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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Darko       1 hour ago     #
App not working online registration not working disappointed this is 3 time ive had that issue in 3 mounts and I've been in london 3 times

Guest       1 hour ago     #

Guest       2 hours ago     #

Guest       11 hours ago     #
General Outage

Guest       20 hours ago     #

Dennis       2 days ago     #
Oyster log in/ top up not working. Keeps going round in circle

Ovidiu vochitu       3 days ago     #
I’m trying to make a challenge on one pcn and when I’m getting to the end is coming back with a msg that “something gone wrong, we have a technical problem. You won’t be able to make London road users charging transactions at the moment” I’ve tried all day long today with same result.

Vikki       8 days ago     #
Won't let me past the capcha image id page, real pain!!

Guest       9 days ago     #
Signing into my TfL account

stuart       13 days ago     #
Won't let me past the capcha image id page, have restarted and tried again, keep getting error and can't log on to top up oyster.

Isabelle       16 days ago     #
I have been trying to pay the congestion charge since Thursday 3rd of June. I drove to Guy's hospital which is just inside the congestion zone. My partner had just had his covid jab the day before and wasn't feeling well enough to travel. I tried multiple times to login, reset my password, create a new account, call the helpline and email customer services. I tried to set up auto pay but the application kept being rejected. I finally got an email today telling me they have reset the account but basically I'm going to receive a penalty charge for late payment. The link they sent attached to the patronising email didn't work. I phoned the helpline today and finally got through to an actual person. All she could do was reset my account again which still didn't work! I tried to enter a new password and it was rejected. The email I had received also told me that I can pay the congestion without an account but when I click on the link the page doesn't exist. This has been so frustrating and I'm not looking forward to challenging the penalty charge.

Andy       21 days ago     #
Journey planner disabled/error message for any trips tried

Jan       23 days ago     #
Cannot update my Oyster card for two days, despite having email requiring me to do so.

guest       31 days ago     #
not letting me top up or manage any oysters - error / maintenance notifications for a few days despite trying on various devices

R valadas marques       33 days ago     #
Was your site mal functions on 5/05/2021 I had problem paying my congestion charge I can see I made 3 attempts

Guest 2       34 days ago     #

David       62 days ago     #
been trying to log in for 2 days.

Guest       74 days ago     #
Tfl site has serious faults giving journey planner info and needs to be completely sorted/ It used t

Doug Marti;       115 days ago     #
Tried relentlessly to login, even changing the password (unnecessarily) but still unable to get in. So frustrating!!

Guest       119 days ago     #

Guest       407 days ago     #

Marino       483 days ago     # website is not working for me, it's having issues - a shared webserver with the national software repository. I think the problem has been solved, however, after an hour or so of direct enquiries to the site I'm still not able to access the site. It took me hours of research and trying to solve the problem to get the correct link working. Instead it redirects me to the Labour press office website where I have to scroll down to get to a basic page where I find a link to contact the Labour Party with questionnaires, including a link to the party's email in the URL. I don't need the second screen to get to this, but I don't want to have to click twice just to find out what the difference is between socialism and devolution.