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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       5 hours ago     #

Guest       12 hours ago     #
General Outage

Guest       16 hours ago     #

Guest       20 hours ago     #

Guest       3 days ago     #
I’m not able to make a payment

Guest       3 days ago     #
Tried to order lost zip card but after inserting payment details it kept saying that there is a prob

Loins       4 days ago     #
Website is not working. Leaving me with an error whenever I try to contact. Also tfl congestion charge login page is just showing up as white.

Penny Pears       4 days ago     #
Unable to log in to account to pay congestion charge. Having not long spoken to someone who reset my pin number. Very frustrating as this happened on the day I came into London and now have to pay a penalty chsrge

CTH       6 days ago     #
I have been trying to login to pay the ULEZ charge, but have failed!!! If we use these links and click on go "retry for live version" we get another error message.

Andrew M       6 days ago     #
Impossible to create an account; no password is acceptable

R Biggins       6 days ago     #
Trying to log in to my account to pay ULEZ on my blue badge vehicle website down

Nick Rowe       8 days ago     #
This is truly pathetic. I can't log in pay £15 .. will either have to apy £17.50 or be fines for entering zone without payment.


Cjones       12 days ago     #
It’s not working when I’m trying to pay congestion charge

Sue       13 days ago     #
Error message 502 when putting address in ! Bank details. Awful site have tried 11 times now

Afsana Miah       15 days ago     #
I am unable to pay my ulez charge. Says the page is currently not working.

Christine Wise       15 days ago     #
I am trying to replace my list freedom pass but no email verification is being sent to me so I cannot proceed.

Parul Kotecha       17 days ago     #
I am able to log in but not go to autopay page or to check vehicles.
I have PCN for a Car on my fleet of cars.
Will not pay until I get to the bottom of whats gone wrong

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Ray       18 days ago     #
I can not pay my congestion charge for today. the website has crashed

Andrea B       19 days ago     #
cant make a payment to tfl. The transaction goes through then is immediately reversed,

Guest       19 days ago     #

LH SURREY       20 days ago     #

Sorry, something's gone wrong
We have a technical problem. You won't be able to make London Road User Charging transactions at the moment.

Please try again later.

wunderwuzzi       21 days ago     #
So ein scheiss System!!!!

Guest       22 days ago     #
Not accepting oyster account creation

Phil Ridgeon       22 days ago     #
domain choice makes no difference

Phil Ridgeon       22 days ago     #
503 cant service this request at the moment

Phil Ridgeon       22 days ago     #
payment page http 502 - this page not working at the moment - how can I pay the charge If I cant access the page ?

Pissed Off       22 days ago     #
A bunch of amateurs running an extortion racket that can't even keep a web site running.

Guest       23 days ago     #
Can’t reset password via the link

Guest       24 days ago     #
503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

Guest       24 days ago     #
Trying to pay for a 60 Oyster Card renewal, and it shows "We're Sorry This Isn't Working Right Now,

Mike       24 days ago     #
Trying to pay for a 60+ Oyster Card renewal, and it shows "We're Sorry This Isn't Working Right Now, Try again later."

DB       26 days ago     #
ULEZ payment system hast worked all day for me

TINA RODWELL       31 days ago     #

Guest       33 days ago     #
Payment section

T Mayer       34 days ago     #
Been trying all day to order an Oyster photocard. Payment page constantly says "We're sorry this isn't working right now. Sorry there was an error loading that payment option. Try again later or another option." Doesn't matter what payment method, device or browser I use. It's always the same result. Called TFL and requested a call back. Two hours later they called back. The guy was in the middle of helping me and the call suddenly got cut off. Of course, he didn't call me again to complete the transaction. Oh, and just noticed that four of those purchase attempts show as pending transactions in my bank account. Hope they don't actually process through.

Guest       35 days ago     #

Guest       37 days ago     #
Creating an account

frustrated TFL user       37 days ago     #
so frustrated it takes me on average 10 to 15attempts to pay for congestion I either get "
bad gateway" to blank page always half way through inputting my details.. why tfl why?

Guest       38 days ago     #
Is there a problem with the website? I have been having problems paying the ULEZ charge. Tried on day of travel (Monday) too and didn’t work then either.

Janet       38 days ago     #
Been trying to get a zip Oyster card for over 2 weeks. Keep getting error message saying this isn’t working right now??? When will this be resolved

Libs       38 days ago     #
Absolutely diabolical service. I have been trying to login in all day to register my ev for congestion charge discount. Can't do it. Funny when it saves me money it doesn't work, but if I want to pay its fine!!!! The Mayor needs to sort this out and quickly - stop penalising people who want to travel into London to work / shop / visit and sort out your bloody website. Its a major embarrassment for you.

Charlie       39 days ago     #
My son has had his zip card since September I’ve only been able to top it up twice since then as the website never works something needs to be done about this!!!

Guest       39 days ago     #
Adding a blue badge

HJ       46 days ago     #
Have been trying to log in for several days to complete a journey. No explanation of what’s going on or when it will be fixed. Probably the worst public transport website there is.

S Weekes       49 days ago     #
Can't log in to claim 2 refunds for over charges on same journey route, filled in on-line form for a call back and not heard a thing. Now trying to log into my account and constantly get error message arrrrrrrggggggggghhhhhhhhh

D Williams       50 days ago     #
If anyone is experiencing issues topping up your children's Zip/Oyster cards online, the problem could be the payment method you're using. I have been trying all morning and kept getting a message "Sorry this isn't working right now, try again later". I was paying with my debit Mastercard but kept getting the error message, but when I changed this to use my Visa Debit Card the payment went through. This could possibly be and issue with Mastercard transactions so if you are in a hurry and have a Visa debit card use it, otherwise you may have to go to your local station and use a machine to top them up.

D Williams       50 days ago     #
Trying to pay for kids zip cards but payment keeps failing both on zip card website and

tim       56 days ago     #
tried all those links. home page fine ut congestion charge link error 503. all the time.

Tim       56 days ago     #
Just keeps bombing out HTTP ERROR 502 cant do anything. useless.

Burhan       59 days ago     #
I can log in my TFL autopay website

Derek       66 days ago     #
unable to log into website, unable to call customer service

DeniseB       67 days ago     #
Trying for 3 days to buy a 60+ photocard where the application has been already approved online. Sometimes get through to the OTP stage but always same message on the website: "We're sorry this isn't working right now - Try again later". There appears to be no way to report this and to arrange to pay over the phone. This seems to have been an outstanding issue for about 2 weeks now. Going to try and find a suitable complaints form to fill in.

Pankaj Andhares       68 days ago     #
Something went wrong
Your London Road User Charging account has not been created.

John       69 days ago     #
Been trying to fill in a 60+ got two payments keeps telling me not working at the moment please try later

Guest       71 days ago     #
Registration for blue badge

Veebee       74 days ago     #
This is ridiclous! Can't find a way to get registered...error message after error message, and then the call centre is closed..I have wasted an hour of my life on this, because I've filled in forms, created passwords, etc.etc..all to no avail. The links don't work. Why is nothing being done?

Suzanne Anderson - HVL Solutions Limited       74 days ago     #
I have tried all the links above which you state but they all offer the same error message!!

Suzanne Anderson - HVL Solutions Limited       74 days ago     #
Admin, I have been trying all day to pay a PCN and update our Congestion Charge account with a new vehicle but keep getting the same error message: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable. Our vehicle could be driving through the Congestion Zone today and if we can not add this vehicle onto our account then TFL will be quick enough to issue us with a penalty. Can something please be done.

Sharon Price       75 days ago     #
My husband has tried logging in but it won't let him, I have tried to create a new account but it hasn't asked for any registration details etc. Very stressful when he leaves Wales at 03.30 to get to work in London and he's using a different car. This should be made much easier with more information.

JP       75 days ago     #
Haven't been able to log into my account for the past 4 days, try to reset the password but no email gets sent to me. Really annoying as I need the PDF's of my travel by tomorrow!

Frustrated customer       76 days ago     #
Unable to make my yearly 60+ payment for 4 days. keep getting the message "We're sorry this isn't working right now".

Guest       80 days ago     #
Transport for London not working

Warren Hoare       83 days ago     #
what an absolute pile of crap. Shocking... broken links, bad gateways. Never been on a site that makes it so hard to spend money.

M       86 days ago     #
App won't work

Rob Archer       87 days ago     #
Try to log in, get the Capture security, press the right buttons but then error - they know what it is and are fixing it?

Roger Young       89 days ago     #
Every time I try to pay ULEC, particularly on a Sunday, after a day visit to part of London, I log in with password etc, get as far as basket - agree card to pay then blank - comes up HTTP Error 502. What is going on. Last time I spent an hour on the phone to try and sort it. This is not acceptable! You will soon fine me heavily if I don't pay!

Fraser       89 days ago     #
Having unknown language pages appearing when accessing vehicle report - looks like russian

mark       89 days ago     #
trying to set up auto pay for ulez. keeps saying something went wrong, also wouldnt accept creating password, despite following criteria

Julie       89 days ago     #
TfL app won’t allow me to top up my Oyster card

Jim       92 days ago     #
Can't get the pay to drive in London page to load.. same for the last 30 mins. I bet I forget to do it later

Guest       92 days ago     #

Guest       92 days ago     #
No chance. Log in section is down. Tried to create new account still no results

D Evered       98 days ago     #
I have tried various ways to pay the congestion charge and can't get in any way

David T       102 days ago     #
cant sign in to pay congestion charge - keep getting message 'sorry, something has gone wrong..try later'

Sasha Siedel       110 days ago     #
Ive been trying for 4 days to order a replacement zip oyster for my child, when i try to pay it says nothing is in the basket and the pay button cannot be pressed.

Becky       110 days ago     #
Can't get Plan a Journey to work. Can fill in From and To but then I get Journey Results and a blank white horizontal line. No red bus driving through fields or hills. No results. No attempt to find results seemingly. I'm on a desktop computer and have tried MS Edge and Google Chrome. Both have the same problem. I'm using Windows 10 Home.

TfL customer       112 days ago     #
Can’t get journey planner to work on website or on phone app.

Claire Londors       113 days ago     #
I have been trying for 2 days now to top up my daughter’s zip oyster and it keeps saying it’s not available when I go through the payment process

Guest       118 days ago     #
503 bad gateway

jw       121 days ago     #
Admin - links provided do take you to website homepage but accesing congestion charge link gives error message for every link tried 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

jw       121 days ago     # is currently unable to handle this request has been response all day when trying to log on, need to print of my statement for expenses claim!

NM       121 days ago     #
I have been trying to pay for residential discount but the site keep on declining my payment.
I tried to check the contact site but that one failed to show any contact details

Ann       125 days ago     #
Can't use journey planner on computer. Couldn't use journey planner app lat night.

Manon1753       130 days ago     #
Already tried different configurations. Doesn't work. And this is NOT an incidental problem. The proposing of labyrinthal itinerariesIt is a regular occurrence. Google Maps is more reliable.

Manon1753       130 days ago     #
TFL journey planner for travel from Gloucester Road to New Malden proposes a mind blowing combination of tube + buses + trains via Vauxhall Railway station, South Wimbledon, Clapham junction. It totally fails to produce the fastest route District Line from Gloucester Road to Wimbledon and train to New Malden. Checks re: any possible problems with District Line/relevant stations show that all are fully operational. This is not the first time the Journey Planner comes up with the most complicated itineraries anyone could think up.
Secondly, a permanent problem. Whatever preferences I fill out, the website always proposes cycling first. Yes, I knowof the existence of bikes, I cycled through London for 22 years. I gave up because OTHER CYCLISTS, who apparently think the Hifghway Code doesn't apply to them, have made it too dangerous. Much as I would llike to continue to cycle, I have had to give up for safety reasons. I therefore ALWAYS exclude cycling as an option. Yet, it ALWAYS comes up first. Almost insulting.

slaz       132 days ago     #
TFL Go app on Android 8.1 keeps crashing last 2 days. Has worked fine for me for many weeks, now useless.

Neville       133 days ago     # is currently unable to handle this request.
HTTP ERROR 502 What is going on this has been over 2 days now and I cannot get to register my car for congestion charge. This is really annoying and frustrating, sort your website out TFL

Toni       134 days ago     #
Can't pay congestion charge - get the following message:
Sorry, something's gone wrong
We have a technical problem. You won't be able to make London Road User Charging transactions at the moment. Please try again later.

Matt       137 days ago     #
login, select the boats...
update address, save, it doesn't save. Go back, try again... doesn't save.
Try again a few times, eventually it saves. Then I can't get back to the previous screen.
Then it logs me out... select the boats.
Then try something else, it won't work. Then it logs me out, now I can't back in - "too many requests" - after selecting the boats of course.

Don't millions of people use this website? Why is it making me do the same actions over and over again...?!!!

Can TFL fix their crappy website please...

David       139 days ago     #
Can't pay congestion charge - get the following message:
Sorry, something's gone wrong
We have a technical problem. You won't be able to make London Road User Charging transactions at the moment. Please try again later.

Amy       141 days ago     #
Keep getting bad gateway notice, trying to pay ULEZ charge!

Iziss Shaban       142 days ago     #
The web server reported a bad gateway error. Date 05:01:2022
RayID: 6c8dd10decf788b9
My IP address:
Error reference number: 502
Cloudflare location: London

This was my 2nd attempt at applying for a cleaner vehicle discount.

Gordon       144 days ago     #
Unable to renew/pay for 60+ Oyster for 3 weeks now. Tried 3 browsers, 4 devices and 3 cards. Payment appears to pass 3rd party validation, but transaction fails. FFS get Amazon to manage this.

really fed up customer       145 days ago     #
Ive been trying to pay for my oystercard 60+ renewal now for over a month. I use different cards, different computers, different times of day. Validation goes through my bank absolutely fine. But no matter what I do it says the service isn't available right now, please try again later. Its a complete joke. My card will be cancelled and I will have to reapply, costing me twice as much plus I wont be able to commute (not that I can go to work as it doesn't work before 9am at the moment due to the Mayors "temporary" Covid change. But I have no choice - there's no alternative to this admin Hell.

All I can do is make sure I don't vote for Khan next time.

sanjeeda marium       149 days ago     #
i got a letter saying 2 days i havent paid but i did pay and the on 11 dec but the tfl didnt take the money now i checked email that they gave a letter that my email got confirmed. this is unacceptable how the website can make a mistake

Deonne. O       149 days ago     #
TfL Road User Website error: Bad gateway 29.12.21

David T       156 days ago     #

on tfl congestion website as at 12:40pm 22/12/2021
Sorry, something's gone wrong
We have a technical problem. You won't be able to make London Road User Charging transactions at the moment.

Please try again later.

David T       156 days ago     #
TFL congestion charge website, after login saying technical problem, cant accept payments

Ben       159 days ago     #
When I click "sign in" it takes me to
Then when I try reset password, I receive no email.

Stan Dobrowolski       160 days ago     #
Unable to pay for 60+ Oyster card for a family member.
If I enter a wrong card expiry date the bank tells me about it, so payment requests are getting to my bank.
But the TfL web site just says "Try again later".
Have been trying at various times of day over three days.

BP       160 days ago     #
Oyster app not updating

Mo       162 days ago     #
hi everyone the website works just keep on trying otherwise you will get fine by the post I tried over 30 times finally it took payment for ulez and congestion charge total £30

Rossy       163 days ago     #
Trying to access ULEZ payment - have been getting code 503 since yesterday

Judge Dread       163 days ago     #
Trying to pay congestion charge. Keep getting Error 503. System operated by Crapita so only to be expected.....

Guest       163 days ago     #
payments system

Guest       164 days ago     #

We have a technical problem. You won't be able to make London Road User Charging transactions at the moment

Clay Sayre       164 days ago     #
I have been tyring to pay online £20 for an oyster 60+ for four days now, since Friday and have used muiltiple cards The site rejects. My bank confirms (by phone) that they are sending the payments out and TFL is rejecting it and retuerning the funds

Jonathan Sweeney       165 days ago     #
Payment page on the website not working. After trying a number of time over the past 4 days I still can't pay the £10 for renewal of 60+ Oyster card. Repeated messages to try again later.

jl       168 days ago     #
Cannot pay for 60+ card. Repeated messages to try again later.

Anon       171 days ago     #
When payment fails you end up on a page that has no links to take you to tfl to start again.
No real way to add comments or email in complaints, only telephone. I am not on social media. Telephone wastes more time. All companies should be offering 0800 numbers only and the choices at the should be short and only 2 levels. f the phone is not answered within a few minutes then tfl should call back not leave a customer hanging on the line.

Anon       171 days ago     #
Payment link down yesterday, today instead of just accepting card you need my address and CVC number from the card which is elasewhere, then the link times out. so for a third time trying to do this. TFL should pay users every time it fails. Autopay should not be a £10 charge, it should be free and that will remove issues. Although your position is if someone does not choose autopay you can fine them when they forget. Just a moneymaking scam like all of these driving charges.

L Hill       171 days ago     #
When I click on the login link it says "bad gateway".

When clicking on CC from the links below it comes up with "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable"

Tfl can smd       174 days ago     #
Man fuck yall wtf plz fix this shitty website ive been trying to pay for my oyster for ages but ur stupid site keeps giving that error message but when my brother ordered a replacement for his the payment went through instantly??? Even though we paid with the same credit card???? Are u fucking kidding me

Steve       174 days ago     #
keeps saying when you try and top up and pay
"We're sorry this isn't working right now
Try again later"
This was also saying this last week!

Guest       175 days ago     #

Scott       177 days ago     #
I've tried all the links offered which opens the home page, but when I put 'Make an enquiry' in the search box, which was what customer services told me to do to upload photo evidence, it just goes to the Error page.

Scott       177 days ago     #
I can't access website it keeps saying Error, Sorry for the inconvenience, Bad Gateway.

Seraphina       178 days ago     #
Can't pay the ULEZ charge, page keeps coming up as not working

Mat       178 days ago     #
can't login for cogestion charge 503 service temporarily unavailable

Don       179 days ago     #
Admin • comment pinned #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:
None of these work. When you ring 03432222222. No one answers
If I don’t pay you’ll fine me, and it is your error / your site that is not working

Don       179 days ago     #
Site allows me to set up an account but not pay, screen keeps going white, is this a ploy to get you to pay more because time is passing, or give you a fixed penalty notice?

Andrew.       181 days ago     #
No - that isn’t help.

Andrew.       181 days ago     #
Can’t set up account. Password won’t be accepted - neither the auto generated strong one or my own. Phones aren’t manned - how am I meant to pay so I can travel today?

Guest       181 days ago     #
can't set up congestion charge account

Guest       182 days ago     #
Http Error 502

Now pay congestion charge, great...

Sandra Turner       182 days ago     #
unable to validate email on setting up new fleet auto-pay

Mike       182 days ago     #
The contactless card page won't accept payments to pay off a debt when my card had insufficient funds to cover the travel. I have tried to pay with 2 different cards and at different times of the day today and the payment fails every time

J Parks Young       184 days ago     #
Further to my comments yesterday, the website still returns the error and directs one to a customer services line, this too is down, always being engaged, ie the holding queue is presumably full and no lines available. I have also installed the TFL app on my smartfone, and this too is not available to log into. It is therefore impossible to pay the charge ULEZ or check to see if it has been paid from our account where the vehicle is registered for Congestion already. 11:36am 24/11/2021

Bolam       185 days ago     #
There is a glitch in the journey planner part of the website where the options to change time , edit journey etc are missing so not possible to plan a journey!

J J Parks Young       185 days ago     #
Ive been trying since Sat to log into my TFL acc to pay a Zone charge, simply always says,

"Sorry, something's gone wrong

We have a technical problem. You won't be able to make London Road User Charging transactions at the moment.

Please try again later."

Guest       187 days ago     #
payment issue

Michael McGuire       188 days ago     #
Complaints form for buses not working

Guest       190 days ago     #
Can't Pay

Guest       191 days ago     #
I've been trying to pay the congestion charge for 24 hours now and the website is laughable...often just doesn't load pages, disappears completely, just hangs....TFL will have you wasting your time in the cyber world as much as they do in the real world

dave       192 days ago     #
Can log in but can't pay charge.. sometimes get to enter vehicle details but the error 502

Alan       194 days ago     #
Tried to pay Congestion charge for Friday but cannot log in

Guest       195 days ago     #
I have paid the congestion charge and ulez charge for WL11HRM for 14 November and not received a rec

Dave       195 days ago     #
i think its deliberate . well if you voted for it good luck

Radika       195 days ago     #
I want to pay a connection charge and have been trying since yesterday but the website isn't working and won't let me login

Rose       196 days ago     #
Trying to purchase 3 x visitor Oyster cards, been trying for two days. Constantly receiving a message to say my payment cant be processed at this time and to come back later. Have tried several cards too.

Disgruntled TFL customer       197 days ago     #
Whole website is down for maintenance. Really helpful, 02:00 might have been a better time to do this......

Malcolm Paddick       197 days ago     #
Trying to pay congestion charge, but cannot log in

abbe       198 days ago     #
Can't log in

emanuel       201 days ago     #
i try to log in,and is not working..

guest       202 days ago     #
payment for 60 oyster

Guest       202 days ago     #

Guest       202 days ago     #
payment for 60 oyster

Dr G Sakha       203 days ago     #
On initial verification it said my password is incorrect. Tried to reset but it then said I would have to wait 30 mins as account was locked. I tried again after 30 minutes but same error. I then left it one day to retry. It immediately said I had tried 5 unsuccessful attempts and must wait 30 minutes. After 30 minutes same error. No email was sent either. Terrible system.

Chris       203 days ago     #
Still can’t get into my card details

Simon       204 days ago     #
No, I need to display my journey or payment history for expenses. My saved cards and their history has vanished. You can’t delete them.

Simon       204 days ago     #
I have the same problem as Chris below. Oyster is shown from the app only and my contactless cards have vanished. I can still login but nothing is there.

Fiona       204 days ago     #
App is not working its not showing me my balance or top up and its constantly sending me messages that my balance is low even though I topped up!!

Chris       204 days ago     #
Why isn’t the app showing me my payment history or even contactless card history anymore?

Chris       204 days ago     #
What a crock..thought I registered for ULEZ auto pay, but apparently I only registered to save my card details..can't pay recent charges retrospectively once auto pay is set up, so have to pay them first and then set up autopay.. which is painful enough, but an irrelevance if the website is down all day..I'll await the PCN's which I am sure will be onetime..SORT THE SITE OUT TFL!!

Fitzgerald       208 days ago     #
Unable to access Tfl iulez to pay just black pages tried from phone , iPad and computer all the same , with or without Wi-Fi ie 4g

Mark Darius       208 days ago     #
I have been trying to pay for the ULEZ this evening before midnight and was not able to Message says
This page isn't working is currently unable to handle this request

Guest       209 days ago     #
I have been trying to pay for my 60+ Oystercard via the online photocard application site for 6 weeks now. The payment mechanism is not working. I have tried multiple different cards and different banks. I have complained to TfL several times - the first time they suggested it was my bank blocking the payment, which is untrue as I have tried several cards and have no problems with the cards elsewhere. After that they have simply ignored my emails. The problem has cost me and many other people a lot of money. There are no explanations or apologies anywhere on the site. Appalling management and customer service.

Chris       210 days ago     #
Blue Badge exemption application to add vehicles to exixting account consistantly showing ERROR 505.

A B       212 days ago     #
TFL payment portal for Over 60 Oyster card not working. Keep getting generic message saying that payment option 'is not working at the moment', and 'Please try another payment option'. But there are no other payment options .... most annoying.

Guest       213 days ago     #
unable to submit 60 oyster payment . tried 5x . today and yesterday . Also cANNOT GET THROUGH ON PH

Alex       214 days ago     #
Trying to purchase an 18+ Student Oyster photocard for 2 weeks now but still, the same issue after I'm trying to submit the payment:
"We're sorry this isn't working right now
Try again later"

ADS       214 days ago     #
Tried to Sign In to congestion account, finally redirected to correct page, and got message that there have been over 5 attempts to access account thus locked for 30 mins. Very worrying as only tried once!

Iziss Shaban       214 days ago     #
Trying to set up an a count to pay ULEZ for the extension. I’m half way through setting up and the website froze on me. “Bad gate way” error reference 502.
Do I have to set up again?
I’ll try again tonight.

Just a driver.       214 days ago     #
Loverly. You can not pay for the Congestion Charge, but you will have to pay a penalty. Perfect business. Well done TFL.

Howard Davis       215 days ago     #
Two government ‘bailouts’ and now this!

Howard Davis       215 days ago     #
The only time their system seems to work is when calculating the ‘penalties’ you need to pay. There should be a ‘mass revolt’ over the ULEZ extension. Are we living in some sort of matrix or ‘imaginary’ dome or bubble which differentiates between one street or the next? If so, “beam me up Scotty”. Khan…”son of a bus driver” indeed!

A prophet       215 days ago     #
I received an email to check my autopay statement but was linked in a circular thing. Trouble is we’ve signed up to domination by IT which isn’t good enough. Some speak about AT - terrifying!!!!

Ernst       215 days ago     #
Cannot login to my CC/ULEZ Autopay account. Clicking "Sign in" takes you to a page where there's nowhere to sign in.
Tfl licking their lips at all those £160 PCNs.

ADS       215 days ago     #
Trying to check Autopay account as need to remove a vehicle from the account and check recent charges. When clicking on either the Sign In or Create Account buttons sends to which is of no use as need to get into the account. Is anyone monitoring this page??

Palfrey       215 days ago     #
Tried to set up in the tfl drive in London app 8 times I've filled this out and still says somthing wrong how are people meant to use the app when it doesn't even work ????

Pam Barrett       215 days ago     #
Journey planner not working today 24/10 or yesterday, 23rd. Goes to Fetching results then fetches nothing

George       215 days ago     #

Tried to log in my auto pay account today it said my email or password is incorrect and to reset. I know my email is correct and also my password. I wanted to check that everything is up and running for tomorrow the 25th October,2021. I even requested to reset my password but nothing has come through. Hopefully it will be okay for me to check tomorrow.

Howard       215 days ago     #
ULEZ starts tomorrow, but your system won't let me create an auto-pay account. "Sorry, the service is unavailable due to planned maintenance" That doesn't seem very well planned!

Howard Davis       215 days ago     #
I am trying to check my autopay account in the app to make sure it’s up to date for the ULEZ extension tomorrow. My user I.D and password are correct but it would not let me log in. Also, there appears to be no login/sign option on the actual website. Along with the ‘extension’ and other government based initiatives such as ‘Brexit’ and the ‘NHS app’ this is an absolutely ridiculous situation and further highlights how unprepared they really are. Hopeless, pathetic and grossly inadequate.

eugene jude cadden       215 days ago     #
The tfl site to setup an account will not except a password

Antog       216 days ago     #
unable to log into congestion charge account. sign in page not available.

jacq       216 days ago     #
UNABLE TO PAY FOR OYSTER. Its been like this for months.

pweb       216 days ago     #
Unable to login to my congestion charge account

Disgruntled user       216 days ago     #
Unable to access my auto pay account today and no explanation! Very very poor service!

Lati       216 days ago     #
Trying to log into congestion charge, the sign button doesn't work and put me back in another page

John Dent       216 days ago     #
I have been sent a congestion charge fine despite having a 100% reduction as I drive an electric car, and having an autopay account (which I can't log into today)

Tina       216 days ago     #
Trying to sign into congestion charge, if I press the sign in button it takes me back to the main page. Very frustrating, please sort it out!

howard Latham       217 days ago     #
journey planner appears broken.

vic       217 days ago     #
i keep putting in searches for tomorrow and sunday and it says, 'Fetching Results' but it never seems to get the results..

Guest       217 days ago     #
Won’t take my payment.

Paul       217 days ago     #
TFL Journey planner not fetching results. Didn't work yesterday, either.

Israel       218 days ago     #
Hello?? Fix the website you little shits??? Or imma blow this whole place up??

Guest       218 days ago     #
Plan a journey not working. Stuck on "Fetching results."

Guest       220 days ago     #
Trying to top up online and buy a travel card, payment not working and keeps saying to “try again later”… previous comments suggest this has been an issue for over a month yay

Lana Rhoades       220 days ago     #
Why isnt the payment going through wasted £40 on travel. Fucking faggots

Guest       220 days ago     #
Payment Page

Jean-Marc Rushton       221 days ago     #
Unable to make payments. Site says "Not working right now". This has been over a week now. Really not acceptable!

Joanne Humphreys       221 days ago     #
Website down Amd can’t pay congestion ! Frustrating

Nola Chamberlain       221 days ago     #
I have been trying to pay £20 for a month now for my sons zip oyster card and it keeps saying were sorry this isnt woking right now. so far my son has paid £40 worth of bus fares!! Please, please can this be fixed as its effecting our lives.

Carolyn Harvey       224 days ago     #
I have been trying to renew my photo card for over a month. At last I can log into my account but now I can't pay for my photo card. I have been trying g to pay £20 for 2 days now. I have phoned twice and have been told that someone will call me to take my payment but they haven't!
How do I pay?

sumaiya       227 days ago     #
can't purchase a travel card since yesterday just says i can't do that right now or smth. also can't pay as i go.

Guest       228 days ago     #
Cant purchase a travel card since last night, it says 'We're sorry this isn't working right now'

Guest       229 days ago     #
I have paid for a replacement zipcard and it said that i still have to pay for it

Pissed college student       230 days ago     #
Ayo they boutta pay us tho right? Cos like those of us that are having to pay full price on a bus when we're supposed to travel for free should receive some sort of compensation.........£200 each would be nice :)

PatrickOfLondon       230 days ago     #
The day that TFL online systems work, will be the day that I evolve into a beautiful parrot.

Guest       232 days ago     #
Payment not working

Claire       232 days ago     #
The same issue for the photocard payment for one months. No information or explanation anywhere about the problem or solution. Is there anyone looking after this website or just ignoring the messages here?

Hazel       233 days ago     #
Could someone from TFL please reply to all of these messages. This is getting silly. We need to know how we can access our various oysters and how we can pay for them. Or at the very least tell us when these problems are going to be fixed. When I eventually got hold of customer services after a very long wait yesterday she didn't realise there was a problem, went away, presumably to ask and then told me it would be fixed this morning! It has not been fixed. Please reply to us.

Hazel       233 days ago     #
When is the website going to be fixed please? I was told after my horrendous long wait on the phone yesterday that it would be this morning. Not working yet!

Hazel       234 days ago     #
i have been trying for days to report a lost 60 plus card which you have to do before you can get a replacement. Then at the third time of trying and over 3 hours of waiting on the phone with its incessant we are extremely busy message, I get told to go into the account and pay. But, it wont let me. You cannot move past this . very infuriating. !! The customer service is really awful TFL !!!

Guest       234 days ago     #
Website is "offline"?

Bob       234 days ago     #
tfl payment page not working. I cant get my 16+ oyster. Pissed off spending adult pay for travel when I'm entitled for FREE travel. Fix your fucking website.

Sal       234 days ago     #
Very disappointed, for over 5 weeks now I tried to apply for 16+ zip card but the pay page never worked. I called tfl they never answered, I join virtual que tfl never returned my calls. It shame I have to pay for travel while I'm student and entitled for zip card.It really shame transport for London to be this backward.

Guest       235 days ago     #
slow and unresponsive

emily       235 days ago     #
been trying to creat a web account to apply for my 16+ oyster, doesn’t work & been trying for 5 days now. in that time ive been having to pay for full price bus travel when i shouldn’t have to when i’m still a sixth form student. can’t apply via my mum’s family account as i’m now over 18. beyond pissed off that i’m already spending a large sum of money on travel????

Pissed college student again       235 days ago     #
Fix up your website ffs why wont it let me pay ive had £20 lying around in my acc for ages its hard trying not to spend it all on snacks on bubble tea pls just fix up your stupid website ok ive been using my little sisters zip cars as mines expired now so….hurry tf up and also we better get some compensation out of this i know there are some who havent been able to get a new oyster and dont have any siblings oysters to steal so theyre having to pay full price on the bus which isnt fair at all so ik we’re all expecting to be paid xxxxx

Guest       236 days ago     #
credit card payment

Richard Laszcz       238 days ago     #
Reported 60+ lost. Went onto website, ordered new card. Did not acknowledge payment. Ended up paying three times and it still says it is "awaiting payment"! Calling is impossible. I give up after 2 hours. Virtual queueing doesn't work I have had no call-back 2 days running. In the meantime I don't have the use of my card!

Selda Ikiz       241 days ago     #
zipcard 16+ application, pay page is not working, tried so many times for 4 weeks now. and the card is expring in 2 days. I will ask for compensation and loss of time, I also called the contact centre, the first call was useless the person did not even understand me, 2nd cal was this weekend, the person said 'please wait to see if the £20 will be out of your account, I have raised a ticket for you, so if it does not go through you will receive an email with a link for payment' it has been 3 days still waiting for the email. Very bad website and software, shame on London transport! hope someone will resolve this, I have also messaged you on Twitter!

Guest       242 days ago     #
making a payment

John       244 days ago     #
What is going on with the ZIP website, it is a complete disaster. I made a payment of £10 to top up my son's zip card and I was charged twice. I have now to payments of £10 to Transport for London in my bank statement, and the best thing is that none went to the ZIP card so the ZIP card balance is still 0. Is this not clear misappropriation. This is surely illegal. And nothing in the website on who to contact for issues like this.

Pissed college student       244 days ago     #
Been trying to pay for my 16+ oyster so i can have it arrive as soon as possible because my kids oyster expires on thursday and without an oyster i wont be able to travel to school but this stupid website wont let the payment get through ffs

Guest       246 days ago     #
Payment process is not working

Liz       246 days ago     #
Have been trying to order and pay for 60+ oystercard for about 2 weeks now, everything is fine until get to payment page, then payment isn't accepted. Not a problem with my cards as they are fine elsewhere all the time, it is the TfL payment process that is the problem. From comments below it appears this has been an issue for a month now, yet there is no message, explanation or apology anywhere on the TfL website. Can't get through via telephone as 'they are experiencing extremely high call volumes at the present time' - not surprisingly. Like many other people this is costing me a lot of money unnecessarily. Catastrophically bad situation and atrocious management of situation.

Peter       248 days ago     #
What’s the problem with oyster topup

Mike       248 days ago     #
Can’t pay topup — guard Charing me exess

Dave       248 days ago     #
Oyster doing maintenance but stops topup and means we get charged max fair

John       248 days ago     #
Can’t topup and can’t get out of station!!!!

hadi       248 days ago     #
cant make payments

guest       251 days ago     #
As per all the comments below - I have been unable to top up my children's zip cards online. Why?

Fed up with calling TFL       251 days ago     #
For at least 3 weeks, possibly 4, I have not been able to top up my son’s zip card on line. I have called TFL 3 times and been given absolutely no information as to when this problem will be rectified. My son lives in London ( for college) and we live in Bedfordshire - I cannot pop to out local station to top up his card. I am now transferring money to him and getting him to top up the card himself. Not a great hardship but why the hell isn’t the website just working properly? With the millions of pounds which must have been spent on the website you would imagine it would work!?!

Marie2100       252 days ago     #
Tfl Zip Photocard webpage has changed but they didn't bother telling anyone. The Zip card system is absolutely crazy!! So many things wrong with it I don't know where to start. I have replaced a card which TfL cancelled after 5 attempts by phone. I was assured that the balance from the previous card would be transferred to the new wasn't!!!!!! So once again I tried to top up and set up auto top up, the site says the payment was successful but the balance still shows zero. My daughter is regularly stranded because of TfL shit system. Why is it that anything the government gets involved with is an absolute shambles??!!!! I suspect this is a scam to force kids to pay full price to recoup the losses due to COVID. What options do parents have but to drive their kids to school rather than pay the extortionate adult prices !!!!!!!!!! We need a new mayor.

Marina       253 days ago     #
Can't pay for my kids' zip cards as the payment portal hasn't worked for a WEEK. As they are both starting college/uni the timing seems deliberate, so students will have to pay full price. FIX IT.

Trying to pay my children's Zips       254 days ago     #
Desperately trying to top up x 2 kids' Zips so they can go to school this morning and site consistently says ' try later' - have been trying for 24 hours.
I can't go to the station to top up - what am I/my children supposed to do.

Worried parent       254 days ago     #
What is going on with TFL, I have been trying to get a zip card reissue for my child with no luck. The process used to be straightforward. I got to the payment section and it keeps telling me "We're sorry this isn't working right now, Try again later". I have been trying for over 1 week now.
Can someone in TFL let us know what is happening or put up a message on their site on when this will be sorted out!

Nick       256 days ago     #
Not able to top up my sons Zip Card since TFL change to new site for Zip Cards.
How is my sons suppose to travel if I can’t put money on it, and tube / train stations don’t always take cash. Appalling from TFL

MW       257 days ago     #
Could not pay PCN having tried 2 different methods of payment

Guest       257 days ago     #
Congestion Charge payment

clare mason       258 days ago     #
trying to pay congestion far taken 40 mins and no further in

Tfl sucks       261 days ago     #
Tfl fix your shit website

guest       262 days ago     #
When will I be able to register an 16+ oyster for my child again???

Leo       262 days ago     #
Trying to register for an oyster 16+ for my son but the website cannot redirect me to download a verification letter as the website just completely shuts down and displays an error message! Please fix this TFL

guest       263 days ago     #
When will the website be working again, to apply for 16+ Oyster, with children returning to school / college, this is unacceptable!

Ur dad       263 days ago     #
Been trying to order a replacement oyster for the past days . Keeps saying "This isn't working right now.
Try again later .

Julie       263 days ago     #
Been trying to make payment for 16-+ zip card over the last few days. Message continuously say ‘Try again later’

Angry father       263 days ago     #
Been trying for 2 weeks. All I want is a 16+ zip card which is all uploaded on the site but won’t let me pay and customer service has put the phone down on me twice in one day telling me to keep try because they can’t take the payment maybe we should ask our mayor of London why this is when he can stop old age pensions from using there pass pre-COVID

Guest       264 days ago     #
Trying to apply for 16+ card, website not working for days, what’s going on !!

Zuzanna       264 days ago     #
can't top up my son's zip card either!!!
the money has come out from the account, but not added to the card!
Keep getting "This isn't working right now, try again later" - can you fix this? the school starts tomorrow

Leslie Binet       264 days ago     #
I keep trying to top up my daughter's 11-15 travelcard online, but each time I get to the payment page is says "This isn't working right now, try again later". This has been going on for a week now.

Annie       265 days ago     #
been trying to pay for my sons 16+ zip card for the past 4 days . The payment portal is useless. My bank paid the money but the portal did not confirm so no zip card even though money was taken. joined the virtual queue and got a call back I was told oh this is happening all of the time we will refund you. I dont want the money I want the zip card. What a hopeless organisation GET IT FIXED!

Lucy       265 days ago     #
No, I got right through to payment stage, my bank authorised so I think the problem is with you. Please fix this - we all need to renew our children’s zip cards urgently and this is unacceptable. 2 hours and still in virtual queue - not good enough. This is a public service that I pay for.

Lucy       265 days ago     #
I can’t pay for my son’s 16+ zip card. In virtual queue for call back over an hour ago and no call back :(

Lucy       268 days ago     #
Still after 3 days I am unable to top up kids zip cards ready for school. Go to payment and site says try again later. This is ridiculous. When will this be sorted???

tricia       269 days ago     #
multiple attempts to pay for travelcard and even top up is unsuccessful

V       270 days ago     #
trying to top up zip cards, details for each child says loading error, been trying 2 days

Iain       270 days ago     #
Trying to complete a new zip card application. The payment page has an error so cannot take payment.

anon       275 days ago     #
i was trying to upgrade my zip card but it won’t let me press next

L       277 days ago     #
Trying to complete a new card application. Payment page has an error. Been trying for 3 days

Guest       277 days ago     #
Cannot complete application! Payment page not working

Guest       277 days ago     #
Payment page - 5 times

J Mawer       277 days ago     #
Tried 5 times to make cc and ulez payment - gets as far as payment page and doesn't accept payment

Jen       278 days ago     #
TfL log in has been stuck in a loop for the past two days. I keep getting taken back to the login page even though I’ve entered everything and completed the captcha page. I have no idea how to get past this

Fix up       280 days ago     #
I’m trying to apply for a railcard and every time I press next nothings happening ????????‍♀️

Jackee       294 days ago     #
It has been 2 - 3 times in the last few months now that I was either unable to logged in or had to tick planes and boats for ages or been finally able to login but had to start all over again as soon as I click in a link in my oyster card account. I also had to changed my passport because I tried to login many times without success so got blocked (when I did enter it correctly). The same problem exists no matter the browser used. Please sort it out.

Keith       310 days ago     #
Been trying to login and renew congestion charge discount before it expires. Website has had issues for 3 days running. I have needed to change password every time I try to login but keeps saying technical issues. Ridiculous.

Clive       310 days ago     #
Keeps asking for login details even though I've entered them repeatedly. So tried to register again. Says my email address isn't valid. Captcha just sends you on a loop. Requested password reset many times but never received an email. Cannot get any information from supplied contact number about login problems.

Patience       313 days ago     #
Your service on sunday from king George hospital is very bad waiting for a bus close to an hour to get to becton station . The service was very poor .

Peter H       315 days ago     #
Over recent weeks I have repeatedly had the same problem as others in not being able to login - can't get past the captcha images check which puts me into some sort of loop. And now I'm getting emails from TFL saying they can't turn off auto-top up on 2 oyster cards when I haven't asked to turn it off (although I do need to update payment details). Makes me very worried about putting in any new card details at all now - if I ever manage to log in.

Grockle       316 days ago     #
the are you human check is brain dead and doesnt know what an aeroplane is !!!

Rosario colomer       316 days ago     #
Log in not working

MR SMITH       327 days ago     #

Luca       329 days ago     #
congestion charge login page not working - just says there is a problem

Don smith       330 days ago     #
Trying to pay LEC for 2 days now….not letting me pay..only lets me pay congestion charge and I was NOT in congestion zone

Darko       337 days ago     #
App not working online registration not working disappointed this is 3 time ive had that issue in 3 mounts and I've been in london 3 times

Dennis       338 days ago     #
Oyster log in/ top up not working. Keeps going round in circle

Ovidiu vochitu       339 days ago     #
I’m trying to make a challenge on one pcn and when I’m getting to the end is coming back with a msg that “something gone wrong, we have a technical problem. You won’t be able to make London road users charging transactions at the moment” I’ve tried all day long today with same result.

Vikki       344 days ago     #
Won't let me past the capcha image id page, real pain!!

Guest       345 days ago     #
Signing into my TfL account

stuart       349 days ago     #
Won't let me past the capcha image id page, have restarted and tried again, keep getting error and can't log on to top up oyster.

Isabelle       352 days ago     #
I have been trying to pay the congestion charge since Thursday 3rd of June. I drove to Guy's hospital which is just inside the congestion zone. My partner had just had his covid jab the day before and wasn't feeling well enough to travel. I tried multiple times to login, reset my password, create a new account, call the helpline and email customer services. I tried to set up auto pay but the application kept being rejected. I finally got an email today telling me they have reset the account but basically I'm going to receive a penalty charge for late payment. The link they sent attached to the patronising email didn't work. I phoned the helpline today and finally got through to an actual person. All she could do was reset my account again which still didn't work! I tried to enter a new password and it was rejected. The email I had received also told me that I can pay the congestion without an account but when I click on the link the page doesn't exist. This has been so frustrating and I'm not looking forward to challenging the penalty charge.

Andy       358 days ago     #
Journey planner disabled/error message for any trips tried

Jan       359 days ago     #
Cannot update my Oyster card for two days, despite having email requiring me to do so.

guest       367 days ago     #
not letting me top up or manage any oysters - error / maintenance notifications for a few days despite trying on various devices

R valadas marques       369 days ago     #
Was your site mal functions on 5/05/2021 I had problem paying my congestion charge I can see I made 3 attempts

Guest 2       370 days ago     #

David       398 days ago     #
been trying to log in for 2 days.

Guest       411 days ago     #
Tfl site has serious faults giving journey planner info and needs to be completely sorted/ It used t

Doug Marti;       451 days ago     #
Tried relentlessly to login, even changing the password (unnecessarily) but still unable to get in. So frustrating!!

Guest       455 days ago     #

Guest       743 days ago     #

Marino       820 days ago     # website is not working for me, it's having issues - a shared webserver with the national software repository. I think the problem has been solved, however, after an hour or so of direct enquiries to the site I'm still not able to access the site. It took me hours of research and trying to solve the problem to get the correct link working. Instead it redirects me to the Labour press office website where I have to scroll down to get to a basic page where I find a link to contact the Labour Party with questionnaires, including a link to the party's email in the URL. I don't need the second screen to get to this, but I don't want to have to click twice just to find out what the difference is between socialism and devolution.