today, also on phone, so same problem android and windows.

Christine       140 days ago     #
Same - can't log into Rightmove and has been for a couple of days

Guest       140 days ago     #
Having the same problem as other users, being told 'there has been an error with my request' when logging in with my correct details. Changing password doesn't resolve problem - nor does using the links provided by 'Admin' below. Need to sort this!!!

KD       140 days ago     #
Same problem logging in as other users. Error message after logging in with correct details.

Alan R       140 days ago     #
Repeatedly won't let me login with my correct username and password.
When I reset password, it still won't let me login.

A       140 days ago     #
I have been having issues all week and the same error message unable to log in - have changed my password a couple of times and still no good. Why are they not resolving this??

Guest       140 days ago     #
Can't login - so annoying! Come on Rightmove - get a grip.

Martin Webb       140 days ago     #
Won't let me login with my correct username and password. When I change password, it still won't let me login. It's been like this all week.....and no one answers the phone.

      140 days ago     #
Unable to log in ..."There has been an error with your request please try again."

Garry       140 days ago     #
Can't log in

AS       140 days ago     #
Cannot log in saying error. Changed PW and tried links still error

Ms       140 days ago     #
Unable to log in - what’s up.

Steve P       140 days ago     #
"There has been an error with your request please try again."

Not really a very helpful message

Ian B       140 days ago     #
I've tried the alternate web addresses from admin. These work fine but the problem isn't that one can search for properties- and each of these alternates gives you this- but the moment you try to save anything down or access your favourites then you have the same problem i.e can't login.

Ian B       140 days ago     #
Rightmove is driving me around the bend. There's a problem with the password- unchanged and working perfectly for months. So I've changed it, doesn't work, same thing again and again. It's been like this for about 2 hours this morning. Time is 13.14 GMT.

N       140 days ago     #
Fuck you Rightmove, off to On The Market instead

Mike S       140 days ago     #
Admin. None of those work. Getting error message still when I try to log in.

b       140 days ago     #
Still can't sign in after changed pw and trying different redirects.

M       140 days ago     #
Awful website, very clunky, in dire need of an infrastructure and UI design upgrade and don't get me started on the lack of actual technical support; can't login, changed pwd, still not, ZERO comms on what the issues are & how long it might be to resolve, etc-etc. Way-to-GO Rightmove!

Another guest       140 days ago     #
Still cannot sign in - same issues as everyone below

Alan       140 days ago     #
Can't log in. By the looks of the other comments, it's a fault with Rightmove. Time right now is 12:10GMT 7th Jan 2022

Sharon       140 days ago     #
Everything is blank

Sharon       140 days ago     #
So annoying I can't log in stupid rightmove

Tina       140 days ago     #
I cant login either, even after changing password.

Eva       140 days ago     #
There is an error with your request please try again. Reset password still doesn’t work

L       140 days ago     #
Unable to login even after changing password

John Eastwood       140 days ago     #
Unable to log in

D       140 days ago     #
error logging despite resetting password and following links below

Adrian       140 days ago     #
Unable to login.

"There has been an error with your request please try again"

M.       140 days ago     #
There has been an error with your request please try again.

Guest       140 days ago     #
Keeps saying my password is incorrect. I reset it, go back to the log in page and it says the password is wrong

Vic       140 days ago     #
Cannot login. Ffs

Zainab       140 days ago     #
Log in error message

Mary       141 days ago     #
Can't log in

Another Guest       141 days ago     #
Login not working, again, on safari or chrome.

KevC       141 days ago     #
Keeps happening quite regular now, probably been hacked and they aren't saying diddly sqiat

TsNMouse       141 days ago     #
There has been an error with your request please try again.
Seems like its popping up a fair amount today!

Adrian       141 days ago     #
I haven;'t been able to login via my computer for several days now; 'There has been an error with your request please try again.' - It's still working on my phone with the same Login details? - Poor website support

NS       141 days ago     #
Can't login on website, app works though. Terrible website!!

saucy       141 days ago     #
login issues...again!!

rafal       141 days ago     #
cant log in

Lesley       144 days ago     #
Tells me to change password then tells me there is an error try again later. Been doing this for 3 days now

Nik       144 days ago     #
Can’t log in

Ian       144 days ago     #
Complete failure to login to the app.. even after reinstalling the app.

Ann       144 days ago     #
Cannot log in to Rightmove even I’ve reset password for few times , keeps coming up with error message

Paul       144 days ago     #
Cannot log in to Rightmove - keeps coming up with error message

c       144 days ago     #
Login problem on website. Resetting password works, but then trying to login with new password throws up the error again. Now thrown out of the app also.

Robert       145 days ago     #
Saved properties not appearing.

sonia jarvis       151 days ago     #
When I log in for the past week I get this message : There has been an error with your request please try again.
I have tried changing my password but it still does not work.

Anthony       151 days ago     #
Whenever I try to log in, I put in my email address and password, and am immediately asked for them again for no reason. I meticulously made sure they were correct in case it was me, but the same thing kept happening. This has happened several times in the last couple of weeks, so I can only assume it is a site problem.

Roger       155 days ago     #
'There has been an error with your request please try again' (Sorry Admin, your supplied links don't work either!)

Guest       155 days ago     #
There has been an error with your request please try again.

Lisa       155 days ago     #
Yep getting the There has been an error with your request please try again." or email address not recognised. Very frustrating as I had saved a load of properties yesterday and wanted to go through them today.

Grace Ng       155 days ago     #
Can't access rightmove

Please help!!!

MSTP       156 days ago     #
We are in Malta and have a property for sale on Right Move. We are not able to access our account, and not even able so search the Website to browse for properties.

Tina       156 days ago     #
No access to the website for 4 days now. Leaves message saying 'The page you are attempting to access is unable to be served.......... (see other comment below)

Now app not recognising my sign in, so lost access this way also.

kate spencer       156 days ago     #
Can't log in - details not recognised

Guest user       156 days ago     #
Can't log in

susan       156 days ago     #
Glad to know it's not just me but frustrating to not be able to access the website looking for a new property. It appears to be their website that has a massive problem, not the customer IP as the message suggests, so they should change the message to say they are working on it . On a recent survey I suggested that being able to create several lists for your own search would be useful househunting, which I was delighted to see for 1 evening before it crashed !

Glen       157 days ago     #
Numerous attempts and still unable to access the website again today. Very annoying!
Below is the text message shown when attempting to log into the website:

The page you are attempting to access is unable to be served.
Why has this happened?
Our security systems have detected unusual patterns of behaviour relating to the processing of this request.
This could be because some element of the request submitted by your browser has activated one of the filters we use to protect Rightmove from malicious requests (i.e. attempts to 'hack' the site).
Alternatively it could be because your IP address is sending an unusually high amount of requests to Rightmove; this could either be from your browser or from other browsers that share the same internet proxy (this kind of setup is common in office environments).
How can I continue to browse Rightmove?
Please ensure you have JavaScript and cookies enabled in your browser settings and press the back button.
If this does not work, please try accessing the Rightmove website again in a few minutes.
If you are still receiving this page after attempting the above steps, please e-mail webaccess@rightmove.co.uk with the subject line "Access Support ID:15775254028153764022" and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Please note that we will only respond to e-mails with a valid support ID as shown above.
Thank you,

Dan       157 days ago     #
Not working for some reason. not sure what caused it.

Paul       157 days ago     #
"The page you are attempting to access is unable to be served."
5:02am, 22.12.2021

Edmund@hk       157 days ago     #
Can't access rightmove from Hong Kong for a couple days... Is it blocked by someone?

Ben       157 days ago     #
the link provided by "Admin" are not working as well!

Glen       157 days ago     #
Impossible to access the website. Shame (or rather very fustrating) when you are looking to buy a property.

Senpai       162 days ago     #
"There has been an error with your request please try again."

c       163 days ago     #
"There has been an error with your request please try again." on chrome when try and login. Works on app but not on chrome

Guest       167 days ago     #
can't open rightmove.co.uk since yesterday

Sarah       189 days ago     #
Website and app not working

Guest       198 days ago     #
Server down

A       221 days ago     #
Still down 08.25 19/10/21

Guest       221 days ago     #
Says server cannot be reached.

Sean Blake       221 days ago     #
Rightmove website appears to be down again this evening. Had problems with it earlier around 5-6pm.

Andy       221 days ago     #
Like this all day

Outage       221 days ago     #
It’s shot down. Perhaps can’t afford the electric bill?

Andy       221 days ago     #
Down on both web and app - all caches cleared

Nick B       221 days ago     #
It’s down

RJ MOORE       221 days ago     #
I can get on rightmove.co.uk on my mobile network but not via my Sky broadband

David       221 days ago     #
Cannor access rightmove

jayne       221 days ago     #
says cant reach this page, DNS server not available, happens on all gadgets

Thea       221 days ago     #
Server cannot be found or there is an error or cannot download

Guest       221 days ago     #
Its says cant connect to server

MaggieD       221 days ago     #
App. Error message saying 'server error occurred'

ME       221 days ago     #
useless website, sort it out Rightmove !

guest       221 days ago     #
can't access website. All other sites working fine

Guest       253 days ago     #
Cannot access the site on any browser.

Guest       276 days ago     #
Happening more and more. It might load once or twice and after that it just says "This site can't be reached". It says this when my internet goes down, but my internet is working fine. I can still access all other websites.

L       283 days ago     #
Can't access website from Microsoft/ Opera or Chromebook or Android Chrome this morning.
Msg "This Site can't be reached".
Can reach all other websites tried

LGK       283 days ago     #
Cannot create an account. Receiving message: "There has been an error with your request please try again."

Request URL: https://my.rightmove.co.uk/register
Request Method: POST
Status Code: 500

Guest       284 days ago     #
Searches not working

Wendy       287 days ago     #
Aw snap error coming up when browsing

Guest       287 days ago     #
Getting Aw Snap all the time since yesterday afternoon. So annoying!

Annoyed from Southampton       288 days ago     #
search is behaving badly Aw Snap all the time.

Suhaila Nadeem       316 days ago     #
Not showing properties even with wide search fields. Only populating a few yet same yielding over thousand on zoopla. So think something is wrong

Bob       351 days ago     #
Shocking server all the time

EV       372 days ago     #
cannot create an account due to an error with Rightmove

A.Day       450 days ago     #
Individual properties are not displaying correctly when clicked on from searches.

adman       458 days ago     #
I'm looking for a place at the mo. This website is down as often as it's up.

Guest       467 days ago     #
I sign in but can’t access saved properties just asks me to sign in again

dez       540 days ago     #
app + web both out

Marez       820 days ago     #
Rightmove.co.uk website is not working for me. My browser is not displaying this site properly. You can find all save links here. Please fix your browser. This site is used to record my performance in Tournaments. It doesn't anymore. I have turned it off and back on, and it doesn't seem to be changing anything. The links to live photos on the main page no longer work, and when you click one of the links, it jumps to the next link, which is the registration site. Do you know which version of your site works best for me? I'd really appreciate it. I'd also like to link back to your website from my blog, since my SEO shows you as a significant linker in my search rankings. Can I do this without a big keyword campaign?