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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on In this case, use the links below:

Guest       5 hours ago     #

Guest       7 hours ago     #

Guest       7 hours ago     #
General Outage

Guest       7 hours ago     #

Guest       10 days ago     #
Cannot move from page one it is stuck on the first page

Oh       15 days ago     #
The Sun isn’t news, it’s Heat magazine with a bit of propaganda added to ensure we vote Tory because they’re all Tory donors. So be glad it’s broken and get your news from a reputable source. Any self respecting adult that reads this rag should be on a list, it’s for pervs and ppl with a reading age of 5

Alfie       38 days ago     #
Sun newspaper on app still crashing after page 4

Dianne       38 days ago     #
Today’s edition on my IPad and my husbands crashes out on page 4. I have deleted and rebooted the app and checked for updates and still crashes on page 4

Colin mcclay       39 days ago     #
Not happy with the sun app today keeps drying out on page four.

Guest       39 days ago     #
Paper loads ok then when zooming in closes down completely have deleted app and reinstalled still sa

Angela Elliott       39 days ago     #
The Sun app keeps falling out when I reach page 4…..I have rebooted and so has my husband on his iPad?

Mr Kenneth Geldard       66 days ago     #
my sun app is not working it is only showing the first and last page of todays paper but showing the magazine, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app but it is just the same.kindly advise

Spyda Harris       98 days ago     #
The app hasn't worked all day whatever my location is       99 days ago     #
Is the sun app down

David bratt       103 days ago     #
App will not load or log in if not working tomorrow will delete for good

Guest       104 days ago     #
Savers app can’t login

Martin       122 days ago     #
Still down can't sign in keps going back to logging very poor app looks like will cancel if like this tomorrow

Allan       123 days ago     #
Unable to login to the app today. Keeps going back to sign in. The app is very poor and unreliable.

Malc       123 days ago     #
Continually having problems loading app. Goes into continual cycle of logging in, fill email then password and then click sign in and takes you straight back to log in page. If you manage to log in can take ages to load, coffee often gone cold waiting! Then so many pages in it freezes, end of reading paper. Very disappointed with Britain's most popular paper, have bought it since day one, very poor service now.

Archie Lovatt       123 days ago     #
I've been trying all day to download my Sun digital. I've paid for this service and I'm not getting it!
What are you going to do about it?
Archie Lovatt

Anita       129 days ago     #
I've not been able to login to Sun Savers for a couple of weeks now is there a problem?

shane alderman       138 days ago     #
sun savers down yet again! mid devon area cant log in ...screen says ...oops somethings not right try again. cannot enter code

help Thorpe park       138 days ago     #
literally been collecting the codes for 9 days and the website is down, I have been one here since 10am, please get it fixed asap

Joanna Kaye       138 days ago     #
The sunsavers website is down... very frustrating having purchased the newspaper for the last 9 days just to get codes for the Thorpe Park promotion. Does anyone know when it will be up and running again? :-(

Nigel       143 days ago     #
The Sun savers site has not been operating correctly, accessing the site in LU4 area is met with continuous buffering.

ann telfer       164 days ago     #
Sun app on my laptop and phone not working cant enter my codes Just comes up with error 431

Admin       167 days ago     #
Is the sun site down ?

Alan Abel       172 days ago     #
Cant sign into sun app on iPad

Alan Abel       172 days ago     #
Cant sign into sun apron ipad

Guest       238 days ago     #

Guest       526 days ago     #

Maroney       603 days ago     # website is not working for me, I am on Facebook too. TheSun website can be read at TheSun, The Sun on Sunday, The Sunday Times, Mirror websites are all wrong. Please fix it for us. I am on Twitter too. I can read The Independent, The Independent on Sunday and The Sun and The Sunday Times. I am not seeing what the front page is. I am not seeing any links to web pages. It is coming up here and there. And now I have typed in site: into the address bar. It says a problem has occurred. Does anyone know what I should to to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!