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Admin       comment pinned    #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on timesonline.co.uk. In this case, use the links below:

http://timesonline.co.uk    https://timesonline.co.uk    http://www.timesonline.co.uk    https://www.timesonline.co.uk

Guest       16 hours ago     #

Guest       20 hours ago     #

Guest       3 days ago     #

Guest       7 days ago     #
General Outage

Guest       16 days ago     #
The puzzle page does not show any crosswords

Guest       56 days ago     #
crosswords not working

Guest       57 days ago     #
App won’t download lates edition

Sybil Peters       86 days ago     #
Every time I click on a story it takes me back to the article about the war

Simon       107 days ago     #
My Times is not downloading this morning.

Dennis Church       136 days ago     #
Tuesday 11 Jan edition not downloaded

Guest       158 days ago     #
Unable to log into my account

Steve M       161 days ago     #
Unable to load comments relating to any article, for last 4 days. Tried deleting and starting afresh, but no difference.
Using the app on an iPad. Comments do load fine on my android phone.

Guest       163 days ago     #

Kelvin White       164 days ago     #
Comments not loading on either Android phone or Chromebook. Deleted and re-installed on all devices, no difference. White screen, something flashes up and disappears in half a second (think it says its not working please retry)
Not working for several days

Howard Price       164 days ago     #
No comments loading on mobile app for past few days. Have cleared cache and reinstalled several times. PC version working fine.

jayef       164 days ago     #
Comments (Android) not loading despite cache clearing, then data clear, then uninstall reinstall .

Guest       164 days ago     #
Comments not loading

C D Daniel       164 days ago     #
And how does that work for the app?
Admin • comment pinned #
Possibly, redirect from different versions is configured incorrectly on timesonline.co.uk. In this case, use the links below:

http://timesonline.co.uk https://timesonline.co.uk http://www.timesonline.co.uk https://www.timesonline.co.uk

Laurence Kingsley Atkinson       164 days ago     #
Comments not loading on Android app

Subscriber       164 days ago     #
Comments still not loading

C D Daniel       164 days ago     #
Comments won't load on the app

Stuart Mail       164 days ago     #
In App on Andriod tablet

Stuart Mail       164 days ago     #
Comments not loading just get white page for last 3 days

Dr T       164 days ago     #
Comments not loading on the app, using android phone. Been for 2 days now. Have deleted and reloaded app but still the same. Admin below i do not think is relevant. These complaints are all about the app, not the online.

jenny       165 days ago     #
comments not working on app last 48 hours

Lisa Gordon       165 days ago     #
Comments not loading. White screen

Martin C       165 days ago     #
White screen when loading comments on articles. Only happens on app not on browser version. Updating app makes no difference.

BG       165 days ago     #
Comment section not loading

Guest       166 days ago     #
Cannot access comments page

Guest2       166 days ago     #
Comment section not loading.

Guest       167 days ago     #
Comments unavailable after each article.

Guest       170 days ago     #
no comments after every article

Roger Watt       196 days ago     #
I had the "log in when I'm already logged" problem a few hours ago and now all I get is a page saying "Sorry, we can't find the page you are looking for (error 404)". I can access the "last six days" link but that's a very un-user-friendly way to read the paper!

Panda       196 days ago     #
Same here - round in circles being told to log in or subscribe on mobile devices. On the PC a lot of links show 'Server down'.

D Roberts       196 days ago     #
Same issues as many reporting here - I’m logged in but to read any articles it’s asking me to subscribe. Have logged out and back on again - no difference

John Bird       196 days ago     #
I too am already logged in but keep being told to log in. Can only read the first few paragraphs and then the comments. Even if i keep logging in, all I get back is the message to log in. Cannot get the crosswords.

Mrs HJM       196 days ago     #
Already logged in but keep being told to login. Can't read the articles but all the comments are available

R       196 days ago     #
I am also a subscriber. Repeatedly asked to log in when logged in. Have removed cookies, turned on and off etc and am at a loss.

MaxW       196 days ago     #
getting worse, website keeps demanding log in fr each article when you are logged in!

Caro       196 days ago     #
I am a subscriber, but keep getting asked to login. Tried to but stuck in a loop, hopeless

JH       196 days ago     #
Some puzzles not loading with error 500 - do with they'd sort out their website - this is happening too often given the money they charge users.

Caro       197 days ago     #
About time Murdoch spent some money on this. Down for the second time this week and keep getting asked to login, not good enough

Brian William Redgewell       197 days ago     #
Pages Blocked. Keep being asked to subscribe (To the Irish edition) and asking for 9 euros and 99 cents. Already a subscriber to the full English version at 9 pounds and 99 pence,Cheaper for the Irish so England and the English getting ripped off again?

Brian William Redgewell       197 days ago     #
You pay your money and they don't supply he News About time they offered refunds. Will have to contact their Money Page and make a complaint especially as they seem to be proud to OUT other companies for poor business acumen and taking peoples money without supplying services.

booknerd4622       197 days ago     #
i keep being asked to log in when I am already logged in, but only for certain articles.

Jordan       201 days ago     #
Website back up again for me.

LJC       201 days ago     #
Pathetic. Still down. Glad I got a deal on the subscription fee.

Julian Wheel       201 days ago     #
Still down and showing Thursday's page

Jordan       201 days ago     #
Website is up indeed but it's displaying Thursday's Times. Goodness knows what they've done this time.

Alex       201 days ago     #
The website is broken and all over the place. The Times should have mechanisms to spot this and if not they need to get it. Something simple to measure user journey

JH       201 days ago     #
Admin - none of those links work. Any other suggestions?

Steve       202 days ago     #
Can only get Thursday edition , today is Sunday. On some articles it asks for log-in then refuses to present log-in page. On other articles the earlier
Log-in seems to work fine

Old Yeller       202 days ago     #
None of the links suggested work

Ims       202 days ago     #
Now have Sundays front page but can't read any of the articles error 404

Old Yeller       202 days ago     #
Keep getting Thursdays edition. Refresh etc no use at all

Ims       202 days ago     #
Links not working still.

Jan Gibb       202 days ago     #
Thursday's edition only.

Caro       202 days ago     #
Only getting Thursday's edition. Times very slow to admit to a problem

KB       202 days ago     #
Can only get Thursday's edition - tried everything

Chito Mukerhi       202 days ago     #
Unable to access articles in full although I am logged in.

L Clark       202 days ago     #
I refresh to Thursday's edition. The Times can be pretty hopeless on a regular basis.

Becca       202 days ago     #
Can only get Thursday's edition online, not today's - can see that others are having the same issue

Guest       202 days ago     #
thursday's edition appears

Pippa       202 days ago     #
Only 4 November issue displayed but today is 7th

Philip Silby       202 days ago     #
Same problem here. Keep getting The Times Thursday 4th November instead of today’s The Sunday Times 7th November. Started going wrong about 9.00 am

Norman Balon       202 days ago     #
None of the remedies suggested work

Norman Balon       202 days ago     #
Getting the times from 4th November

HDawish       202 days ago     #
Same problem here. Getting The Times from 4 November not Sunday 7 November.

osb       202 days ago     #
Showing Thursday instead of Sunday. error 500 on trying to load other days

guest       202 days ago     #
Cannot download today's edition. Showing Thursday.

Guest       202 days ago     #
Page showing 4 November not 7 November

guest       202 days ago     #
showing 4th november edition but today is 7th

James       205 days ago     #
Today is 3/11/21 but website offering edition from 28/10/21

Guest       210 days ago     #
App not working

brian       226 days ago     #
Website down but app working

David       250 days ago     #

Ian       250 days ago     #

John; site down       250 days ago     #
“Internal server problem’ message coming up.

Jane       282 days ago     #
I can gain access on my mobile so am using that for the moment

D       282 days ago     #
Seems to be down most of the time these days. Wonder why I pay for a subscription.

Kris       282 days ago     #
Dear admin - none of those suggestions work

Kris       282 days ago     #
I haven't been able to access it for at least 20 minutes now

Tina       282 days ago     #
Website down again!

Sarah       282 days ago     #
Internal server error!

Guest       290 days ago     #
I cannot get todays Times. It is still showing Monday's Times

Jacqueline       290 days ago     #
Site only showing Monday 9th August paper

Alistair       291 days ago     #
Site only showing yesterday's paper. An improvement on yesterday, when it didn't show anything (apart from Server Error 500)...

Chris byron       291 days ago     #
The site is showing yesterdays paper ?????

Tina       291 days ago     #
As others reported - internal server error 500 when trying to visit the website.

Philip       291 days ago     #
In a web browser we see :-
This is frustrating (error 500)
It appears we are experiencing an internal server problem.

The mobile app is loading and refreshing OK.

Diana Linnett       291 days ago     #
website not working all afternoon. 'internal server problem'

Alan       291 days ago     #
Down again 3rd time this month.

John Smithson       291 days ago     #
Can't open website, 'internal server problem' ?

S JONES       334 days ago     #
Times App not updating today. :-(

Susan Simkins       334 days ago     #
Only get half of Timesonline. No pictures, other than a picture for a video with an article, cannot click on 'Today's Sections, and if I scroll down and click on 'more', nothing happens. Also, if I scroll down to the Times crossword, only part is shown.

Guest       352 days ago     #
Puzzles pages playing “silly idiots”

Richard Coleman       382 days ago     #
Unable to download the Times. Suggests reloading app but the app has disappeared