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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       3 hours ago     #
Cannot ammend order , says we cannot connect to this page technical issues try again later

Guest       7 hours ago     #

Patricia       9 hours ago     #
Problem at point of bank payment on iPad Sainsbury’s App

Guest       10 hours ago     #
General Outage

Guest       11 hours ago     #

Guest       1 day ago     #

David Wilson       1 day ago     #
Experiencing persistent timeouts when logging in - although persistence has worked eventually.

Also, payment timing out on checkout (therefore order is not updated).

Both problems have occurred repeatedly over the last 3 or 4 days.

Last night, I had to check with technical support to ensure that my basket was correct for today's delivery, and that payment was forced through manually. If this keeps up, I will be doing the same for next week's delivery.

Guest       1 day ago     #
Can't checkout with Natwest debit card

Guest       1 day ago     #
Checkout with Natwest Debit card

Guest       1 day ago     #
Sainsbury web site, can't log in

Sarah earle       1 day ago     #
Can’t log on to my account to amend orders now. 1 pm we’d 12 th may

Guest       2 days ago     #
Unable to access frozen foods

Guest       2 days ago     #
Thoroughly fed up with this site..been awful since the weekend.Cannot log on and amend orders..yet again.

Hungry       2 days ago     #
Cant check out say's the site is not available please try later,so i can't update tomorrows delivery.

Guest       2 days ago     #
Cannot add items to basket

Guest       3 days ago     #
payment does not work

Bee jay       3 days ago     #
Here is what I keep getting if I tried login

For security reasons, your account is currently blocked. To access your account again, please contact our team on 0800 328 1700.

Error code: 7135JSO

Jackie       3 days ago     #
I wasn't able to checkout yesterday. I have tried again today and still no success. I think they are now losing my business !! Very frustrating .

Guest       3 days ago     #
i cannot check out after doing my online shop

Michela       5 days ago     #
Card payment details not being accepted at checkout. Tried two different cards, still can't checkout

Caroline       5 days ago     #
Not able to checkout for online shopping

M spicer       5 days ago     #
Absolute incompetence with sainsburys and treatment on phone abysmal wonder if letter or call to CEO will make them sit up and treat us like human beings Tesco site far superior. I have spent three days only to receive parrot fashion phrase your password is incorrect when it ISNT incompetence is absolutely staggering

Ron       6 days ago     #
Cannot view favourites or any products..nothing loading.Only Sainsbury server not responding.Other sites fine so not my internet causing the problem.

Derek Maren       6 days ago     #
A few times during the last months i have completed my online shopping , then found i couldn't complete the checkout procedure, i do not need this to happen as i get very stressed, and as i have been diagnosed with a mild stroke, i need to check out straight away, my wife never used the computer or does the shop.

Moira Yorston       7 days ago     #
Having trouble updating our order. When we get to confirm payment this appears.’s server IP address could not be found.

Guest       7 days ago     #
Update order/payment not working

Guest       7 days ago     #

East       7 days ago     #
said a passcode has been sent to my phone: no text, tried 5 times now.

Jessie       7 days ago     #
Going round in circles..nothing adding to basket.Giving up with Sainsbury website.

Guest       7 days ago     #
Cannot checkout when ordering groceries online - absolutely infuriating

Guest       9 days ago     #
I cannot checkout. I updated my card, and received confirmation from you it has been accepted. Sti

Guest       10 days ago     #

David Jones       11 days ago     #
Cannot pay for my order. Will cancel and go elsewhere.

Guest       11 days ago     #

Outraged       11 days ago     #
Abysmal ,payment not processing and no e-mail confirmation re amendments

Guest       13 days ago     #
Payment not processing, been like it on and off for weeks

steve       14 days ago     #
£1050.00 spent at rival supermarkets by myself in the last 4 months because "something went wrong " message constantly. Surely someone must care???

Julie B       14 days ago     #
Cannot check out from before you go pages, no checkout button from these pages. Going round in circles.

Tigger       15 days ago     #

Please try again later

Sorry, but because of the amount of people trying to access our website at the moment, we're having to limit numbers.Please come back and try again shortly.

Got a query about an order being delivered today?

Please give us a call on 0800 328 1700.

Guest       15 days ago     #
Please try again later

Sorry, but because of the amount of people trying to access our website at the moment, we're having to limit numbers.
Please come back and try again shortly.

Got a query about an order being delivered today?
Please give us a call on 0800 328 1700.

Logan       15 days ago     #
Website too busy ... not letting me log in?

Guest       15 days ago     #
4 weeks out of last 5 my card has been declined when Sainsbury's try to check out my on line deliver

G Kemp       16 days ago     #
I only want to pay for my order.
I’ve already lost one slot.

Unhappy customer       17 days ago     #
This has gone on too long. Why is your groceries website not working?

Jess       18 days ago     #
Unable to check out, two days trying in a row. Won't process payment. This will affect my order which is due for delivery on Tuesday. What is going on?

Guest       18 days ago     #
unable to pay

Guest       23 days ago     #
Won’t process payment ..nightmare

Mrs Janet Stanley       27 days ago     #
hy can't I log in to my account today - I am a long standing customer with an account?

Guest       29 days ago     #
is the site still down. I have tried over few days and each time I click to pay I get an error mess

Caving in starving       30 days ago     #
Can't log into my account as I am not receiving verification e-mails. Contacted Customer Service on Saturday morning and was told IT would fix within 72 hours worst case. Still no luck Tuesday evening.

Teresa       30 days ago     #
Poor effort Sainsbury! Still unable to log in - blank page is all I get. No message to say what is going on. Customers will go elsewhere.

CW       31 days ago     #
Unable to checkout - again.
"Silence is Golden"...but not in your case, Sainsburys. How many customers are you going to lose because of 1) your problems and 2) your lack of information?

cat       31 days ago     #
Yet again unable to checkout. I Live in a village 10 miles from any town and am disabled. I have been a loyal on line customer since 2005 and totally rely on online shopping. Come on Sainsbury, sort this problem out . Tried Mastercard and Visa but no joy. How much can you afford to lose. Bad business .

Linda Joyce       32 days ago     #
How many more comments have got to be left before someone in admin does something about this verification page timing out! Had to contact customer services to get my shopping checked out last week. They have logged the complaint.

G       32 days ago     #
This is ridiculous this has been going on for days- don't you care about your customers?!
Can't get onto the site on an iPad, it keeps going back to the log on screen endlessly and following your links, as pinned, on a laptop the formatting makes it completely unusable.

Sue       32 days ago     #
Tried yet again. Got onto site but when tried to log in the page went blank again. Will have a look at Tesco. I am old and shielding, need deliveries.

Sweetpea       32 days ago     #
So disappointed with you Sainsburys. In the very least it would be a help to your many loyal customers to announce on your website that there is a problem. Instead I spent more time than I could spare since the middle of the week in trying to update an existing order, only getting half my shopping today, ....don't even try to order for the following week! This is in addition to me trying to make funeral arrangements as well. Not good enough!

Phil J Chapman       32 days ago     #
I have resolved my immediate issue by adding my visa credit card to the account. The checkout and payment processed on this card so I assume that my amended order has been processed successfully. Does the issue what ever it is only impact debit cards ?..

Phil J Chapman       32 days ago     #
I have been trying to checkout from my online Sainsbury order all afternoon , the verification by visa step is just hanging . The screen indicates the transaction is process by but it does not complete.

I need to close this order by 11:00 pm tonight it is due for delivery tomorrow a.m.

If this has been an ongoing problem over I would expect Sainsbury’s to alert customers on the to the issue on the website...

Sue       32 days ago     #
Cannot log in. Been like this for several days. Surely your tech people can sort this out. You will lose a lot of loyal customers if not sorted today.

Tony       32 days ago     #
First I couldn't amend my order so I cancelled it and did a new order and now I can't get past the verification screen. Bank not at fault, problem is with Sainsburys.
So annoying!

Kath       32 days ago     #
Can not get log in page on Internet explorer

JG Dray       33 days ago     #
Cannot finish my groceries. Message says 'contact your bank' says it's Sainsburys fault.
When will it be sorted out? I need to place order now.

Guest       33 days ago     #
Payment for online order

Guest       33 days ago     #
payment verification page

Susie Pallant       33 days ago     #
Trying to log in to add to my order for delivery tomorrow (Sunday) but screen just comes up blank - help! Been trying all day.

Guest       34 days ago     #
Not letting me pay for online order

Steve       34 days ago     #
Unable to login. Keep getting 'Something went wrong. Sorry, we're having trouble logging you in right now. Try again to see if that fixes the problem.' It doesn't. Reloading the browser and starting again. doesn't work. Tried Firefox - no. Internet Explorer. No. Eventually worked with Safari. If the store wasn't so near I'd go to Waitrose.

Ihp       35 days ago     #
24hrs having probs checking out with usual card.. On the visa verification page unable to progress as circle just keeps going then times out. Had to use alternative bank card to confirm slot and check out

Linda Joyce       35 days ago     #
I have been unable to checkout deliveries for two days as payment verification times out. If there is a problem please post on your site.

CW.       35 days ago     #
Unable to checkout - payment verification times out. Have tried all websites listed and none work.

Guest       35 days ago     #
Unable to checkout. Clicked discard changes and now lost my entire shopping basket and cannot access site at all........

Guest       35 days ago     #
unable to check out on app or laptop since yesterday

Jacqueline walker       35 days ago     #
Still not working tried other links still no joy!

Guest       35 days ago     #
mastercard payment verification timing out (still)

Liz B       35 days ago     #
Please fix Mastercard verification...getting very frustrated!

guest       36 days ago     #
None of links above work..
we need updated information????????

jeff       36 days ago     #
Admin...........Give us all some updated information
When will the fix happen???

jeff       36 days ago     #
get your fingers out and fix the payment verification
otherwise tesco will gain another customer.................

guest       36 days ago     #
unable to update order as payment times out

Guest       36 days ago     #
online checkout

Guest       36 days ago     #
Check Out

Guest       36 days ago     #
Check Out

Guest       36 days ago     #
wont put through payment. my bank say everything is fine and told me to clear cookies and history wh

Guest       36 days ago     #
When I go to book a slot/checkout it says down for maintenance but I can add stuff to my basket

Hil       37 days ago     #
Can't update order. I tried 3 times and it times out each time

Guest       38 days ago     #
online banking

Guest       41 days ago     #
Can't update order had to phone them on 1st and 2nd April to do this

Jane Jones       41 days ago     #
Unable to checkout had to call customer services on 1st and 2nd April 2021

Judy Burgess       41 days ago     #
Unable to log in

Tim Court       42 days ago     #
I have used all 4 of those links and it doesnt work

Tim Court       42 days ago     #
impossible to check out - it comes up with bank error using my santander or nat west debit cards. I had this on the last order and phoned customer services who did it over the phone - I cant get through to them now and i've missed my collection slot. I 've been trying since last night and have given up now and gone to tesco

Jane Jones       42 days ago     #
Unable to checkout and pay on app and website ..phoned customer service for help

Guest       42 days ago     #
Checking out

Guest       42 days ago     #
I've just now managed to get my shop updated and payment has went through ????

Guest       42 days ago     #
April 1st 2021 [not a joke] Payment refused/not possible on groceries website due to Firefox reporti

Guest       42 days ago     #
Payment for groceries not contacting bank

Guest       42 days ago     #
Won’t let me check out for tomorrow’s delivery

mrs B       42 days ago     #
not able to proceed through payment & says to contact bank. It's the first time this has happened & have tried to proceed through checkout on laptop and on phone but neither works. Was just updating a delivery order for tomorrow so will keep trying.

sam       42 days ago     #
Have a problem checking out for tomorrows delivery :(

Karen Leaver       42 days ago     #
Cannot checkout on website - payment fails.

Guest       42 days ago     #
E-commerce check out

Guest       43 days ago     #
Unable to log-in on Firefox, changed password, still unable to log in. Tried Chrome, got sent a security code in order to log in, logged in now but not sure why it's not working on Firefox as normal or why I need a security code

Guest       44 days ago     #
Problem with website and log in. Had problems logging in and paying for the past couple of months since the message saying "We’ve introduced My ID to make login and registration easier." appeared on their website Ha ha Sainsbury's it's made it much worse - unless you don't actually want people to use your services. Time to go elsewhere sick of it taking over an hour just to login. Tried using Chrome instead of Firefox and the payment kept failing on that.

Linda Heitman       46 days ago     #
I Can't log into Website or Nectar Site. I am being told I have the wrong password. I am not receiving the code to log in so that I can change my password..

Susan       46 days ago     #
Tries all the links suggested - same problems!

Susan       46 days ago     #
Can't do my shopping. No checkout option since 26th March!! Only shows 'save trolley' or 'empty trolley'. Can't get through to Customer Services "Sorry lines are busy please try later".
Expected more of Sainsburys

Guest       49 days ago     #
Can't cancel order

Sandra Phipps       49 days ago     #
Can't check out trolley and pay. I am no spring chicken, but usually do this weekly without a problem. There is no button appearing at the bottom to tell you to continue on the "Before you go" section ' I have been trying pretty continually for several hours and keep losing my booked slot. I haven't seen a message from Sainsbury's but I am pretty sure it is a problem with their website and not my PC.

H Fishman       49 days ago     #
Full trolley, but can't check it out and pay using web browser. Usually there is a 'continue' button at the bottom of the long scrolling 'before you go' page where they're trying to sell you more stuff, but this button isn't appearing. Tried to use 'checkout now' option in side bar, but that just takes me back to the scrolling page again. This is for my elderly vision-impaired mother who has difficulty using the phone app, so it's pretty poor...

Darren       50 days ago     #
Been over 3 months that every time I try to login I get "something went wrong" have phoned several times nothing has changed. Such incompetence and not one iota of care for customers Sainsbury's you have lost my custom!

Guest       51 days ago     #
When viewing my trolley the items duplicate so where I have 148 products in the trolley it flips to 298 when I come to view the full trolley

name       52 days ago     #
ABS useless

Jo Dunn       52 days ago     #
Trying to log in on my pc & mobile & you say you will send a code to my phone. You havent yet, 3 hours been trying

Guest       52 days ago     #
you dont send me the 6 digit code

Guest       53 days ago     #
Can't connect to bank payment screen after checkout ('web page not available' error)

Guest       53 days ago     #
Cant complete checkout - doesn't connect to bank pages (cards from different banks tried)

Winston       54 days ago     #
Online card payment is working again now after being off this afternoon, Thanks Sainsburys, for fixing it.

Guest       54 days ago     #
Online shopping

Guest       54 days ago     #
Payment page

Guest       54 days ago     #
Paying for order

Winston       54 days ago     #
Checkout not working this afternoon and now.

Guest       54 days ago     #
checkout not working

Doug       55 days ago     #
I get a 403 error ... this has been the case for several hours

Guest       56 days ago     #
Can’t check out.

Guest       56 days ago     #
Tried several times over 4 hours today and cannot log in to new Captcha version log in
I once received a code but the link would not complete

Jude       57 days ago     #
Website down 403 error.

Guest       57 days ago     #
Checking out order

Hope       63 days ago     #
after 4 days shut out of Sainsbury's, I rang and cancelled a booked order (which I could not alter before delivery). Five calls to the customer services with no actual solid reason for the problem. I booked a delivery with the opposition ! - well tonight I managed to get back onto the website, although it did not recognise my password (no, it actually wanted me to create a new password following all the acrobatics with nectar cards, which I don't personally use) ..... So, new password completed, I actually made it through the front door ............ phew, not sure how others are faring though. Was it my cancelled order that did the trick ? or was it coincidence that they finally got their act together ?, we may never know.

A       63 days ago     #
Cannot checkout; called and they said add a payment method to your account, that didn't work either; they tried to do it from their payment control people, but it didn't appear on my account.

Mike       63 days ago     #
Haven't been able to log in all day to amend a grocery order. Message reads " Unfortunately there has been an error in the request. Please try again later. Sort it out Sainsburys !!

Marge       63 days ago     #
Why can’t I order frozen food on app

David Fellows       63 days ago     #
I have been trying for days to order my online shop but i cant lod on . i am shielding 72 years old and need food i have also paid for 3 months delivery in advance do i now have to find another shop to buy my goods

Guest       64 days ago     #
403 error for two days. Sometimes page loads but then wont log in "Something went wrong" error.

Hope       64 days ago     #
403 error for three days - locked out of Sainsbury's front door - couldn't update my delivery order, nor book another delivery. Tried using several browsers, but none working. What the hell Sainsbury's - get a grip and get this sorted or I'm off shopping elsewhere.

RB       65 days ago     #
Last night I was unable to login using firefox on PC - (Cannot log you in at the moment . .)
Reloaded firefox and it worked last night.
Edge on the same PC gave no problem.

Cannot even reach the website using firefox - 403 ERROR
No problem using Edge on the same PC .
No problem using Mi Browser on Mobile Phone .

Paul Jervis       65 days ago     #
cannot log into my account using firefox for 3 days now. Phoned for help, could not understand the call helper. Absolutely useless. Will be ordering from Tesco

Darren       66 days ago     #
I haven't been able to login to Sainsbury's for nearly 2 months, every time I get "Something Went Wrong" phoned twice said they will raise it with the technical department but nothing has been done. Whoever redesigned the website is an incompetent idiot and so are Sainsbury's for not testing it properly before launching and losing millions from customers who cannot shop on their site!

Tony       66 days ago     #

Who cares?       66 days ago     #
Unable to log in to account using Firefox browser, but can using Chromium (on Linux). Totally different webpage for login on Chromium, with email and password boxes both visible. With Firefox only email box shows and log in is not possible as no access to password page comes up, just a message that login is not possible, try again. Telephone customer support just told me this has been an issue for 4 weeks for a number of customers, but could not explain why it is still not fixed. I am beginning to wonder if the issue is caused by unauthorised access to servers by people after credit card details etc?

Lost my custom now       67 days ago     #
The request could not be satisfied.
Request blocked. We can't connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner.
If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation.

Generated by cloudfront (CloudFront)
Request ID: rtPOi08xTTnPbDNHId_klKJ1MayLkvvq5v3GPZ1y2Y6fQHbonvCuoQ==

Bye Bye       67 days ago     #
Admin pinned NONE of your links work sorry 403 ERROR
The request could not be satisfied.

Fed up and lost       67 days ago     # Sainsbury's shopping site suspended
Technical problems have taken out Sainsbury's online shopping system, affecting some 10,000 customers.

Really really Fed up now       67 days ago     #
Sainsbury's shopping site suspended
Technical problems have taken out Sainsbury's online shopping system, affecting some 10,000 customers.

Really Fed Up       67 days ago     #
ALL This to try and get a shop whats the point
The request could not be satisfied.
Request blocked. We can't connect to the server for this app or website at this time. There might be too much traffic or a configuration error. Try again later, or contact the app or website owner.
If you provide content to customers through CloudFront, you can find steps to troubleshoot and help prevent this error by reviewing the CloudFront documentation.

Fed Up again       67 days ago     #
Hey Admin thanks but still get this 403 ERROR
The request could not be satisfied.

Lost       67 days ago     #
403 error loads of captcha's then 403 plus the app not working either come on Sainsburys

Fed Up       67 days ago     #
403 error

Bruce       67 days ago     #
cannot open web page

Stesha       67 days ago     #
403 error for 2nd day - PLEASE do something!

Guest       68 days ago     #
403 error - never had this problem before

Stesha       68 days ago     #
Cannot log in!

Cara Larm       68 days ago     #
403 error for last 48 hours, cannot sign in

John Wilcox       72 days ago     #
A customer of mine seems to be redirected to a malware page when clicking on Sainsbury's from Google.
example malware :xxxx redacted fo

Bobby       73 days ago     #
Checkout in shopping app not working..Says website isn't working

T.       73 days ago     #
Sainsbury's shopping app checkout isn't working... I need to check out before 11pm today otherwise I won't be able to update my order...

Douglas       73 days ago     #
Every time I log in to Sainsburys I have log-in problems.
No other site gives me problems. Is rejection used because the site is overloaded

Guest       76 days ago     #

Anthony cook       79 days ago     #
Can't up date my order

Sara       82 days ago     #
On my mothers account on her windows PC in leeds
"Something went wrong" every time I try to login. This happened 2 weeks ago too. This website is not fit for purpose. Sainsbury's will be haemorrhaging customers at this rate as we all shop elsewhere!
I can log on from manchester, and using the Ipad. Have cleaned cookies - reset browser, tried chrome, edge and firefox

Tracie       84 days ago     #
App checkout button unresponsive

Beryl Rose       85 days ago     #
I can’t access my online shopping web today 17/02/21 it just keeps bringing me back to the login screen and I know the password etc I’ve been using are correct

paul reckin       86 days ago     #
Implemented MYID now cannot Groceries online for three weeks from jan26th2021 as my email address is not recognised despite it being ok before. No Tech response to fix my problem even with many calls to their tech call centre. Sainsburys is at present not fit for purpose

Toyah Squire       88 days ago     #
cut off and unable to log in again

DW       92 days ago     #
"Something went wrong" every time I try to login. This happened 2 weeks ago too. This website is not fit for purpose. Sainsbury's will be haemorrhaging customers at this rate as we all shop elsewhere!

AJ       93 days ago     #
Haddington - Something went wrong
Sorry, we're having trouble logging you in right now. Try again to see if that fixes the problem - 8.20pm

Graham       101 days ago     #
Can't login... tried multiple times.

"Something went wrong
Sorry, we're having trouble logging you in right now. Try again to see if that fixes the problem."